Saturday, April 20, 2013

Review: Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color PK001 Blueberry Cheese Cake

Hello everyone~ Hope your weekend is going fine and dandy. :)
Today I'm going to review the product that I was most excited to receive from my last haul! It's another one of Etude House's Sweet Recipe products: Cupcake All Over Colour! 
I got the Blueberry Cheese Cake colour, and it claims that it can be used on the cheeks, lips, and eyelids! I mainly wanted this as a blush, but let's see how it fares in all cases. 
 The packaging, as always,  just makes me drool! *_* It's too cute. *_*

Anyways, read on for (a lot of packaging) pictures and and thoughts on well it works! :)
Front, it's in a tiny cake box! >.<


Bottom, consisting of words that I cannot comprehend. oAo

The cupcake tin!
Bottom of tin.

The product inside.

Swatch! The colour is much more pinkish than I expected, I thought it was going to be a lavender or lilac sort of shade, but I do like it still.
The texture is creamy and not sticky. There is a sweet smell to this, not too overwhelming. I think they were trying to go for the blueberry cheese cake scent, but it smelled more like bubble gum to me. Application wise I don't really like the fact that you need to rub your finger in to get the product, it's unhygienic and after a couple of uses I have already gotten some lint in it. =.=
I am also hoping this wouldn't dry out too quickly, because I find it really easy to forget to place on the tin cap afterwards or misplace it (for me at least OAO).

On the cheek, as blush. 
It's kind of faint in the photo, but it was actually quite pigmented in person. I like it, as it gives a nice flush of pink. ^o^
This was after 2 applications, I would usually just apply it once but that did not show on photos too well. It's quite easy to blend and buildable, just use the fingers to dab on the areas as needed. The staying power is great, I had it on for a whole day, and it only faded a tiny bit.

On the lips (still weird seeing my lips on here lol), I didn't really think this colour would suit my lips, and it doesn't. It has a cool undertone, and too light to match the rest of my face. Also this is not moisturizing at all! It made my lips look really dry and dead skin flakes really stand out, even if I had lip balm underneath. D:
The other colors in this Cupcake line may look better on the lips. And I would recommend exfoliating the lips really well to get rid of any dead skin before applying this (like it did in the photo above).

On the eyelid, although most of the colour is covered by my thick eyelid folds. ~_~
The colour is not what I would usually wear on my eyes, I prefer neutral shades, but I think the colour looked alright. However, it creased really badly just after minutes of application, maybe it's because I have oily eyelids, but I wouldn't recommend wearing on the eyelids without a primer.

Overall, I would not recommend this as a lip colour or eye shadow. But it would suffice nicely as a blush. I am not too sure about the other colours in this line, but from what I have read, most people also have had the same problems I've had for the lips and eyelids. So for a product that was claiming to work as 3 things to only work as 1 is quite disappointing. But the price was relatively cheap, and even if you are only going to use this as a blush it might be worth it to check it out. :)

  • Easily blendable.
  • Buildable colour.
  • Good staying power (as blush).
  • Smells nice.
  • Cute packaging.
  • Relatively cheap.
  • Too drying on the lips, accentuates dry, flakiness.
  • Creases easy on eyelids, especially oily lids.
  • Unhygienic packaging.

Have you tried this product or want to? I would love to know your opinion and thoughts on it!
Thank you for reading! I hope this was helpful in some way! ^o^
See you next time~


  1. Love the packaging ^.^
    I like the Peach Sugar Cake more than this color but it looks good on the eyes (:

    1. thanks for reading Nhi!
      Did you get that colour?

    2. No, I didnt get any of them, just by looking at the swatch, I feel like I would like the peach one more (;

    3. I really like that one too, if only they work better on the lips and eyes, I would totally get them too! =p

  2. the packaging is really really cute <3

  3. Thought it was a real pic just looking at the first pic -3-
    ohlala I didn't know such products existed. What money saving 3 for 1 $_$
    I actually think color wise, color looks pretty good on lips.

    - Me

    1. Hi X!
      LOL what do you mean you THOUGHT it'd a real pic? all of them are o.O
      Nooo you didn't see it in person! it's like it made my whole face grayish -.- and omg I had to scrub my lips like so many times lol -.-

  4. Nyaaaah. Cute overload. I tried and reviewed quite a few items from the Sweet Recipe range, but that was one I missed out on. I don't really go for blush, so maybe it's a good thing. Still, so adorable. o.o

    1. Yes it's too cute! I was REALLY hesitant to throw away the plastic box. xD
      I saw some of your reviews, and I really like your blog! ^^

  5. Thank you for doing your review on this product coz I was planning to buy this eventually. But since I have oily eyelids and I don't like any product that will bring out dryness on my lips..I guess I'll have to cross this out on my want list.

    Space and Randomness

    1. I'm glad this helped you! ^_^
      I really wished this would work better, but too bad. as least it wasn't a total failure. thanks for reading and commenting. =)

  6. That thing looks just edible. I would love that color as a blush :3
    xo, Lara

    1. Haha I crave some cake now o.o
      You should try it! ^^ thanks for reading!

  7. super cute packaging and love the versatility of the product!


    1. Agreed! Only if it was more usable on the eyes and lips :p
      Thanks for reading Grace ^.^

  8. ER MER GHERD! The packaging on this!!!! Kyaaaa ~~ I die I die!

  9. Haha That's exactly how I felt when I first got it xD