Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April 2013 Haul #2

Hi everyone! 
I'm so happy today, because I am officially on summer break now! Exams were really stressful, but somehow I've made it through. (◡△◡✿)
So I came home today to find more packages waiting for me! I bought quite a bit of stuff this month, and I'm trying to justify it with this blog. xD But really, I am very excited to try these products out, and review them. I  know I still have stuff that needs to be reviewed from the last haul, and they'll be up soon, because I have so much time now! Hoho  ヽ(≧ω≦)ノ

Anyways here's the packages:
Mostly parcels this time. :3

More samples! The coffee powder stick was a gift. :D

So here's what I got:
  • Dolly Wink Eyelashes in #2 Sweet Girly
  • Etude House Sweet Recipe Chocolate Eyes (Review)
  • Hanskin House Nutritive Sheet Mask (Review)
  • Etude House Water Color Blusher in #3 Apricot (Review)
  • Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails in #1 Mintchoco Chip

Here's the EBay Sellers I've bought these from:
Shipping was fast and they have reasonable prices too.

I can't wait to try all of these, especially the Dolly Wink lashes, and Etude House's eye shadow and blush.  Please stay tuned for reviews! Will link to them here when they are up!

I think I online shopped a bit too much this month, don't think my poor wallet can handle it if I kept this up. Will try to slow down a bit in the future. So tempting, yet so cruel. hehe (゜´Д`゜) 
Thanks everyone for reading! Hope you've enjoyed it. 
See you very soon! ^_~


  1. Yay! looking forward to the products reviews. Thanks again for sharing the names of ebay sellers :D

    Space and Randomness

  2. Thank you!! <3 Reviews will be up asap! :)

  3. No problem! I'm looking forward to review them too!
    Thanks for reading :)

  4. Oh my gosh the Chocolate Eyes and Watercolor Blusher ♥ Can't wait to see the reviews on those!
    I know exactly how you feel about the shopping, I just need to lay low until midsummer. (´;д;`)

  5. I'm most excited for those too! :D
    yes me too T.T but everything is so tempting Dx