Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mini Review: Skin Food Egg White Pore Foam

Hello! Hope you are having a good weekend. ^^
Today I'm am going to start a new type of review that focuses on samples. These "mini reviews" will have my first impressions, some info on the product, and whether or not I would purchase the full sized product. I will try to make this as brief and condensed as possible to differentiate it from the more in-depth normal reviews.

So first up is Skin Food's Egg White Pore Foam!
I found a really cute background to take pictures on! It's just the inside lining of a box lid that I had. xD

Back, no English.

But I did find an English product description and instructions. :]
Right click open image to enlarge
The full size is 150 ml.
The price is around $10-15 CAD.

First Impression:
This is a really interesting product, I had never tried anything like it before. The texture is really thick and foamy, and the more I rubbed it the thicker it became. It really did feel like I was putting egg whites on my face!
After rinsing, it left my face REALLY squeaky clean, as if it pulled all the oils off of my face.  But it did not dry out my face, it left a matte and smooth feeling after a few minutes. My pores looked smaller as well.

Will I Purchase the Full Product?
Most likely, I think this works quite well as a cleanser, and the texture really intrigues me! ^^

That's the end of my first "mini review", hope you've found it useful in some way or form. I really enjoyed writing this post and my new box lid background just makes me want to take more pictures in it haha!

Thank you for reading, please comment if you have anything to say, I would love to hear your thoughts. :]
See you in the next post!


  1. Great Review ^.^
    I have this product and I really like this. I was not going to buy it though, some one gave it to me, and it's okay since my pores are not that large. I think you should try it if you have large pores.
    Have a great day ~

    1. Yes, it really does minimizes pores! Lucky you have small pores, I have some visible ones around my nose. U_U
      Thank you for reading and commenting! <3

  2. this looks very interesting. I haven't had any problem with flakiness with the choux base.

    1. I see, I guess my skin is just really dry in some areas. :p
      Thanks for reading^_^

  3. I saw this the other day and thot it looks interesting. Dos it smell like eggs? Lol :D
    xo, Lara

    1. Haha I don't think I smelled eggs, but I think there was a bit of floral scent if my memory serves me right. :D
      Thanks for following! ^o^

  4. Nice review!!! would you like to follow each other?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

    1. You have a really nice blog. But I'm not really into that kind of fashion, thanks for for visiting though. :)

  5. I have from Skinfood Rice Mask and it's really good, I love it. :) So I will most likely try this one, I just have been looking for some good cleanser, this one looks great and the price is also good. :)
    Btw thanks for the follow, I'm following you back. ;)

    1. I've heard of great thing about the rice mask too, it's on my to-try list! :)
      Thanks for following <3

  6. "My pores looked smaller as well"

    OMG. I need to purchase this ASAP.

  7. Haha I found it really tightened up my skin, but not in a drying way. I hope it works for you too!