Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Review: Etude House Collagen Eye Patch

Hello~! I've gotten these cute little eye masks from my previous haul, and it's from Etude House!
It's a collagen eye mask, so it's good for sagging under the eyes. I have really terrible eye bags, especially under my left eye for some reason. Some days I look like this -> e.o when I smile lol. So I really wanted to try this, and see if it'll relive my bags just a bit!

I got 5 pairs, and they came in individual packets.

The packet has a really cute design of a girl!

The back.

There's English instructions too! The active ingredients, also includes vitamins and green tea extracts besides collagen, which I was pleasantly surprised to find.

The eye masks were stored in a plastic container. I really like this, since the serum does not spill everywhere in the pouch, and there's also less wasting of the serum.

It's covered with a flap. I initially thought there was only one eye patch in it, but they were actually very thin, and stuck together.

Eye patched :D

Each patch is made of 2 layers. This is the outer layer, a thin plastic.

The cottony inner layer.

I have used this patch twice, and it definitely has immediate results! I used these at night times, and that's when my eye bags are the most prominent, and it really does decrease the puffiness and lines under my eyes when I smile. However, the next day my eyes would return to its usual bagginess. I didn't expect it would have a long term affect after a couple of uses anyways. However, after long term use it may just permanently reduce eye bags, only time will tell. Also, seeing as it reduces eye bags immediately, I would recommend using this in the mornings, so the effect may last through the day, instead of just sleeping through it right after lol.

The patches feels nice and soft on my eyes, and the size is quite large too and covers more than just the under eye bags.

The package says to leave on for 15-20 minutes, but I usually leave it on until it's totally absorbed and dry, which is around 30 minutes. I also apply the extra serum left in the container to the rest of my face, so they get some extra collagen too. ^o^

I don't think I detected any scent to this, which I like, since the less chemicals the better, especially around the sensitive eye areas.

The only minor downside to this is it leaves a stickiness behind, which I find a lot of sheet masks do. It's a bit annoying, since I have to wash my face again, but it's no biggie.

Overall, I really like this eye patch! Would recommend this to anyone that have eye bags, and would like immediate reduction to them in just 15-30 minutes! From e_e to o_o to ^_^!

  • Immediate de-puffing results.
  • No scent.
  • Easy to use.
  • Nice packaging/container
  • Sticky afterwards

Hope you've enjoyed this review!  
I can't believe I have more than 5000 page views now ^o^! It's not much, but I just never expected I would continue this blog for this long, and I'm actually feeling really motivated thanks to everyone who reads and comments, greatly appreciated! <3
Thank you for reading once again, and see you on the next post~


  1. Nice review Chee (; it's good that you like the eye pads (;

    1. I'm really happy that they actually work. x)
      thanks for reading Nhi!

  2. I have never tried anything like this (I even have lots of samples that I got when I lived in Japan, I just didn't try them yet). I guess my prob is not puffiness but DAARRRK eye circles ><
    The package is super cute :3
    xo, Lara
    Ps. See my giveaway if you wish :)

    1. Ya I get dark circles too when I'm tired! Ohh you've lived in Japan? Awesome! Visiting Japan is on bucket list. xD
      Thanks for reading Lara :)

  3. Replies
    1. It is pretty nice^^
      Thanks for commenting Talisa <3

  4. It looks really soothing! I don't have much eye bags, but I do have dark under eyes T_T

    1. I get those too D: but I'm sure there's some eye masks that works great for dark circles too! thanks for stopping by. :D

  5. hello there ~(^o^)~

    1. You're limiting my rights of anonymity (- o -)
      Where's the after? I wanna see your face 8D

      I'm FREEEEEEEEEE yayyyyy
      - X

    2. My face now is very baggy -.- everywhere. t.t
      no sleep t.t

      You're done???!!! D: LUCKY

    3. still one more but that's not all the way till next thurs and only a elective.

      HARHAR bags

      I've been so lazy I don't wash my face anymore, except maybe once a week after work ._. It doesn't seem any worst tho.

    4. I have 3 more T_T
      I feel like I need a face lift already. e_e
      Well you should wash your face everyday, or you gonna have large black-hole pores D: lol

    5. (.___.)I think I've managed to convince myself that too much washing no good? ;D and to go the natural dirty towel route.

      --->> I disappear >>

  6. wow sounds good! I'll try it later~ <3 thanks for the review!

  7. Really interesting blog with great reviews!

    Following on bloglovin and GF :)


    1. Thank you so much! I'll check out your blog too!

  8. Thanks for the review! always wanted to try this product.... :) followed your blog btw!


  9. Hi, should i place this etude house collagen eye patch in the fridge before i use it?

    Thanks :)

  10. You can put it in the fridge, it'll help reduce eye puffiness! I haven't thought of that before, but it's a good idea :D

  11. ok, Thanks ;) I wanna get rid of my dark circle and eye pack >.<
    Hope that etude house collagen eye patch will help!

  12. Hi, I tired this first time and I found there are 2 patches inside but one is smooth and mother one is not smooth. Is it usable for both side? Thanks

  13. hmm, that's interesting, I guess as long as they are the serum on the patches is in contact with skin when applied it should work the same.:)

  14. after using the eye patch should you wash your face?

  15. Yes, sometimes there is some sticky residue, so i just rinse it off. :)

  16. How many times a week should I use this product? Do I really need to use this everyday? 😁