Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mini Review: SKIN79 SÚE Hydrating Gel

Hello everyone!

It's time for another mini review. 8D 
I've gotten tons of samples recently that I haven't tried yet. I love samples as it give you a chance to try out a product for free before purchasing a product (of course). 

Today I'm going to give my first impression on SKIN79's moisturizer SÚE Hydrating Gel. (I don't really know how to pronounce the accented U here ~_~.) But anyways, the only SKIN79 products I've tried are their BB creams, which I find pretty decent. So I'm hoping this skin care product will be as satifying as well, but I'm sure it's difficult to mess up on a moisturizer. xP
 Ok, if you want to see my first impression on this moisturizer, please keep reading! ;D

Simple packaging, though the print is off-center, no biggie. hehe

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Ah English description, I like!
 It claims to contain HYDRA-NGC and Phyto-Marine which in turn has skin activating components. Sounds  very complex and scientific, but skin activating compounds? It activate the skin? or skin activated compounds? haha I'm just dwelling on the details here. xP

Image from Cosmicmarket2012
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Some more English description.

Full product is 50ml.
Price is around $15-20 CAD.

It's just a gel moisturizer in appearance, and when applied on face it's clear, nothing too special.

First Impression:
It smells really nice! It has a sweet floral scent, but it also kind of reminds of Lychee! Although it is kind of strong, so it may not be suitable for some.
 Since it's a gel-type moisturizer, it's  cooling and refreshing on the skin, but also quite moisturizing. The consistency is thicker than what I would have imagined but it doesn't leave and sticky residue behind at all! It goes on very smooth and leaves my skin feeling very smooth too, as if I adds a protective covering over it, but not heavy. I used this after I washed my face and it feel absolutely wonderful! Hydrating, not sticky, light, and smells great! :D 
If I were to compare this to the Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream that I reviewed last time, I have to say I prefer this one for it's gel-like texture and cooling sensation.

Will I purchase the Full Product?
Yes! It has all the properties of a great moisturizer (for me at least). And I pick gel type moisturizers over cream ones in general, so I would want to purchase this once I've ran out of my current one. The relatively cheap price is a huge plus too!

Do you prefer cream type or gel-type moisturizers?
I mostly lean towards gel-types but when it's super cold, I prefer cream ones!

Thanks for reading!

See you next post~ ^_^


  1. seems like a great product ^^ thanks for the review(:

  2. this sounds really nice and thanks for sharing :)

  3. This sounds perfect for me. I love anything with marine extracts. It even has my name on it! (Sue) LOL! I think I'll have to buy one.

  4. nice~ thanks for sharing!
    I also love when samples include english instructions/information <3 I hate not knowing what something is supposed to exactly be q_q

  5. Packaging of the tub reminds of Laneige's sleeping pack (firming) one! :o

    But anyways, I prefer the gel type moisturizers, cream feels way too stuffy and heavy for me. Laneige's sleeping pack (both water _Ex and the firming one) are just amazing!~

  6. It is! Thanks for reading Nhi!

  7. It is quite nice hehe
    Thanks for reading!

  8. Haha! I'm not too familiar with marine extracts, but this one is certainly great on the skin! You should try it out definitely xD

  9. Ya me too! I hope more products would have English, I get samples that I have no idea how to use too. it's really frustrating haha. Thanks for reading^^

  10. Oh ya I reminds me of that as well!
    Same here! Especially in warm weathers, it just feels like it's going to melt off of my face haha.
    I've heard it's pretty great, I'll try it some time :3 Thanks for reading!

  11. nice review!!! and not a bad price too!!!
    i actually prefer gel type moisturizers as well, because my skin tends to get oily :)

  12. It has a lot of product for the price too! :D
    Me too! gel-types are cooling and feels like I`m putting water on my face haha

  13. Lauren renturquiseJune 10, 2013 at 5:20 AM

    sounds interesting ! i prefer gel moiturizer for my oily skin
    nice review Chee ^^

  14. I have used this moisturiser before! I loved it for my dry skin. My skin just drank it up. I prefer gel type moisturisers as they get absorbed immediately without leaving a film!

  15. Excellent review! It says a lot that you would choose this product over etude's moistful collagen.

  16. I'm surprised by how much I love this too! Thanks for reading Kim! :)

  17. Glad you loved it too! :D
    I might buy this after I use up my current one. =]
    Seems like almost everyone here prefer gel types. :o Thanks for reading Carmen!

  18. Thanks Lauren^^
    I wasn't expecting too much out of this at first, must say I'm pleasently suprised! hehe