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Review: Holika Holika Face 2 Change Liquid Roller BB [Sponsored]

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Today I have a review of Holika Hoika's Face 2 Change Liquid Roller BB cream! Special thanks to my new sponsor: IamLove-shop on eBay ( for sponsoring me this product to review! IamLove-shop also have a website at JOLSE.COM. I have bought some products before on their eBay store before I was sponsored, and I have to say their products are very reasonably priced (some are even the lowest on eBay!), shipping is free and fast, and the customer service is super friendly as well, I really enjoyed communicating with them. And of course all their prodcuts are 100% genuine. So please check them out! :)
BTW, my reviews will always be 100% my honest opinion whether or not they are sponsored. :)

Anyways, I chose this BB cream to review because I've had great experiences with Holika Holika's ever popular Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream, and was hoping this would be just as great. Also, I was interested because the BB cream is dispensed by a sponge roller, which is fairly unique. 

Please read on to see the full review and more photos~ :D
The packaging is simple, and I love the matte and glossy texture on it.
"Roller BB Cream directing a clean shiny skin without blemish clinging to the skin perfectly"
lol not too bad. xD

"Holika Holika liquid BB cream comes with a roller! 

- This function allows you to control the amount you want to use. 
- This product contains Argan Oil from Morocco and high level deep ocean water from Hawaii. 
- The cream provides a moist full coverage for a clean and natural look and feel. 
- The roller itself is replaceable and washable. When you wash your roller, remove the roller first."

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Instructions on the back, which is pretty intuitive. Push the button to dispense the BB cream and roll it on your face! :D

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On the side it has the English instructions and ingredients. 
This BB cream has UV protection (SPF30/PA++), whitening. and anti-aging properties.
I believe this BB Cream has changed it's packaging, sometime ago, and had SPF15. 

The actual BB cream dispenser. It's pretty easy to hold and use. :3

The roller! It's also removable, so you can wash it,  or replace it with a new one if it gets defected. 
To dispense the BB cream, just press the button on the side.

The sponge removed. The BB cream comes out of holes on the bottom, and gets picked up by the rolling sponge.

I choose the #23 natural beige shade. I believe there is also a shade #21 light beige. I'm getting a little more tanned in the summer time. x)

As you can see from the pictures above, the colour is a bit darker than my arm. But it's very blendable, all I used was the roller to roll on the BB cream, and everything blended in nicely. No fingers needed. :D

Before and after one layer of rolled on BB cream. I would say this is light to medium coverage.

This is after 7 hours after applying the BB cream. The lighting is a bit darker here.

At first I was actually skeptical about the roller, since I worried it wouldn't completely blend the BB cream, and it would be difficult to get into the areas such as the sides of my nose and around the eyes. But to my surprise the roller very easy to use and maneuver. The sponge roller is small enough to get on to all areas of my face and it's gentle enough that it doesn't tug my skin at all! Which I love, because I always worry about creating wrinkles when I use my fingers. >.<
The downside is that the roller gets dirty easily, so you'll need to wash it quite often. The sponge seems to be of high quality, and has not began to break apart. I hope it would last a long time. Too bad it does not come with a spare with the BB cream.

I usually use two pumps, one for each side of my face. One thing I love about this BB cream and it's roller is that I only need a very small amount to cover my whole face! It feels very light, and not sticky at all! The coverage is light to medium, great for summer time, but you can definitely go over it again to create a higher coverage.
I do need to go over some areas of my face a couple of times just to make sure everything is blended in well, but it feels like a massage on my face so I don't mind. ^o^
The #23 colour suits my skin very well, not too pink, and not too light, and just the right amount of yellow. It blends very easily on to my skin, and doesn't looks cakey at all. Very natural indeed. :D

I wore this several time already for hours and I would say the oil control is good. As you can see from the after 7 hour photo above, my face did get shinier (note that I did not use powder on that day), but not too much, so I am happy with the results. 
The colour does fade, but even after 7 hours, there still was some coverage. So the wear is quite nice as well. I just really love the fact that it feel so light throughout the day and feels like I'm not wearing any BB cream at all! >u<

There is a floral, powdery scent to it. Smells like most BB creams. It's not too strong, and I can't sense it once it's on my face. Nothing special here. :P

I am absolutely loving this BB cream at the moment! I'm actually using this more than my Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly now. >w< I'm really liking the sponge roller, and how it don't pull on my skin, and creates a very light but sufficient coverage. The coverage is light to medium, and I love it for summer right now. The oil control and wear is decent, especially when I didn't use powder over it. The only downside is that I need to clean the sponge often, and may need to replace it in the future.

  • Sponge does not pull on skin
  • Even coverage
  • Light and not sticky
  • Light to medium coverage, but also buildable
  • Decent oil control and wear
  • Contains SPF30/PA++
  • Easy and fun to use, like a face massage :D

  • Need to clean sponge often
  • May need to purchase sponge replacement in future

You can find this product on here, or on IamLove-shop on eBay here. :)

Have you tried a roller BB cream before?

I'm so glad I decided to try this, this has became one of my favourite BB creams at the moment! :D

Oh and if you haven't noticed, I have added some more navigation buttons on the sidebar (Makeup, Skincare, Hauls), which leads to the archive of the products I have reviewed! Creating the archive thumbnails was quite tedious, but it's totally worth it! Now you can easily find reviews visually. :D

Anyways, thank you so much for reading this review!
I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it.
And thanks again to IamLove-shop/ for this product. ^o^

I'll see you next post~


  1. Great review! I've always wanted to try this bb cream ad I've heard so many good thing about them! Hopefully, I can get my hands on it soon! This seems like a really good bb cream! Thanks for the review^.^

  2. Ya I think there's also a pan roller type too! I want to try that as well haha :D Hope you'll get to try it too ^^ Thanks for reading Nhi!

  3. I haven't tried the oller bb cream but I'm interested in the Holika Holika cushion bb cream! This looks like a really good bb cream but I probably won't but it (just yet) since I should use up my other ones first...

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  4. Oh I'm really interested in the cushion BB cream too! I'm really liking these sponge applicators recently. :D
    Same here! I still have a lot of BB creams that I need to use up before they expire! >.<

  5. I haven't tried anything with a roller. It's kind of cool. :P Been meaning to try a Holika Holika BB cream, too.

  6. Fräulein SchneeJune 29, 2013 at 4:28 AM

    Looks interesting to use a roller for application :D I bought from Iamlove-shops ebay page before, too. They have really reasonable prices :)

  7. I haven't tried holika holika products but his bb cream is in my list! The roller is something new for me X3 Great review!

  8. Oh, this looks really interesting! :'D I saw it in the Holika Holika store at PMall, and wanted to try it! c: What would you say the undertone for the bb cream is? o:

  9. Roller bb sounds good..but I'm too lazy to detached and wash the sponge :(

  10. The concept of a bb cream sponge roll on is quite interesting! The coverage looks nice and natural too :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Raimar ღ Guevara ღJune 30, 2013 at 1:52 PM

    Oh rweally interesting a BB Cream Roll.
    The only problem is the replacement the sponge.
    But looks like a nice product.

  12. You have to try some Holika Holika BB creams, I find them to be light, but has good coverage too! My favourites now are both from Holika, this one and the Aqua Petit Jelly. :D

  13. Me too! They just opened their online store too! I find the prices are even cheaper on there! :o Thanks for reading!

  14. Oh that's great please do try it, it's really nice to find BB creams that suits you! The roller is pretty interested too, and I'm really glad it works quite well :D

  15. Oh I saw it there too, but it was quite expensive, like most of their products. >.<
    I got the #23 shade, I would say this has a yellow undertone. It's really great on Asian skin, because the beige yellow really matches :D

  16. Haha! Me too, I'm usually very lazy about washing my brushes and sponges. =.=

  17. This is the first time I've seen a roll on BB cream, but I think it does work quite well! I love that it doesn't tug on the skin and creates a very even finish. :D Thanks for reading!

  18. I love this BB cream! Yes I find that to be the only problem too. It's too bad it didn't come with an extra sponge, but I hope I can buy it somewhere later on. :P
    Thanks for reading!

  19. Oh, that's perfect! >u< I was hoping this will be a beige-yellow undertone. *A* Definitely gonna keep an eye out for this. c: Thanks, Chee~

  20. hi i nominate you in Liebster Award in my blog <3

  21. omg that roller looks so good! I wanna try it! very nice!

  22. I've seen products like this before but not as BB creams! I love the idea of the roller.. I'd imagine it to be so fun to massage the face. Your using this on more than the Holika Holika now? I'm going to have try this one next!

  23. Ya it works great! you should try it out ^^

  24. It is pretty fun! And it not a difficult to use as I expected :D I really love how this roller gives a really even finish. This one is more oilier than the Aqua petit jelly, and it has a more dewy finish, so you might need more powder if your skin is of the oily type. :)

  25. looks nice, need to try it

  26. Thanks for the review chee :D I actually went straight to holika holika outlet to get one after reading your review ^_^ I got the old packaging because they were having sales!

  27. Yay! I hope it's working out for you Joyce! ^^