Thursday, March 14, 2013

Review: Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream

Hi everyone! ^_^ Phew, I really needed some relaxing blogging time after continuous studying for about a week or so. e_e

 Well, I'm here with another review from my favourite Korean cosmetic brand Holika Holika. This is my current favourite BB cream! After seeing many YouTube makeup gurus rave about this product, I just had to get one for myself, and I was not disappointed. ;D

Cute cap, this is one of my favourite colors. xD
It's easy to open, but sometimes I forget to screw it back on. D=

The jello-like packaging is so cute! As you can see, I have already used a bit, but there is quite a lot of product (40ml) so it should last me a while.

Bottom. I'm craving some jello now. >_<

The consistency is of a jelly type! I love how it comes with a spatula, very hygienic.

Swatch! The shade I have is No.2 Aqua Neutral and it matches my skin tone quite well.

The difference is not that great in this one picture, but if compared with the one above it, the complexion is brighter, and redness is reduced, however it does sink in lines a bit.

bare face :D

One layer of BB cream. My freckles are MUCH less noticeable, and my skin is brighter and peachier. :D

This BB cream is one of the best I have ever tried, it has good coverage and doesn't feel heavy. It is water based, so it's good for oily type skin, and it goes on with a nice cooling effect. Because it's water based, it also dries extremely quickly, fast application is needed. It came with a sponge, but I find it absorbs too much product, so I use my fingers after dabbing the spatula on various parts of my face. It leaves my skin matte, which I like, however it's not moisturizing, and can make my skin feeling tight if I do not have moisturizer underneath. Finally, it does have a light floral and citric smell to it, and I like it! :P 

Overall, I really love this BB cream, and use it almost daily. I would greatly recommend it if you have oily skin, and even if you don't just make sure to apply some moisturizer before applying this. It has good coverage, light and refreshing! ^^

  • Medium coverage, and brightens
  • Cool and refreshing when first applied
  • Comes with a hygienic spatula
  • Non-cakey, feels light
  • Water based so leaves face matte
  • Smells nice without being overpowering
  • Cute packaging ^^

  • May sink into winkles/fine lines
  • Dries fast (may be a pro)
  • Not moisturizing

If you have tried this product, please tell me how you liked it, I would love to know!
Thanks for reading! More to come soon, see you next time. ^^



  1. oh I always want to try this BB Cream~ read so many good review about this~ thanks for sharing :)

    1. I definitely recommend you to try it! Especially during summer, this actually cools the skin! ^.^

  2. Do you what know the difference between both tones are? i'm more light yellow undertone so which shade would suit me best? great review btw! :)

    1. Aqua beige and aqua neutral are both towords yellow undertoned I believe. I think aqua neutral would have more yellowish tone to it. But it really depends if you have lighter or darker stone tone :D

  3. Is it whitening or anti-aging?:o I'd really like to get this but I can't if it has those properties

  4. Hi, your blog is very cute!

    This is one of my favourite BB creams. I love how light it is on the skin whilst evening out my skintone, Have you tried Skinfood's Red Orange Jelly BB? It is very similar to this one.

  5. Thank you Carmen!
    The red-orange Jelly BB is definitely on my to-try list, I've also heard it's quite similar to this aqua petite one. But I've gotta use up some of my current ones first before buying more D: hehe

  6. You've convinced me to give this I try. I just ordered it from ebay!

  7. Oh I hope you'll like it Susan! Glad you found this informative ^^

  8. I've tried this bb cream. and gosh! really good bb cream. doesnt cake up, good coverage, good oil control, and i love the matte finish :D