Thursday, April 4, 2013

Review: Holika Holika Wine Therapy Sleeping Mask Red Wine Wrinkle Care

Hello lovely peeps!  Today I shall review Wine Therapy Sleeping mask in Red Wine Wrinkle Care from Holika Holika.  

I've always loved multitasking,  and it's probably not a good habit to do so while studying or working,  but why not treat my skin to something yummy while I SLEEP?  xD

The Holika Holika Wine Therapy sleeping masks comes in two types: white wine for skin brightening,  and red wine for wrinkle care. I have the latter, because hey,  it's never too early  to start reducing those dreaded, inevitable lines ASAP.  =P

I toke the packaging pictures a while back before I started blogging,  so apologies for the wonky-ness. ^^:

Love the wood-like box! 

I wish I toke pictures of the sides too.  =(
Yay for spatula!  =) 
It makes application much easier and hygienic. 
It looks just like a wine barrel! 
It's sealed with ENPRANI,  I don't know what that means. O.O 
Ooo Shiny *_* 
It looks slimy,  but it feels like a jelly,  and it runs like a really viscous liquid!  xD
This is the first sleeping mask I've tried and I think it does a pretty decent job of smoothing my skin!

I use the spatula to scoop up three scoops,  two for my cheeks and one for my for head and chin. When applied it has a jelly like texture, and a bit watery.  I find it sort of difficult to apply a even layer over my face, I always have a thick layer left around the nose.  OAO

Close up

I've used this mask for about 2 month now and my biggest pet peeve is that after it dries a bit it becomes so sticky I can't turn my head while I sleep,  or it'll get all over my pillow and hair!  T.T Well it is pretty obvious that a sleeping mask will force to limit movement while sleeping,  but it's a pretty demanding task to accomplish while unconscious! xD 

In the morning,  it's mostly dried up and absorbed by the skin,  but still is  very sticky.  After washing it off, my skin do feel very smooth,  that's probably the wrinkle treating effect. I also noticed my skin is brighter too. However these effects fades during the day. 

After two months I don't think I have actually seen permanent improvements,  but that may be attributed to me not having much wrinkles in the first place.  xD But I do like the smoothing and brightening feeling in the mornings. 

The scent is like grape juice! I love it! It's artificial but smells so fruity and delicious, I just wanna lick my own face O.O haha! The smell is pretty strong and can definitely be sensed after applying, but personally I don't mind at all. However, It does get me paranoid that it'll attract bugs on to my face while I'm sleeping. Dx But so far that horror has not turn into reality, yet. =) 

Overall, I wouldn't really recommend this product, since there are many other products that can do the same/better job without out the inconvenience of having to sleep with it on. But not claiming this is a bad product, it works, I like it, but I won't be purchasing this again in the future.

  • Spatula included
  • Smooths skin
  • Brightens skin
  • Smells good (may be too strong for some)
  • Nice packaging
  • Difficult to apply
  • Very sticky, difficult to sleep in
  • Results not permanent
  • Inconvenient
Please tell me if you have tried this product, I would love to know!
Thank you for reading my blogu! Time for me to return to my exam cramming. @_@
See you next time!


  1. Never really liked sleeping masks just because they tend to go all sticky and yuck once dried - I tried the Raspberry Roots sleeping mask from The FaceShop once and it was similar to what you're describing. I ended up washing it off before I went to bed as I was too paranoid about getting that stuff all over my sheets haha

    1. haha ya me too! xD
      I don't think I'll be willing to try another just cause of the inconvenience. too bad cause I really like the idea. =p

  2. Hi :3
    I have just followed you on Bloglovin, I'm on constant look for beauty blogs with cosmetics that are not available in my country, I love especially asian products (started to like them when I lived in Japan). I order everything online :3.
    So happy to have found you :3
    xo, Lara

    1. thank you! your blog is cool, I followed back =)

  3. hi chee..
    enprani is the name of the company owned holika holika I think ^^
    i also have this one but haven't reviewed it yet :3

  4. Ohh I see, thanks for informing me :D

    Looking forward to your review Rini ^^