Friday, May 17, 2013

Review: Lioele Miniature Special Set (BB creams + Base + Sunscreen)

Hey everyone! 
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Anyways, I'm finally getting some time off from studying, since next Monday is a holiday here in Canada, Woohoo! So gonna do lots of reviews this weekend. :3

Ok on to main topic, today I will be reviewing the Lioele Miniature Special Set that I won from Tangerine Babi (check out her blog ;) a couple of weeks ago. This is the first time I'm trying a Lioele product, so I'm really excited! I have tried all the BB Creams, Base, and Sunscreen from this set, so read on too see my review! :D

Bright pink packaging, great as a gift for someone who wants to try out BB creams. :)

Click to enlarge
It's great that there's English instructions and ingredients on the package. I wish more Korean brands had HQs internationally, so products can be manufactured with English on them, so it can be accessible to more people. :D 

From left to right: Lioele Fresh Sunscreen, Lioele Blooming Simmer Pearl Base, Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream, Lioele Water Drop BB Cream.

Partially Blended.

The sunscreen is obviously just white. The base is pinkish with some simmer. The Beyond the Solution BB Cream is a bit darker than my arm. And the Water Drop BB Cream really is what its name implies, I don't know if you can see it, but when I blended it there were white water droplets forming! The shade also matches my arm better than Beyond the Solution BB.

Fully Blended. 

Everything blended pretty nicely except the Beyond the Solution BB Cream, which is too dark for my arm. :P

Lioele Fresh Sunscreen
"With SPF45/PA++, it protects your skin from UVA, UVB at the same time. It lasts long without stickyness."

I really like this sunscreen! It's not sticky at all just like it claims, and goes on my skin very smoothly. When it dries it doesn't leave any trace of sunscreen residue or heaviness, so it doesn't even feel like I'm wearing any sunscreen at all! With the high SPF45, I think it's great under make up, especially during the summer when the sun is most intense. The only thing I'm not too found of is the scent. It's hard to describe, but it has a refreshing, clean scent that is very sharp and potent, which lingers in my nose. ~_~ It doesn't smell bad, but it's a bit too strong, so good thing it fades over time. :) I'm not too sure about how long this lasts, since I can't really tell if it fades, but it claims to last all day. I would still reapply after a few hours if I'm going to be out in a sunny day for a long period of time. :P 

Lioele Blooming Simmer Pearl Base
"Illuminating primer! Our highly concentrated Shimmering Pearl Base gives your skin a radiant, glossy finish."

Before and after base.
Never really looked at my skin up close, but now I see I have a lot of black heads near my nose. t.t

This base when first squeezed out looks like a baby pink pearl, very pretty. :P It's easy to blend out just like the sunscreen, and is not sticky, and light. The simmers are more apparent and separates as I blended it, however the glitters in this base are very fine, unlike the Skin79 BB Cream that I've tried, so you won't look like a disco ball. :D It does give a nice glowing effect, and made my face look brighter. From the before/after picture above it does look like it covered a minimal amount of my imperfections, but since it's a base, I don't expect it to have perfect coverage anyways. But ya, it's a pretty good base, since it sort of smoothed my skin too. The scent to this is similar to the sunscreen but much fainter. So overall I really like this. :)

Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream
"Long lasting BB Cream soothes, and keeps skin smooth and less oily for fair complexion."

Before and after BB cream.
I think my face looks redder in the after picture because of lighting, and not the BB Cream being too dark.

I though this BB Cream would be too dark for me judging but the arm swatch, but after applying it on my face it matched my skin quite nicely. :D My face is just a few shades darker than my arm. haha
Like the sunscreen and base, this BB Cream follows the same easily to blend, non-sticky, and light feeling it gives. I'm really starting to love Lioele!
 From the picture above, the coverage looks great. My pores and most of my freckles and sun spots are covered or at least evened out. It also gives a smooth silky feeling after it has set. The wear is also pretty good, I wore this for a whole day, and I think it only faded a bit. My face didn't get too oily either, so good oil control like it claimed. Overall I give this a thumbs up! :D

Lioele Water Drop BB Cream
"It is an exclusive moisturizing  BB cream which makes your skin moist since water drop, which is generated when you apply it to skin, is well absorbed into your skin."

Before and after BB Cream.

Ooh this is the BB Cream I was most excited to try! I've heard many great reviews on this, and I think it does live up to its hype. I was really intrigued by the fact that there was water drops forming while blending this in, never tried anything like it before! :D It felt very refreshing and cooling. And like all the previous creams, it was easy to blend, lightweight and non-sticky too. The coverage is great, considering how sheer it feels. From the picture above you can see it really covered my pores, and my skin looks like it has been airbrushed haha~ I was really pleasantly surprised! The wear is good, but I think it faded faster than the Beyond the Solution BB Cream. I don't mind, because I love applying this just to see the water drop forming LOL. xD This also contains SPF27/PA++ so you could skip sunscreen. Overall I love this, and will probably purchase it when I'm in need of BB Cream. :)

I'm really impressed with this first impression (impressed impression ~_~) of  Lioele! I really have no complaints on any of the products in this set. I will look out for more of their products in the future. :D 
I totally would recommend this if you want to try some of the Lioele products or give it was a gift! 

  • Easy to blend
  • Non-sticky
  • Lightweight
  • Great coverage
  • Get to try 4 different products!
  • The scent is quite strong in some of the products

Phew that was quite long. :D Hope it was enjoyable or useful in some way!
Have you tried any of these products or want to?  I sure loved them. ^^

Thank you all for reading!
I'll see you soon on the next post~


  1. Hihi thanks for mentioning me so much these days, haha :3
    great review though, love the water drop bb cream !

  2. No problem, I did win this from you hehe :P
    The water drop BB cream is my fave from this ^^
    Thanks for reading~

  3. Thank you for the reviews! I haven't tried any Lioele BB creams yet but would love to try the Water Drop one- I'm attracted to BB creams which are light and have water like textures.

  4. Have you tried the Holika Holika aqua petit jelly BB cream? It's also very watery and cooling. :) I really love light watery typed too, it just feels so refreshing, and not cakey. :P
    Thanks for reading ^^

  5. Nice set.
    I want to find a sunscreen that will feels like water =D Seems this one is very creamy.

  6. Thanks for reviewing! ^^ I think the Water Drop BB will be great for the summer. I love light BBs! :D

  7. Nice review! I would also love to have this Lioele Miniature set, I love trying out bbs! I've got a sample of triple solution bb before and it works pretty good.^^

  8. It's such a cute set. Lioele Beyond The Solution was my first ever BB Cream. But now looking back, I don't know how it wasn't too dark for me. My sister still uses it. I tried hers the other day and was orange. xD Still, it got me into BB creams.

  9. oh my goodness sooooo cute! I love the packaging of all Korean cosmetics, Lioele looks so cute! it makes me want to try them I've herd there lipsticks are really good and extremely cute packaging ♥

  10. I know it's just too cute to ignore >. <
    I never tried their lipsticks, but I totally want to now! thanks for reading Emma =)

  11. I have used it before! I love it so much :)

  12. With Love, TiffanyMay 18, 2013 at 8:28 PM

    Awesome review on this set! I really wanted to try the Water Drop BB cream. How is the color? Does this work better for light skin or can people with tanner skin wear this as well? :)

  13. I would say the colour is on the medium-light side, I tried it on the back of my hand (which is few shades darker than my face) and it still blended in quite nicely! So go for it, or maybe try some samples first! :)

  14. Yeii, bb cream reviews...hehe...I was curious about the water drop bb cream so thanks for reviewing. :D

  15. I definitely recommend it! :D Hope you'll try it too! Thanks for reading~

  16. Oh I agree it might be a bit dark if you have really fair skin tone. Maybe you can try the Lioele water drop BB? It's much lighter. Or Etude house bright fit BB, it have 4 shades, so you'll bound to find one that matches :P
    Thanks for reading Annika n_n

  17. Yaay thank you for the tips ! ♥

  18. Hi! I've tried a few Lioele products and love them. However, I didn't really like the Lioele Beyond the Solution since it was dark and sticky on my skin. I have super oily skin so that didn't work well. I also tried Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream but didn't like it because it oxidized to a dark color. My holy grail BB cream is Skin79 Orange Vital BB cream. Thanks for your review. I think I might try the Lioele Shimmer Pearl Base to get the glowy look ^_^

  19. I really wanted to try the water drop BB cream. I almost bought it online, but the transaction didn't push through and I ended up buying something else.
    I'm still keeping my eye on water drop though. :)

  20. Ya I agree, it is a bit dark of you have fair skin tone, too bad it's sticky too D:
    I tried the Skin79 Hot Pink BB too! I don't really like it that much, it has too much of a grey tone to it, and makes my skin look dull. =3=
    I really want to try that Orange one! I've heard great things about it~ My holy grail now is the Etude house bright fit, and holika2 aqua petit jelly!
    Thanks for reading !! :D

  21. Ohh, it's really good though! The coverage and lightness is just perfect, for me at least :P You should definitely order it again xD Thanks for reading Donna!