Thursday, April 25, 2013

Review: Skin Food Peach Sake Pore Pact

Hello! ^o^
Today I'm going to review a pressed powder from Skin Food. The Peach Sake Pore Pact is is part of the Peach Sake series, which has masks, concealers, facial mists, and lots of other products. I was in need of a pressed powder so I went for this. :)

Well let's jump in to the pictures:
Front, cute little peaches. I was surprised this compact was pretty sturdy, and bulkier than I've imagined, but it's still travel friendly.

Back, I believe it says the manufacturing date is 2013, 03, 14, and the expiry date is 2016, February?
The two little holes is there so that you can poke it to change the powder inside when you are finished with it.

Inside, I love how the ribbon is stitched on to the puff, I find it so cute. hehe
 The mirror is a good size, I can see most of my big face in it. xD

Close up.

The plastic tray separating the puff from the product. And my finger ._.

This did not come with a box, it was wrapped in a plastic seal around the opening. The packaging is cute, and sturdy. The lid snaps on easily without being too tight or loose. I have no complaints on the outside of the compact. However, the plastic tray on the inside is a bit annoying to take out and place back in. I would have wished it was a tray that can be slid aside or flipped over. But I guess that would add additional cost to it, and in the end I'm just glad they included a separator, so I'm OK with it. :)

The puff, very soft.

The puff itself is very cute, and delicately made with the ribbon stitched on it. It's also very soft, I'm not sure how to describe it, but it feels like it's made from a velvety material but more densely packed with shorter fibers (?). I like using it, and it picks up powder well too, but it attracts lint very easily! >.< So I might have to switch to a powder brush later on.

It's very dry and powdery. and a bit lighter than my skin tone.
I had to go over this 4 or 5 times in order for the powder to actually be visible. So in reality, it is a translucent powder, and wouldn't look this cakey on the face.

Please disregard my red nose, I am currently suffering from the sniffles. :<

With one layer of powder applied on top. Also the shadows of the lighting looks like it has given me facial hair lol. Cannot unsee. O_O

I think the pictures really show how the powder mattified my face. It also reduced the redness around my nose, and my freckles  and sun spots are less visible too! It doesn't look cakey or powdery at all.
I really like how light it feels, it would be great for the summer times when the face is the most oily, but doesn't add extra weight. 

The only downside is that it wears off quickly, after around 2-3 hours I would see my skin starting to become shiny again, and I would need to reapply. So I'm glad it's in a travel friendly packaging.

There is a slight powdery peachy scent to it, I really like it.  It's very light and I can't smell it when It's on my face.

Overall, I would recommend this if you have oily skin, this would help mattify it for a short period of time. However, if your skin is very oily, the effect of this powder probably wouldn't last too long, and reapplications is needed. It also covers some imperfections, so when you don't feel like putting on heavy makeup this by itself would do too.

  • Cute sturdy packaging
  • Decent sized mirror
  • Light peachy scent
  • Mattifies face
  • Covers some redness and imperfections
  • Lightweight on the face
  • Plastic tray a bit annoying to remove
  • Wears off quickly
  • Puff gets dirty easily

Have you tried this or want to try any of the Peach Sake products? I would love to know your thoughts on it!
That's all for today, hope you've enjoyed reading~

Thank you, and see you next time. ^o^


  1. Cool product Chee, thanks for the review (;

  2. It does do it's job nicely, I really like it too hehe. Thanks for reading Nhi! ^_^

  3. Oooo, the packaging is so cute! I tried the Peach Sake serum before and it made me break out so I'm kind of skeptical to try out other peach sake products. :S but since this is a powder, it might be okay! The mattifying powers are really impressive though. Too bad it doesn't last for longer.
    Thanks for the review. ^_^

  4. Maria dolores Lopez godoyApril 25, 2013 at 4:37 PM

    Your blog is very very beautiful, congratulations and kisses from Spain.

  5. Oh really? that sucks! I would be cautious in trying the other ones too, but since this is a pretty light powder that sits on top of the skin, and not absorbed or anything, I think it should be OK!
    Thanks for looking Amy! ^o^

  6. Hehe thank you for visiting! ^^

  7. Thanks for following <3 I followed back > u < I really love peaches but I'm not a fan of pressed powders... ; n ;

  8. Why don't you like them? :P
    You have a really cute blog! Thanks for following too ^o^

  9. I don't know, it just seems really unsanitary to put the puff on your face, and then back into the container. Even if I were to wash the puff everyday, it would be so tedious, you know? > u < I prefer BB creams~

  10. Oh true, I know what you mean! It does feel icky. For BB creams I can just make sure I sanitize my fingers really well before hand ^^

  11. This is definitely not for me, 2/3 of the cons are what I'm prone to ;w; But thanks for the heads up Chee!

  12. Thanks for sharing. Did you try out the peach sake bb cream? I wanted to buy it for my sister eventually.

  13. It's definitely very cute but I just don't have the commitment to reapply part way through the day. I need heavy duty powder. xD Haha.

  14. Oh :( that's too bad. and No problem! I know some of the cons can be pretty annoying. thanks for reading ^^

  15. No I haven't tried it. I hope it works well for your sister! :)

  16. Haha, ya it can be really annoying to have to apply it during the day, sometimes you kinda just want put on makeup in the mornings and forget about it for the rest of the day. :P

  17. With Love, TiffanyApril 27, 2013 at 5:42 AM

    Ahhh I love the peach sake line in Skin Food, it's the best smelling line in my opinion! And the fact that this powder has a peachy scent makes it so cute haha it's too bad it doesn't last that long though, otherwise I would've considered getting it just for the smell :3

    Thank you for checking out my blog by the way, following you back now <3

  18. oh, I've been eyeing on the bb cream from the peach sake line. The pact looks cute but I think this is not for me, I need a long lasting one with a very good oil control, its very hot here in our country and I'm not the type who always retouch. :)) Nice review! And thanks for following my blog :)

  19. Haha I love peachy scents too! Have you tried Tonymoly's peach hand cream? I've heard it smelled so so good, just like peaches! I really want to try it just for the scent hehe.
    Thanks for following back Tiffany :D

  20. Oh I've seen lots of positive reviews on that BB cream, if you get it please do a review on it too :D. Ya I think the short wear really turns people off, especially if you live in hot climates :P
    Thanks for following back Monica ^o^

  21. With Love, TiffanyApril 27, 2013 at 5:47 PM

    Ooh no I haven't, that sounds good though! I used to use the Peach Sake Pore Serum a lot. Not sure it worked that great but it definitely smelled good enough to put on my face haha :D

  22. sure. :) you're welcome chee^^ your blog is cute :)

  23. Too bad it wears off quickly, ;_;...

  24. Yes, it's a shame, otherwise it's a really good product! >.<

  25. This is the only Peach Pore Sake product I don't have and try. I love the other products as it helps a lot when applied together. It does mattify your skin from the picture above but I'm not a fan of pressed powder so I'm not sure if I will try this out XD but thank you for the review :3

  26. Hehe a lot of people are not really interested in pressed powders. :P
    I want to try their other peach sake products too! Like the BB cream. Thanks for reading Misa!

  27. Thanks for the review. I am thinking of getting this. Seen this on Ebay. How much does this actually cost?

  28. This looks gorgeous ! Awesome review thank you ^^ I'm actually wondering if I should order a new powder, but I guess that this isn't the one due to my oily skin - don't feel like reapplying every second D:

  29. Oh thank you Annika! Yes, it's a big downside for a lot of people :(
    But I'm glad this review helped! Thanks for reading! :)