Sunday, March 10, 2013

Review: Skin Food Facial Ice Vita Mist

Hi hi! It seems like it has been awhile since my last post, but it is only four days. O.O I'm trying to keep myself motivated amidst the heavy study load of school. :( I'll do my best to update as much as possible, on this tiny blog. XD

Here I have today a facial mist from Skin Food. It's a cooling mist spray that can be applied anytime before or after makeup.
The packaging is cute, like most Skin Food products, it has an organic feel to it. However, I do feel it can look a bit cheap sometimes, like the fruit decorations here, and the Comic Sans font. XD

Lots of stuff going on at the back. Directions, back story, etc. Ingredients are not translated to English. =/
The spray nozzle. It mists quite well only when sprayed in quick pumps, otherwise bigger droplets form.

Sprayed onto the back of my hand. It's not really visible, but I just wanted to show that the mist is very fine and barely noticeable.

This is the first Skin Food product I have tried. I won't be judging the brand by this product since it's just a bottle of good smelling water. xD
This product claims to contain Alaskan glacier waters. Which is an alkalescent (basic) water that contains oxygen, minerals, hydrogen, and ions formed 20,000 years ago. To me that seems to be a bit of a stretch. Did they really retrieve water from the Alaskan glaciers, or is it just plain tap water with minerals added?
On the bottle it says this product was infused with vitamins A, B, C, and E complex. Maybe it'll improve my skin over long term use?
When first sprayed, there is a cooling sensation, and a blast of floral scent which will invigorate the senses. However, that feeling soon fades after about 10 seconds. =/
I also don't think there is any makeup setting properties, as my makeup was not noticeably longer lasting after misting.
I usually use three pumps; two on the side of my face and and one on the center.
Overall, only time will tell if this product will benefit my skin other and moistening. Either way it is a cool, refreshing, perfumed mist that will wake you up or cool you off during humid weathers. This product does do its job, but I don't think it was worth the price.
I only recommend this if you live in hot climates and needs an occasional cool mist. Otherwise, there are better options for less.
  • Cool sensation when first sprayed
  • Fine mist
  • Floral scent (con to some)
  • May improve skin with vitamins

  • Pricey for its effects
  • Cool sensation fades quickly
  • No other short-term properties other than cooling
If you have tried this product, please tell me how you liked it, I would love to know!
Well that's all for today, as always thank you for reading and I'll update soon. See you next time. =)


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