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Review: Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly Tint Bar #2 Orange Kiss [Sponsored]

Hello lovely peeps. :>
 Today I have another review. This time sponsored by Holika Holika Canada, thanks for sending me this to try and review!
But as always, my reviews will always be in my own thoughts and opinions. :)

I'm sure most of you have heard of the popular Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream, it's one of my all time favourite BB creams (review here)! This Aqua Petit Jelly Tint Bar is part of the same Aqua Petit Jelly line. I'm pretty sure they also came out with eye shadows (in an adorable jelly-like container *_*), a make up fixer, and a make up starter from this line. 

Anyways, I'm really excited to see if this tint matches up their BB cream! This will be the first time I'm trying out a lip tint in the form of a lip stick, so let's see how it goes. :D
Bubbles and jelly on the packaging *_*, love the colours, looks refreshing and bubbly.  x)

 "This is a jelly tint bar that creates supple and luscious jelly lips with its tint & plumping dual function. The Only Holika! fruit juice colors your lips and the jelly will make your lips look smooth and supple like jelly.
Haven't you always found yourself frowning because of the pain and bitter taste of traditional tints?
You won't be frowning ever again with Holika's tint bar that glistens like sugar and is sweet like jelly~!
- Holika Holika Canada website

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English instructions and cautions. 
It melts by body temperature, and the colour will show 5 seconds after applying. It also has some plumping effects. :0
The tube is made of plastic with a silver ring printed around it. I feel like the letters and and silver ring will come of very easily. It looks a bit flimsy, but it feels quite sturdy on hand.

The cap is not too loose or tight, and the inner tube is made of metal.
The lip tint bar itself is a bright, translucent pinkish-orange colour, almost neon. *_*

Close up, there's quite a bit of sparkly glitters in it too.

The tint first go on transparent, then changes to a light pink by some kind of body heat activated mechanism, I'm guessing it's similar to CC creams. :P

But I was so surprised it turned out to be a baby pink colour! The name is called Orange Kiss, and the tint bar was a bright orange, I thought for sure the tint would be orange too! o.o Nevertheless, I do like the colour, it's very sheer and somewhat glittery. 

On my lips. :D

The texture is hard and jelly-like, but quickly melts when it's applied on the lips without any tugging and pulling. It feels moisturizing without being sticky. From the picture above it does look like it plumped my lips a bit, and looks less dry and wrinkly. x)

I'm still bewildered that the colour turned out pink, because this line does also have a pink tint called #3 Pink Plumping, so I'm wondering how that would look. Regardless, I think this colour looks quite nice and really brightens my dull looking lips. It is very sheer though, so it doesn't really cover the lips but enhances the original colour. I found it interesting that the longer I wore this the darker the colour became. The almost non-existent glitters gives a tiny bit of shine, I like it that way, since it is a tint and not a gloss. :P

The colour of stayed on my lips for the whole day! It does stain my lips, and became a darker pink. So the wear for the colour is great! However, the moisturizing effect wears off really quickly, around 2 hours, and my lips became dry and chapped. D: It's strange because my lips usually never become chapped during this time of the month (almost summer). So I need to reapply or use a lip balm frequently. The plumping effect also wears off around the same time.

It has a sweet candy-like smell to it, a bit artificial but not too strong. Taste wise, it's a little bitter and doesn't taste like sweet jelly at all like it claims. x(

I like this lip tint for it's (surprising) colour and wear, it's sheer but gives a natural looking colour. It does feel moisturizing and plumping initially but that wears off quite quickly, so overall I find this product to be alright as long as I keep my lips moisturized. And I would definitely recommend to wear some lip balm under it.

  • Stains lips for long-lasting colour
  • Plump lips
  • Moisturizes
  • Sheer, natural looking
  • Brightens
  • Cute packaging
  • Moisturizing and plumping effects are not long-lasting
  • A bit drying afterwards
  • Taste bitter

I want to thank Holika Holika Canada again for giving me the chance to try this product, I really liked it. :)
Please visit their website here if your interested in this product or Holika Holika in general.~

Have you tried this or a tint like this? I would love to know what you thought of it! ^^
Thanks everyone for reading!

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  1. It does look quite pink for an orange color :D Disappointing that it's a bit drying though. It looks very natural ^^

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  7. Ya I don't know why they named it that when it's clearly not orange at all on the lips! haha

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  14. Wow! It's effects (after) is truly amazing. The only thing that throws me off is the color. That color looks great on you, but one that is expecting an orange-y color would be a little disappointed. Great review.

  15. ashleyseowmayquinn .May 19, 2013 at 1:03 AM

    Oh the holika holika store in my country sells this at a high price so I've never tried this before! Looks really cool! Oh and congrats on your 100 followers ^^

  16. wow, I do see that it gives a little plumping effect! ^_~

  17. This looks really interesting! Like you, I expected the colour to come off as orangey but instead it was pink. Nonetheless, it's still a really pretty pink! Thanks for the review (:

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  19. this liptint is really cute haha It's a bit confusing because of the orange lipstick turning pink on the lips :o But I guess it's okay since the pink is a really pretty baby pink *-* Thanks for reviewing this. chee :3 tbh, I really enjoy your posts and you're my favorite blog atm :D

  20. Thank you! >o< I love reading your comments! I'm really happy you enjoy my reviews n_n

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    ♥ M & L

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  36. Although the name of the color is misleading, it's still a very nice pink. Does it give a tingling sensation on the lip since it has a plumping effect? Thanks for sharing :)

  37. The lipstick bullet looks like almost a neon orange. Maybe it also has the color changing formula on it that's why it gives a different color on lips when applied. The color looks good and wearable but I'm not into drying lipsticks since I already have dry lips.

  38. It is kind of tingling just a bit, though, but for sure the plumping effects are quite prominent! :D Sorry for the late reply!

  39. Ya I think it does too! I don't see much colour changing properties in Western products, so it's really interesting.^^ Ya I don't like that it;s drying too, it actually made my lips peel off a bit. Dx Sorry for the late reply!