Friday, June 28, 2013

Review: Holika Holika Face 2 Change Liquid Roller BB [Sponsored]

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Today I have a review of Holika Hoika's Face 2 Change Liquid Roller BB cream! Special thanks to my new sponsor: IamLove-shop on eBay ( for sponsoring me this product to review! IamLove-shop also have a website at JOLSE.COM. I have bought some products before on their eBay store before I was sponsored, and I have to say their products are very reasonably priced (some are even the lowest on eBay!), shipping is free and fast, and the customer service is super friendly as well, I really enjoyed communicating with them. And of course all their prodcuts are 100% genuine. So please check them out! :)
BTW, my reviews will always be 100% my honest opinion whether or not they are sponsored. :)

Anyways, I chose this BB cream to review because I've had great experiences with Holika Holika's ever popular Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream, and was hoping this would be just as great. Also, I was interested because the BB cream is dispensed by a sponge roller, which is fairly unique. 

Please read on to see the full review and more photos~ :D
The packaging is simple, and I love the matte and glossy texture on it.
"Roller BB Cream directing a clean shiny skin without blemish clinging to the skin perfectly"
lol not too bad. xD

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Versatile Blogger Award + Beauty Blogger Tag ^o^

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I'm really excited to do this post today because I got nominated by some awesome people for the Versatile Blogger Award! Big thanks to: Mindy,  Krystal, Natalie, GaEul, June and Sample Hime for nominating me! ^o^  Please do check out their lovely blogs!

Also, I am also tagged by Fraulein Schnee (Miss Snow) for the Beauty Blogger Tag! Thank you! This is going to be really fun. :D Please check out her lovely blog too!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Review: Etude House I'm Blooming Sebum Control Mist

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How's everyone doing? :D
The weather is extremely hot and humid these days, I am more than happy to stay indoors where there's AC.  I like warm weathers but it feels really sticky outside. =.=;

Anyways, some of you lovely readers have been requesting for the review of the the Etude House I'm Blooming facial mist in my last haul, so I'll be reviewing this first! :)

This is the second facial mist I have tried, first being the Skin Food Facial Ice Vita Mist, so I will be comparing some aspects to it.

Please read on to see my review and photos!~

 I love how it comes in a box, just like the I'm Blooming cleansers.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Review: Etude House Nutrifull Shea Butter Skin Care Kit + Giveaway Winner! [Sponsored]

Hello everyone! ^o^

Today I have a long over due review, this Etude House Nutrifull Skin Care Kit was sponsored by Kocomall.  
Also, I'll be announcing the winner of my 110+ Readers giveaway! :D
Please check to see if you have won in the bottom of this post!

Anyways, after switching from the Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream and Essence, which I was using before, I have started using this kit for a couple of weeks now, since I wanted to see if there was any long-term effects for the skin. This kit includes an essence, a cream, and a sleeping pack.
I was very interested to see the nourishing and moisturizing effects of the Shea butter and Cloudberry, and how well it compared to the Moistfull Collagen skin care line.

If you're interested please keep reading for the review and photos! :D

Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 2013 Haul + Giveaway Winner!

Hello lovely people! :D

I think it's time for an haul post for this month! Well some stuff were from the second half of May, so it's more like a cumulative haul since the last one. Not too much this time, I restrained my self. :D
Most of the products here were sent to me by some awesome sponsors! And I'll most likely be reviewing everything, so stay tuned for it! ^o^

Also, the Etude House Cotton Fit BB Cream giveaway has ended! woot! Thank you all for joining the giveaway
I have randomly drawn a winner, and emailed them. Please check if you've won at the bottom of this post! 

 I'll make this short since I need to cram for my exam tomorrow! hehe =.=;

Apologies for the poor quality of the photos, I can never find good lighting for these larger pictures. =/ 
I'm tempted to take these photos outside next time. xP
Here's (almost) all the products. :3

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Review: Holika Holika Magic Fresh Mask Sheet

Hello~ ^^

Ah finally another review! :D I've got an exam coming up this Friday, a bit stressed out about that. >.<
So this review will be a simple sheet mask that I've used today!

I've been quite obsessed with sheet mask these days and I want to try out as many types as I can, so I saw this Holika Holika one and was quite intrigued with it's naturalistic packaging. It looked really refreshing, and I was hoping this would smell like mint too!
BTW this is not sponsored like my other Holika Holika reviews recently xD

Please read on to see my review and photos~
I love the colours and the picture on this packet, looks really relaxing!
This was easy to open as well, with both sides having a small cut. :P

Friday, June 14, 2013

Mini Review: Missha Cho Bo Yang BB Cream

Hello! :D

It's mini review time! I have accumulated  a lot of samples recently, and I really want to try them all out and share my thoughts on them, so expect more mini reviews in the future. ^^; 

I have a sample of a BB cream today!
When I first looked at this sample packet, it had absolutely no English indication of the brand or what it contained! The only English was made in Korea on the back, So my only clue was the two Chinese characters on the front, my Chinese reading skills is minimal, -.- but I vaguely understood it to be pronounced as "mei si". Then I opened the packet and it looked like BB cream, so I Googled "mei si BB cream", and it turns out to be from Missha! :D 
But then thanks to Leah, it's actually called Cho Bo Yang!

Anyways, enough rambling, please read on too see my first impression of this BB cream and before and after pictures! ^o^
I love the background pattern!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Review: Holika Holika Pig-nose Clear Blackhead 3-Step Kit

Hello lovelies! 
How are you all doing? :D
Summer is breezing by so quickly! My first semester of summer school is over in a week haha! Relieved to say it's going to be one of my GPA boosters. Woohoo! x)

Today I have another review from Holika Holika! This is another product that Holika Holika Canada has sent me a few weeks ago for review, thanks! 
So this is the 3-Step Kit is from the Pig-nose (cute name :D) Clear Blackhead line that Holika Holika has, all of these products deal with the problem of back heads (of course)! You can check out all the products here
I usually try not to use nose pore strips too often, as I've heard it can actually irritate and enlarge the pores. 0.0 But it's been a long time since I've last used one, and my nose has accumulated quite a bit of nasty bits, so it's time!

This 3-step kit contains 3 nose strips that:
1. Opens pores
2. Removes blackheads
3. Minimizes pores
Looks like an all inclusive kit that should do it's job thoroughly!

Anyways, please read on to see my full review and before and after pictures. ^^
Quite cute isn't it? :D

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mini Review: SKIN79 SÚE Hydrating Gel

Hello everyone!

It's time for another mini review. 8D 
I've gotten tons of samples recently that I haven't tried yet. I love samples as it give you a chance to try out a product for free before purchasing a product (of course). 

Today I'm going to give my first impression on SKIN79's moisturizer SÚE Hydrating Gel. (I don't really know how to pronounce the accented U here ~_~.) But anyways, the only SKIN79 products I've tried are their BB creams, which I find pretty decent. So I'm hoping this skin care product will be as satifying as well, but I'm sure it's difficult to mess up on a moisturizer. xP
 Ok, if you want to see my first impression on this moisturizer, please keep reading! ;D

Simple packaging, though the print is off-center, no biggie. hehe

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Review: Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream + Essence

Hello Hello everyone~
Happy Wednesday :D
I'm updating a bit less frequently these days (every 2-4 days) because I have found a volunteer position in addition to my job, and school, so really busy these days. I guess it's a good thing, I feel productive when I'm busy, and not lounging around. ^u^

Today I'm going to review the Etude House Moistfull Cream and Essence! I bought this few weeks ago, and  at first I was using it in the mornings and nights, but I found out it wasn't that great in the mornings (I'll explain later), so I'm just using it at night nowadays. 

The essence is in a mini size that came as an extra with the cream *_* and I have never used an essence before so I had to look up what it does. Basically this essence contains Baobab tree extract which brings moisture and collagen to the skin to be fully absorbed. I suppose it penetrates deeper into the skin than a moisturizer, and contains more hydration properties.

Anyways, keep reading to see my full review on the cream and essence.~ 
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Happy orange packaging. :D

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Review: Holika Holika Apple Shine Peeling Sheet

Hello everyone! :D
I'm back with another review~ 
Happy June! What have I accomplished in the past month of May? Absolutely nothing ~_~ need to start being more proactive. ;_;

Anyways this product was sent to me by Holika Holika Canada for review!
^^ I'm really excited to try it out since I have never tried this type of exfoliator before! At first I thought it was a mask of some sort, but it's actually a exfoliating pad that you slip on your fingers!

Keep reading to see my review and more pictures :D
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Lovely green apple design. :D
I had no idea what a peeling sheet at first. o.o