Friday, May 3, 2013

Review: Etude House Sweet Recipe Chocolate Eyes

Hello everyone! :D

I've been absolutely loving the sweet recipe line from Etude House such as their Baby Choux Base and Cupcake All Over Color, and I just had to get more, oh my poor wallet. >.<

This is the Chocolate Eyes eyeshadow palate. It comes with 3 different shades of matte chocolate brown colours, which I think are very basic and suitable for any occasion. 

This post will be a bit picture heavy, keep reading to see how it fares. :)

The packaging is, like always, absolutely adorable! With the kitchen utensils and chocolates it's too cute! *_*

I purchased this around $12 CAD on EBay from the seller borabora9.
It has 13 grams of product.

Right click open image to enlarge
I really like how Etude House includes English instructions on their packages.

It slides out from the top and bottom. 

I was actually disappointed that this was packaged this way. At first I expected there was going to be another lid or container that held the shadows, but the outer cardboard sleeve was all there is to protect it. I guess they were trying to imitate the look of an actual chocolate bar, and looks cuter this way, but I'm afraid it will randomly slide out as there is nothing preventing it from shifting. It also feels sorta cheap.

The inside. The colours from left to right: 45% Cacao, 65% Cacao, 98% Cacao. It's cute that they are sticking to the chocolate theme.

I was also kinda disappointed that the container inside was also made of cardboard, as it looked so metallic from the promo pictures. >.< But it is pretty light, but I wouldn't say travel friendly, cause it does seem fragile, and easily crush-able.

I do like that there is a lot of product and probably will take me a very long time to finish, since I only occasionally wear eyeshadows.

When I first toke it out and flipped it over this happened. =_= It just completely came off, good thing it fell on a carpet or else the shadows may have cracked. D: Wish Etude House used a stronger glue .-.-

Close up of 45% Cacao.

Close up of 65% Cacao.

Close up of 95% Cacao.
The designs on the shadows are quite cute. :3


The colour pay off is great, very pigmented, especially the 65% and 95% Cacao. The 45% is a bit faint because it's very light and close to my skin tone. They felt very soft and smooth almost silky, and not powdery at all. They also went on my eyelids very smoothly and evenly! ^o^

On the instructions it said to use the 45% as a base colour, then 65% to gradate the colour, then 95% to contour the outer corners. My eye shadow application skills are not that stellar :P, so I tried to follow the instructions using an eyeshadow brush. My eyelids are quite puffy and can get a bit oily. -.-
This is how it looks on my eye with no primer: 

With 45% Cacao only.
Not very visible, but made my eyelids matte and smooth. :)

With 65% Cacao added on.

With 95% Cacao added on as a liner.

On both eyes blended out.
I did not experience any fallouts. 

I wore this without primer on the right lid, and  with primer (Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion) on the left lid only for about 5-6 hours. 

On the right lid without primer, the lighter shades faded the most, almost completely disappeared. While the darkest 95% also faded, it was still visible. I was surprised that the shadow only creased ever so slightly, since my lids are oily most shadows would easily crease. On the left lid all the colours were still visible, even the lightest shade. And it seems the 95% has faded the most as it looked much less intense than when first applied.  There was also little to none creasing.

Overall, I really love the colours, I think they are very wearable for all types of skin tones, and their ratio can be adjusted for a dramatic or subdued look. The 3 shades are easily blendable to create a nice gradient. They are fine without primer, but for oily lids, it is best to use primer for it to be longer lasting. I have no complaints on the shadows themselves, but I think the packaging could be improved. ^^

  • Soft and smooth application
  • No fallouts
  • Pigmented 
  • Blendable colours
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Lots of product
  • Cute packaging
  • Packaging is quite cheap and not sturdy

Hehe I don't wear eye shadows too much cause my fat eye lids never look that great in them. -.- But I really love this palette! I'm really glad I tried it out. :) Now I want to try the highlighter too! :O

Have you tried this eyeshadow or want to? I would love to know your thoughts on it! ^^
Thank you so much for reading!
I hope you have a great day~
See you next post! :D


  1. My goodness gracious the packaging is adorable!

  2. Great post Chee (;
    Want to try this out now, hehe :3

  3. aww, too bad the glue wasn't that good but at least the eyeshadows didn't fall off~ I have same experience with elf as well as I accidentally drop it and all the eyeshadow cracked into powder =( I prayed for one second for those eyeshadows, lolz ^_~

  4. I've been lusting over this cute product for a while but I already own a number of neutral shades so I restrained myself from buying it. Very poor form of packaging though, lucky the eyeshadows didn't crack! Love your blog btw, following you!


  5. i like the packaging but too bad for the cardboard


  6. The packaging is too cute! I love the way Korean products are packaged.:)
    The colours are also very nice.x

  7. I don't wear eyeshadows too and I have fat eyelids as well =_= but the main reason why I don't wear eyeshadows is because I don't know how to apply it properly. LOL Been hearing a lot of complain about the packaging, good thing the eyeshadow itself has good quality. :)
    Nice review Chee! :D

  8. I'm surprised the packaging isn't more secure. Usually we can expect more from Etude House. Still, it's as adorable as expected. xD Nice review. ^^

  9. Awesome review! I have a bit fat and oily eyelids too, that sucks >.< too bad that the packaging is so weak, but the colors looks quite nice ^_^ even though I don't wear eyeshadows I would still buy this if I had money to waste heheh.

  10. Awesome review! I have a bit fat and oily eyelids too, that sucks
    >.< too bad that the packaging is so weak, but the colors looks
    quite nice tho ^_^ I don't wear eyeshadows but I would still buy
    this if I had money to waste heheh.

  11. The packaging is super adorable!

  12. Thanks Nhi! You should definitely try it, its really good :D

  13. Eek hope you fixed it some how >.<
    Haha ya that shadows themselves are great, and packaging is cute but not practical.:P

  14. Yes, I don't think I need any more neutral shadows now too hehe ^o^
    I'm very happy nothing happen to them too =.=;
    Thanks for following me! I followed back :D

  15. Ya, I wasn't expecting it would be cardboard on the inside too -.-
    But oh well, at least the product itself is good quality. :)

  16. I know me too! That's why I never really gotten an interest in makeup until I saw these super cute Asian brands. ^^

  17. Thanks Marxie!
    Haha don't worry I'm totally on the same boat. xD Still just experimenting on my fatty lids lol. o.o

    I was definitely expecting more from the packaging, quality wise. But, yes as long as the product is great, it overshadows the crappy packaging, so I don't mind. :)

  18. Thanks Bethany :)
    Ya I agree, packaging quality wise is not up to par with usual Etude House products, but I guess that also lowers production costs, so cheaper for us hehe :P

  19. Thank you ^o^
    I don't wear eyeshadows much either, so I basically bought this just cause it looked so cute, yes bad spending habit haha U_U;
    But I'm really glad the product turned out to be quite good. :D

  20. It makes me crave for chocolate hehe ^o^

  21. AT first I thought this was an actual chocolate review!

    The quality just from images look amazing!! The packaging is perfect.
    I'm going to have to pick this up! This seems great for everyday.

    I cant believe how real the chocolate looks!

    *Cheers to gaining a new follower! looking forward to more post*

  22. Haha It does look like chocolate doesn't it *_* Love the look of the packaging, but quality is not that great :P
    You should try it, it's very versitile.
    Thanks fro following me ViVi! I followed you too, your blog is adorable ^o^

  23. poshmakeupnstuffMay 5, 2013 at 8:51 AM

    Love Asian products as well and kudos for a job well done on this review! I'm a new follower btw, hope you follow me back!

  24. i've been wanting to try this from etude house since it launched *_* the packaging is too cute~ great review! looking forward to your upcoming ones~


  25. Thanks for visiting! and Thanks for following ^o^
    I'll check out your blog too <3

  26. Thank you! I know the packaging is to die for *_*
    I'll have more reviews definitely coming very soon ;)

  27. Wah, some said that pigmentation of this palette (as well as many others palletes by EH) is not great =0

  28. really? =0
    hmm I thought it's pretty good, maybe not the best, but good enough to for me :) But it can definitely be better with a primer though. Thanks for reading =p

  29. poshmakeupnstuffMay 7, 2013 at 7:02 AM

    hi nice post! I nominate your blog for the Leibster Awards. Check out my site for the rules on how to win it. Goodluck!

  30. I've heard other bloggers complaining about the cardboard too. I hope they'll change the packaging to something sturdier, cos though I love the matte colors this is a deal-breaker for me. Thanks for the review Chee. :)

  31. Oh thank you!! But I just got this award, and just did a post on it. >.<
    But thank you for nominating me anyways, I really appreciate it! :)

  32. Ya I was quite disappointed when I first toke it out. -.- But I guess I'm okay with it now, it does look cute and the shadows are lovely. :) Thanks for reading Penelope :)

  33. omg I wanted to buy this palette too because I saw it somewhere on ebay for that cheap price but I was hesitating because there weren't many reviews about it >< Thanks for reviewing this! I'm so glad I found a good review , finally !! :D ♥

    And btw, can I ask you for an advice? I was planning to buy the urban decay naked 2 palette to do a daily ulzzang make up but I don't know if I should save up on the urban decay palette or buy this instead >u< because basically everything I'll need is in this chocolate bar palette but idk help me senpai haha ♥

  34. Ohhh I don't know if I'm skilled enough to be called senpai >.<;; but thanks!
    I have the urban decay 1 palette, and to be honest, it really does live up to its hype! The texture, pigmentation, and wear is absolutely wonderful all around. Comparing to this palette, UD is definitely better in all these aspects. The price is probably 4x as much as this palette, but you do get 12 colours, so putting that in mind, it's around the same price for each shadow. In Naked2 there's 3 colours that's matte, but not that similar to the colours in this palette, but I'm pretty sure you can use those colours to do a ulzzang look as well. So in the end imo, I would say save up for UD it's totally worth it, and if you really need more matte colours then get this.
    Phew that was long >.< but I really hope that helped in some way ;D

  35. Oh also, the original Naked has 2 matte colours that's similar to the lighter colours of this palette. :P

  36. okay okay thanks so much ♥ I have another question ( I swear I will stop after that one haha) Do you think the naked palette 1 is better than the naked palette 2 for ulzzang style? I'm always seeing every make up guru with the second one so I concluded that the second one should be better but you got the palette #1 D: I'm just a little girl with no make-up experience so bare with me haha

  37. I'm not an expert either so take my advice as a grain of salt ^^;
    Anyways I've heard the Original Naked palette is more suited for warmer undertones and I think the colours are darker as well. The Naked 2 is more suited for cooler undertones with lighter shades. But they both have some really nice colours, and I think any palette would be good for ulzzang style since they are all natural colours. I got Naked1 cause I liked the darker shades :P But it's really up to you! ^^

  38. okay thank you so much , chee ! You're like my rescue haha :p
    If you're wondering, I think I will get the naked 2 when I saved enough money up because I like the fact that there's a black eyeshadow and the brush has 2 applicator hehe ^^;

  39. OK I think you made a good choice ^^ Hope you'll like it :D

  40. it's a mate eyeshadow right??