Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Review: Peripera Peri's Tint Milk #1 Milky Pink

Hi Everyone! :3
How are you all doing?
 I'm quite stressed lately because of the pressure to look for a job. D: Even volunteers are hard to come by these days. =3= Hopefully I'll find something soon, since I've been sending out resumes like crazy. >.<

Anyways, today I have another review of a lip tint! :3 This time it's from Peripera, another brand that I am trying out for the first time. I've heard great reviews on Peripera tints before, and the adorable art on the packaging is too much to pass up. This tint is a milky type, which I am also trying for the first time. xD I must say, ever since I got this a couple weeks ago, I have been neglecting my other tints. x) So read on to see my review and pictures!

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I love the art on packaging, it's unique and iconic!

The back, no English, so I have no idea what it's saying haha.
I really like how sturdy this tint feels, unlike the Holika Holika Holy Berry Tint which leaks everywhere. =.=

The tint from the bottle and applicator looks very bright like neon pink. 

Looks very pigmented, but it actually blends very easily into a sheer pink.

 Before and after one coat of lip tint.

The texture is milky and creamy like the name implies. I like that it's not liquidy which tend to sink into lines or pool right away. When I first applied this, it feels more slippery, and thick than liquid lip tints, but this makes it easy to have the option to either concentrate or spread out the colour. It doesn't dry my lips, which I find some liquid tints do, and it's not sticky either.

The colour I have here is Milky Pink, and it's my first pink tint! Right from the applicator and tube it looks like a florescent neon pink, even when swatched. However when blended out on my hand it becomes a very sheer pink and barely noticeable. On my lips the colour is much more prominent, and it really give a nice pop of dolly pink colour. As you can see from the before and after pictures, it brightens my lips and makes them look much more lively! Even though my lips are quite pigmented, the colour shows up nicely. I find one coat is usually enough, but the colour is also buildable, and can be used to create gradient lips. :)

I find, for the first hour or so, with minimal contact, the stain would be pretty much in it's original brightness and colour. After 3-4 hours most of the colour would have faded, but it would still leave a reddish dark pink stain behind on the inner center of my lips. But it fades really quickly in about 1-2 hours if I was eating/drinking, or just licking my lips haha. xP So overall I would reapply this once or twice during the day.

This has a milky sweet smell, kind of like strawberries? It's not really noticeable unless I put my nose right up to the applicator. :P Taste wise, I don't particularity taste anything when it's dry, however if it's still wet it's bitter! Bleh! So don't try it. xD

This lip tint has been my favourite so far! I really like the milky texture as it's easy to blend and doesn't feel drying at all! But I usually wear a lip balm over it anyways. The colour is a really dolly pink and brightens my lips. The wear is OK, but you may want to reapply after a few hours. The only downside is that it's bitter, but who eats lip tints anyways? x)

  • Milky texture is easy to spread and apply
  • Not drying
  • Not sticky
  • Bright pink colour brightens lips
  • OK wear, leaves a reddish pink stain afterwards
  • Sturdy bottle (does not leak!)
  • Cute packaging design
  • Taste bitter

I'm really glad I got this, I'm wearing it practically everyday now. xD 
I know Peripera also has some other tints that's of the watery and jelly type. Have you tried those or this one? How did you like them?

As always, thanks for reading this review. ^o^
I'll cya next post!



  1. This one is similar to the etude house fresh cheery tint ! Even the color ! Thanks for the review ^^ it looks great on you ^.^

  2. Ya I've seen that tint too! It does look very similar! :D I want to try the orange one from Etude as well :3 Thank Nhi!

  3. I love Peripera's lip tints! I've nv tried this one before, but I would love to try it out, Thanks for the review! It looks good on you (:

  4. oh lovely color!

  5. Lauren renturquiseMay 30, 2013 at 12:44 AM

    the color is so pretty and the character looks lovely <3

  6. I use my Tony Moly Cherry tint (I forget the proper name) quite a lot when I want something that I won't smudge off as much as lipstick. xD Been meaning to try more. Anyway, it's a pretty colour on you. *w*

  7. How cute! Steange bu i've never come across any lippy that tastes bitter lol
    TiTi's Corner!

  8. This lip tint looks really good. I don't know, for some reason it kind of reminds me Candy Doll lipglosses. I love the 'my lips but better' look that it gives, its really pretty and natural!

  9. I love lip tints! :D It looks really nice after one coat. I think Peripera lip products really work well. Will definitely add this one in my shopping list. :D Thanks for another great review Chee! (i can finally comment. YAAAYYY! lol)

  10. Your lips looks so cute <3
    I never try this brand, but I love Lip tint from Etude House.. :D

    Thanks for sharing ^^

  11. Fräulein SchneeMay 30, 2013 at 9:37 AM

    This looks really great on your lips. I want to try a lipmilk too :D and I never tried peripera products although they seem to be great. :D

  12. the packaging is so pretty ^_~

  13. It's a really pretty color and very soft. I like it. I wish you luck on your job search. The right offer will come to you.

  14. Gorgeous everyday tint!

    Angel was here!

  15. The packaging is so cute! >u<
    I love lip tints haha~ The wear isn't as long as I would like, but the color makes up for it! Definitely looking into this~ >u< Thanks for the review!

  16. I wanted to try this brand because of the packaging but I love the color on you! I will have to try it soon too =) thanks!

  17. Oohhh, so pretty! This one reminds me of Etude house's new milky tints too~!

    I'd have to say the colour and overall quality of this tint looks much, much better than the Holikaholika berry ones. I bought it, and somehow it leaked everywhere and got my bag, hands and everything else so gross and red. Arggg.

    Definitely trying this one out! n__n

  18. Which ones have you tired? I heard the watery ones are very liquidy haha :D I would love to try more of their tints too! Thanks Chermaine!

  19. I love this colour too, so nice and pink ^^

  20. I love the design on the tube too! Really eye catching and unique :D

  21. Oh I have the mini version of that tint too! I really like the colour, but its a bit too dark, I like pinks better xD Thanks Bethany :3

  22. Haha I didn't know this was going to be bitter too, but meh it's ok, not going to be eating it anyways :P hehe

  23. I've never tried Candy doll lipglosses :0 Well I'm not a big fan of lip glosses, cause I find most too sticky x) I like tints better. Yes I like that look it gives too! Natural but just enhanced :D

  24. Which ones have you tried? :D I really love this tint right now, my favourite at the moment. Thank you Marxie! Glad you can comment now huhu~ ;D

  25. Haha Thank you! xD first time someone complimented on my lips lol
    I never tried a tint from EH before, but I heard the creamy pink ones are very similar to this Peripera one. :o
    Thanks for reading Rossy!

  26. You should try it! I'm really satisfied with the colour and wear, all around it's a very good tint! :D

  27. I know~ ^^ That's what made me try this milky tint instead of Etude House ones. :D

  28. Thanks Kim! Thanks for the good luck too! I'll need it haha

  29. Yep I can definitely wear this daily! thanks for reading Angel!

  30. I love it when the packaging design is creative :D I don't really mind the wear since I like putting on lip tints anyways xD Thanks for reading Junjun :3

  31. Thanks Tiffany :3 I love the colour too! It's really pink and bright, but natural at the same time! Definitely try it ^^

  32. Ya I've heard the texture and colour is really similar to EH ones too!
    Oh noes! You too? ugh I guess it's not just mine that's defective =.= I'm scared to carry that tint anywhere, because of the fear that it's going to stain my clothes or bag a red colour :(
    Hope you'll like it too when you try it ^^

  33. This liptint looks so cute >u< honestly, I like etude house's packagings more because these girls on the bottle remind me of those creepy vampire/zombie girls haha
    I think barely every lip tint got this bitter taste. Someone should invent liptints which look really adorable and smell and taste like real strawberries haha
    I also hate when liptints are leaking. One time, I ordered a liptint and opened the package and everything was red because it was leaking ugh =o=
    The color makes your lips look really fresh and brightens it alot :D I just noticed that I wanna buy everything you're reviewing :o
    And one more thing :o I've never seen your whole face haha I always just see your lips, cheeks or eyes D: You should show us your kawaii face hehe :D

  34. The package is absolutely cute!
    The color is soft and pretty.
    Looks more like a lovely lipgloss.

  35. LOL they do look really pale xD
    The only one that I was tried that doesn't have a bitter taste is the Holika berry tint one. but the packaging quality is kind of poor =/
    Eek which tint was that? D: that's awful, you haven't even used it and it's already defected =3= Hope you got a refund or something.
    I love this colour, pinks and oranges just makes me happy looking at them haha. :D I'm glad my reviews are that convincing^^ lol But I haven't came across anything that I really dislike yet, hopefully never. x)
    haha I don't like to show my whole face on the internet, I don't know it's just a preference thing I guess. I might in the future when I feel more comfortable doing so. :) I do have some selfies on my instagram: @sparklychee (shameless advertising xD) if you want to check it out ;D Thanks for reading Mindy!

  36. Yep it's an all around great lip product! I really love it! hehe
    Thanks for reading n_n

  37. looks really natural :O

  38. Being too pale is creepy haha
    I really hate those cheap packagings :c It was the lip tint from tony moly but there was about 7/8 of the product still in it so I was fine with it :3 Also, it wasn't leaking after that anymore. That's really weird D:
    I don't have instagram so I can't check out your face. Damn :'c
    but I bet you're pretty :D I hate how you can't make an instagram account if you don't have a IPhone or android mobile phone :c

  39. I know! I was surprised at how natural it is too, since it was very bright in the tube! But I love it! :D

  40. Oh well good thing it stopped leaking, that is very strange. xD
    Awwn that's too bad, but I assure you it's not that special and not that great Haha! And I may post some pictures on my blog soon or later :P
    Ya that really sucks, I never had instagram until I started blogging and jumped on the bandwagon lol

  41. Such pretty lips! :3

  42. Aw Thank you!! Haha I never thought of my lips as pretty before xD

  43. I bought a bunch of lip tints from Peripera last week and so far I've tried out the water, jelly and milk ones. I love them all but I think I like the milk one the best! I like the shade you have here...I might have to get it for myself later! =) Thanks for the review!

  44. I love the milky texture, it's really easy to blend and doesn't seep into any lines. :D
    Glad you like it too!

    I saw your haul post on your blog, you got so much lip tints! Hope you review some of them. :D

    Thanks for reading Angela!

  45. Where did you buy it? link please thanks! :)


    Here for $8.08, it's really cheap compared to other places, and free shipping too! ^^

  47. It's like a sheer tint, love it!

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay