Thursday, May 9, 2013

Review: Etude House Water Color Blusher #3 Apricot

Hello hello everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful day (or night)! :)

I know I said in my last post that I was going to review the Etude House Sweet Recipe Ice Cream nail polishes next, but my nails and cuticles are in horrible conditions right now due to stress from summer school. I have been subconsciously picking at them. T_T So they are in no condition to be shown to the world. So sorry about that. But I'm consciously taking care of them now, so the review should be up very soon! hehe :D

Anyways, back to the relevant topic: The Etude House Water Color Blusher! I've got this a couple of weeks ago, and was so excited to get it, cause it looked so interesting! I have never seen a blush in a tube, and I didn't have any peachy blush, so I got this. It's a perfect colour for the summer! :D
Read on to see my review.~
It's so cute! I thought it was going to be bigger. It's about the length of my finger :3

I purchased this for around $10 CAD on EBay.
A tube contains 10ml of product.
It also comes in shades #1 Pink, #2 Coral, and #4 Lilac.
It looks exactly like a tube of water colour paint with it's screw on cap. ^o^
It's travel friendly, since it's small and very light. The screw cap is also easy to remove and place back on.

Really nice that it came sealed. :3


Blended out. This was actually using about the half of the amount shown above.

On my cheek. I don't know why it looks so pink here, but in real life its more peachy like the picture above.

The texture is really creamy, light, and smooth. It's water based, so when first applied it gives a slight cooling sensation, very light-weight and acts sort of like a tint for the cheek. I used my fingers to apply and it blends extremely easily and evenly onto my skin, without any stickiness.  

The colour looks pigmented when just squeezed out, but when blended out it's actually quite sheer. I really like the sheerness of it, because I really like natural looking makeup, and this colour just creates a very healthy glow to my cheeks without looking like I have blush on. But with that said, it is still buildable if you want a more intense colour. :)
This particular shade #3 Apricot is a creamy orange colour, well like an apricot. xD 
My skin has a yellow undertone, and I think this colour really energizes my face, making me look less tired and dull.

This blush stays on my cheeks for quite a long time, I have worn this for 5-6 hours and it was still visible after as a slight tint.  But it does fade over time, so I would recommend putting some powder over it for the original colour intensity to last longer.

This is probably the only thing I don't love about this product. It's hard to describe the scent, but it's has sweet fruity scent, maybe like an apricot? But I'm not sure what apricots smell like. But it also smells artificial, and sorta like water colour paint. xD
But it's not noticeable after application, so I don't mind. :)

I love this blush! Love the packaging design, the colour, and how well it blends! I think it's especially useful during warm weathers, as it's cooling doesn't feel heavy at all! It looks very natural on the cheeks, and there are 4 pretty colours to choose from. I would definitely recommend this to anyone to try. ^o^

  • Very smooth and blendable.
  • Sheer but also buildable.
  • Feels light and refreshing.
  • Good staying power.
  • Natural looking.
  • Cute and creative packaging.


  • Artificial scent (very minor).

That's it for this review! ^^ 
Have you tried this blush or want to? I would love to know. :) 
I really want to try the Lilac colour now :0 It looks so pretty!

Anyways summer courses has been so intense for me @_@ I have to read 3 chapters for 2 lectures of psychology, and each chapter is around 30 pages!  I also need to read 4 chapters for classics, and I just had a quiz on the second day of class! Ohmaiigaa... T_T I hope I'll make it out alive. e.e
Blogging always takes my stress away. =w=

So thank you so much for reading! It really motivates me and I <3 you all!
I'll see you next post~ it'll be something fun ;D


  1. Thank you for this review, Chee. Wow the packaging really looks like paint tube lol but it's interesting and I love the shade :)

  2. The colour is really subtle but nice. Once again, very interesting packaging. Looks exactly like a tube of paint!x

  3. Lol what a unique product! Especially the packaging.

  4. I had an eye on this product too, but I ordered another similar blush instead. The color looks very nice though :)

  5. The color looks very cute ♥thanks for the review (;

  6. This looks really good! Thanks for the review! I feel like getting one to try now. Haha

  7. It does look exactly like a tube of paint. haha! Such a cute packaging. I wonder who designs Etude House products. *o* thanks for another awesome review, Chee! :)
    and Goodluck on your summer course! Fighting! :D
    I'm really looking forward to your next post since you said it's going to be fun. :D

  8. The Sweet Recipe nail polishes are awesome. I reviewed them a while ago. The only problem is removing them. So much glitter. Grr.

    I love the look of these. They remind me of something by Too Cool for School but cheaper. xD Pity I don't wear blush.

  9. This looks really nice blended out! I want to try their water blusher though I'm stopping myself from buying more make up.


  10. Apricot color looks so pretty and natural :)
    I can't wait to try them out!

    Thank you for this review ^^

  11. Wow, this looks so natural! o:
    Definitely want to try this~ :'D Thank you so much for this review!

  12. Oh I think you made a good choice^^ which colour? :P

  13. Woo~ this looks beautiful! I love peachy/coral shades, they are the best color blushers for my skin tone. And the packaging is adorable ^^

  14. Etude house is so creative! I would never thought of blush in a paint tube hehe, thanks for reading Misa!

  15. I love the colour! I usually go for more of a pinkish blush, but after trying this, I love this colour! It's really nice for summer. ^o^
    thanks for reading Carmen :)

  16. Personally I hate peachy blushes, because they look terrible on me! xD
    But I would like to try pink blushes by EH in the future! =D

  17. I know right? xD
    I basically got this just cause of the unique packaging, but very glad that the product itself is great too.

  18. Oh which blush did you get? Yes I love this colour too ;3
    Thanks for reading! BTW is your name Schnee? I think Fraulein means "miss" in German right? I know this is kinda dumb, I'm just not sure what to call you ahha ^^;

  19. Yes everything about this blush is cute x3
    Thanks for reading Nhi ;D

  20. You should try it! I really can't find any obvious cons to this product :)
    Thanks for reading Chermaine

  21. I ordered the Art Class Blusher from Too Cool For School. It comes in a tube, too. So stay tuned for a review :D
    You're right, Fräulein means "miss"...and Schnee means "snow". It's just a nickname though :D

  22. I know right? EH got some really creative people with them. :o
    Oh thank you Marxie, It means a lot :) I'll do my best ^o^
    I'm excited for the next post too ;D

  23. Yes! I really like the polishes too, but the glitter arghh... It's easier for me to pick them off than to use nail polish remover haha!
    Ohh never heard of Too Cool for School, sound interesting. :P
    Thanks for reading Bethany!

  24. Hehe I know what you mean, I feel like I have enough already, but it's so hard to stop myself Dx
    thanks for reading Louise :)

  25. You should definitely try it! They are pretty awesome :D
    Thanks for reading Kocome :)

  26. Yes I love it, it blends into my skin like so flawlessly. *o*
    Totally worth check out.
    Thanks for reading Junjun :D

  27. This is my first time trying a peachy/coral blush, I must say I looove it~ xD
    Thanks for reading :3

  28. Oh then you should try the pink one or the lilac one! I think those are really pretty too.
    Thanks for reading Anya :3

  29. This is really appealing to me as an artist ;w; Lilac is so pretty as a color but it would probably look horrible on me, I'd like to try all the others though. Apricot looks really good with your skin! Love the sheerness. ^^

  30. I just ordered a lot of étude house beauty products on eBay and this was one of them. Great review! I'll review mine when I get mine. I just love your blog. Following on Bloglovin.

  31. I haven't bought anything by them yet. I mostly just covet from afar. Haha. But they have a 'school' theme and some of their products look like paint, like this blush. xD

  32. Oh the coral looks really nice too! Yes, I forgot to mention it in my review it is definitely more hygienic than a lot of blushes out there. Thanks for reading Monica :)

  33. Haha that is so cute! xD It looks like they have crayons themed products too lol! Thanks for sharing, I'll check them out :D

  34. Ohh you're an artist? :0 You should definitley get this then! hehe
    Thanks ^^, I think lilac would look really nice if you have pale cool or pale skin tones :D

  35. Which colour did you get? :)
    Thank you so much for following Kim ^^

  36. Thanks Lauren! I think this is a very pretty colour too :D

  37. OMG, it is so cute and... tiny:-) definitely need to try it!

  38. The color looks so so pretty. i prefer my blushes sheer so it's less of a chance to over apply!
    Thanks for sharing. ~

  39. Me too! Don't want to accidentally look like a clown haha xD
    Thanks for reading Amy :)

  40. Hmm I haven't tried the EH blooming blushes, but this blush definitely do not have any glitter or shiny oiliness to it. I really like this blush for that reason too, it's very natural and sheer. So I hope you'll like it too, Tiffany! ^o^

  41. I wanted to get this originally, but then I saw how tiny it is so I decided not to get it :(
    The colour is super cute, I like that it's sheer~ And the water paint packaging is adorable! Thanks for the review ^^

  42. I was surprised at how tiny it was too! I was like is this it?! @_@ In the promo pictures they seems much wider. But I think it'll still last a long time since you only need a tiny bit at a time. :P Thanks for reading !

  43. Wonderfully detailed review! Thanks for this. I'm curious though, how small is small packaging? :)

  44. wow just browse through your blog and you sure have many cute items! thanks for the review!

  45. I'm glad you like it! I'll have more reviews up soon, so I hope you'll like them as well :P

  46. Hi! I love reading your reviews! I like the color of this blush but it probably won't work last long for me since I have very oily skin. I tend to use powder blush more because it works better for me. Thanks for sharing ^_^

  47. It is quite creamy, and may melt off if I sweat a lot haha~ You could use powder over it to make it last longer though :P
    Thank you for reading! I'm glad you enjoy my reviews!^^

  48. I've got quite dry cheeks so this might last a while on me! I love the packaging, very different to a normal blusher pact!

  49. You should definitely try this if you got the chance! I absolutely love everything about this blush, maybe except for the scent, but I'm quite picky on scents xP hehe Thanks for reading Katy!

  50. i also have this one, chee, and i really love it, it blends nicely ^^

  51. aww this is really cute! I want to try it out but I'm scared I will look liek a clown ;___;

  52. It's really sheer! I love it for that reason! Do try it, I guarantee you won't look like a clown! xD

  53. I love it!