Sunday, May 26, 2013

Review: Hanskin Mineral Magic B.B [Sponsored]

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Today I have the Hanskin Mineral Magic BB Cream review. This is my second time trying out a Hanskin product, the first being the Hanskin Nutriative Sheet Mask, which I found to be soothing and high quality too. ^o^

 This product was sent to me by Kocomall at for review purposes, so thank you! Kocomall is an online Korean cosmetic shop that stock the most popular brands and more! Their prices are reasonable and they often have discounted products. And right now they are offering a $5 coupon to everyone to registers on their site, so please check them out!  
Also, if you mention as a reference you'll get extra samples on your purchases! xD

My reviews will always be 100% my own opinion even if they are sponsored. :) 

Anyways, Let's move on to the review shall we? :3 
Simple brown packaging. :3

I really like how even though this is a miniature sized tube, it's still packaged so nicely within a box.

The tube inside. The colour looks like chocolate *A*

"A formula with minerals and intensive moist, mild
and very easy to smooth out.
Low irritation especially good for sensitive skin.
A natural concealer infusing and retaining skin moist.
Deliver light and natural make effect." 
- Description from Kocomall


Partially blended.
The colour is on the light side for a BB Cream, a light beige. I would say it has a neutral to cool undertone. ~_~

Fully blended.
It does blend very smoothly into my skin. ^^

Bare face and after with BB cream.

I found this to be very smooth and creamy, but light as well. It doesn't leave any stickiness behind, and just just glides on my face so well! It doesn't feel like I'm wearing a BB cream at all! I was really pleasantly surprised by this! I actually wore this without moisturizer underneath, and my face did not feel dry at all. I have combination skin, and I didn't have problems with parts of my face being too oily or dry. :D

The colour is a light beige, quite light for a BB cream. I would say the undertone is cool to neutral  although I'm not too sure. It doesn't look grey or yellowish. At first I thought this would be too light for my skin tone, but it turns out it blended in quite nicely. However, as you can see from the before/after picture above, the coverage is very light. It covered just some of my redness and freckles, so it's definitely not full coverage. 

I wore this for about 7 hours, and since it's very sheer, it's very difficult to tell when it started to wear off. But  when I wiped my face with a cleansing cloth, there was definitely some residue left, and I can still notice a difference. So it stayed on for pretty long. I was also really impressed by it's oil-control, usually after 7 hours, in warm weathers, my nose would be shiny if I didn't use powder, but with this even after 7 hours without powder, my nose was relatively matte. Moisture wise, my skin did not feel dry the whole day. However, this may be due to the humid weather right now. 

This doesn't have any scent at all! At most it's a creamy lotion scent. :P 

I really like this BB cream for it's light texture, oil-control, and long wear! Although my skin is not too sensitive I do like that it has no scent. The only downfall is that the coverage is very sheer, but if you have great skin this would probably be perfect for you! If you want a higher coverage, this is probably not for that great, unless you wear some sort of extra coverage such as a base underneath it. I would also recommend this to people who have sensitive skin. :D

  • Light texture
  • Easy to blend
  • Moisturizing
  • Good oil-control
  • Long wear
  • No scent
  • Very sheer (could be a pro)
  • May be too light to darker skintones

Have you tried this product or want to? Or any other Hanskin products?
I'm really impressed with Hanskin's quality right now, so I hope to try more! ^o^

You can get this BB cream from Kocomall here for $2.99 (+shipping) if you're interested. :)

Thank you for reading this review. ^^
And I'll see you next post very soon!


  1. Thanks for the review. But I don't think I'll like this bb cream. Hehe

  2. It's is very sheer, so I guess it's not for everyone :P
    Thank for reading!

  3. Thank you for the review! c:
    It seems like the color might not work for me (I find that bb creams with more yellowish undertones look more natural on me), but regardless, I like how sheer it is! :'D

  4. A Very Sweet BlogMay 27, 2013 at 12:06 AM

    Great review! It looks really good on your skin!

  5. The coverage is very light for a bb cream but it matches your skin tone quite well!


  6. Lauren renturquiseMay 27, 2013 at 1:41 AM

    wow love how it blended,, overall look great except the sheer coverage

  7. MOAR COVERAGE MOAR. Haha. I envy people who can get away with that little coverage. ;_; I do really wanna try a Hanskin BB cream at some point, though.

  8. Thank you for the review! I love BB cream reviews. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll try this because I need more coverage. Maybe when my skin gets better.:)

  9. Looks like an okay BB cream, but no coverage :/ Thanks for the review :)

  10. This seems like something for summer and spring due to its lightness!

    I actually have never tried out this brand before. :o Thanks for sharing!

  11. sheer coverage, definitely not for me.. xD

  12. I have a yellow undertone too, but I was surprised this is blended nicely, guess it's cause its very sheer xP thanks for reading Junjun :)

  13. Thank you! but it doesn't cover much at all =3= hehe

  14. I find it very light too, but was surprised that it blended in with my skin quite nice, I guess it's because it doesn't cover much anyways =p

  15. ya I would say the sheerness is the only bad thing about it. but it's great for summer when you don't want something too heavy. :)

  16. I wish this had more coverage too! my nose area was still redish afterwards. =3=
    I really want to try more Hanskin products too, seems like their quality is quite nice. =D

  17. This BB cream is definitely one of the most sheer types I have encountered. that's the only reason I don't 100% love this. I love bb cream reviews too! thanks for reading Carmen:)

  18. I guess coverage is one of the most important aspects of a good bb cream x)
    too bad this doesn't have much :(
    thanks for reading :)

  19. ya I think it's great for summer too! especially if you have great skin to start with hehe.
    you should try Hanskin out, I'm finding their quality to be pretty good. :)

  20. it's definitely not for everyone x( I wish it had more coverage since the formula is very smooth :D

  21. The coverage is sheer.. I will skip haha ^.^

  22. Hehe I wish it was not so sheer too :3 Thanks for reading!

  23. i have never tried any hanskin products but i do see a lot of good raves of their product! thanks fir sharing ;)

  24. turiscantikdotcomMay 28, 2013 at 12:26 PM

    sayang nggak cocok buat saya, bikin jerawatan

  25. Seems to be really good, I like it!

    I'm following your blog :)


  26. Definitely too sheer, and maybe a little too light for my skin. I've yet to try Hanskin products, but I've heard good things about them ^^
    Thanks for sharing!

  27. Hmm I looked it up, it doesn't explicitly say it has those properties. So I'm not sure ^^; I guess since it says it's for sensitive skinned people, it probably does not have too much chemicals. Thanks for reading Be!

  28. I'm really liking Hanskin products too! You should try some :D Thanks for reading Janet

  29. Thank you for following!~
    I followed back :D

  30. I found this to be too sheer as well, that's too bad since the formula is so smooth and light. :P Thanks for reading :D

  31. Ya it's great if you have great skin to start with! ^^ Very light and sheer coverage :D

  32. too bad that it was too sheer :(

  33. I think it's great for people who don't need that much coverage. It gives you a nice skin but doesn't feel too heavy.

  34. ya, I'm finding it too sheer now too, but I guess it's great for people who have clear skin :)

  35. Yep yep exactly~
    I love the feel of this bb cream, but coverage wise you'll need great skin. :P
    Thanks for reading!

  36. yea..good for that people..but not for me..haha XD

  37. This is really good chee! Though coverage seems to be really light but if it has good oil control and not sticky then it's good :D thank you for the detailed review. I never try hanskin products before but I know people like this brand and I should try sometime ^^