Sunday, March 3, 2013

Review: Etude House Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog! This is my first post, and it is going to start off with a review of one of my favourite product! ^^ I've seen a fair amount of bloggers and Youtubers rave about this BB cream, and I'm probably not going to be adding too much new insights into this product, but I do hope this establishes the foundation (no pun intended :P) and core of my budding makeup/beauty related blog. :)

To start off, I've had this BB cream for a few months now, but never used it on a daily bases. I always had some other BB cream that just seemed to apply more natural. However, ever since I've started using a sponge to apply BB cream, the results have been much more natural looking, and now I'm mostly using this on days when I need to brighten my skin. ^^

The packaging is quite convenient, and the design is so cute! This is one of the things I love about Asian beauty products, so many of them are packaged so adorably it just makes the concept of makeup so much more fun. What can I say I'm a sucker for cute designs. :P
It also has SPF30/PA++ which is definitively a great for sunny days.

Having  a pump is a plus! Much easier to use and hygienic. I've used BB creams in squeeze tubes before, and it always ends up a mess when I\m trying to squeeze the last bits out, exploding in my face. haha x(

The shade I have here is N02, and it matches my skin tone quite well. 

It's an oil based BB cream, and I find it quite moisturizing, but maybe a tiny bit thick in texture.

Here the BB cream is blended out on the right side of my hand. As you can see it does smooth out my complexion nicely, and brightens. 

Here is my bare face :D
I have some freckles and sun spots, I blame my younger self for not looking after my skin. -.-
And my cheeks are kind red here for some reason unknown. o.O

And after applying BB cream. The difference is very subtle  but it definitely diminished my spots a bit. My pores are less visible too! I don't know if it's the lighting, but my face looks brighter too! ^^

This does leave a bit of sticky feeling when first applied  but it fades overtime. It also can easily look cakey if not blended properly, I suggest using fingers to apply first, then use a sponge to blend! It does stay on my face for the entire day, which I am pleasantly surprised.
I have combination skin, so some areas are dry and and some are oily, like my nose, which was a bit shiny after a couple of hours. But otherwise my face does feel moisturized after application.
There is a light powdery floral scent to it, but not overwhelming. 

  • good light to medium coverage
  • high SPF protection
  • convenient pump
  • brightens skin
  • moisturizing
  • lasts long
  • can be cakey
  • sticky when first applied
Overall, I really like this product for everyday use when I feel like my skin could use extra coverage, and I would recommend! ^^

If you have tried this product, please tell me how you liked it, I would love to know!
Thanks for looking at my blog I really, really appreciated it!
See you next time!


  1. I ordered W13 (one shade up from yours) recently and I'm hoping it'll be a good match! Fingers crossed it won't be too dark! Just wondering, what is your skin tone according to the Mac foundation scale? I'm around NC25.

    1. I am around NC20, but my skin tone fluctuates throughout the year. Hope you'll like it =)

  2. I don't have this, but I got the CC cream from Etude on Friday:D But when I opened the box I saw it has the whitening thingy, like this BB cream...and some tests claim it can cause cancerD: A substance called arbutin is used for the whitening and it is found from some berrieso.o
    So I haven't used the CC cream yet...

    1. D: That's horrible! Thanks for telling me, gonna look out for that in products with whitening functions. Sigh everything causes cancer these days, even face creams. Lol UoU
      Anyways thanks for reading ^^

    2. I've actually looked arbutin up on wikipedia, and it has claims that it has both added and reduced risk of cancer! Lol what. But the important thing is not to ingest it, it has a higher cancer risk that way. I'm pretty sure no one will eat bb creams. ^o^

  3. question: how long would a tube last if used everyday?

    1. I haven't finished my tube yet, so I wouldn't know the exact answer. But it has 60g of product, and I would estimate about a quarter grams for each usage, so 240 days. Don't take my answer as fact though! :p

  4. is it possible if you can do a review on the etude house cotton fit bb cream? also, im around an NC20, do you recommend the lightest shade for me?

  5. I actually have that review up ahead in the next couple of posts! Please look out for it! Yes, I have the lightest shade, and I am also NC20, I think it will suit your skin. But if you have a yellow undertone, then the second lightest shade is also good. :)

  6. It's in my list since l am using The Face Shop BB cream and its good for covering