Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Review: Holika Holika Magic Fresh Mask Sheet

Hello~ ^^

Ah finally another review! :D I've got an exam coming up this Friday, a bit stressed out about that. >.<
So this review will be a simple sheet mask that I've used today!

I've been quite obsessed with sheet mask these days and I want to try out as many types as I can, so I saw this Holika Holika one and was quite intrigued with it's naturalistic packaging. It looked really refreshing, and I was hoping this would smell like mint too!
BTW this is not sponsored like my other Holika Holika reviews recently xD

Please read on to see my review and photos~
I love the colours and the picture on this packet, looks really relaxing!
This was easy to open as well, with both sides having a small cut. :P

Click to enlarge
This does have some English instructions and descriptions, that's always a plus. However I wish they would list the ingredients too.
It does say it contains Phytoncide liquid, which are compounds derived from plants that may improve health if breathed in (wiki). *_* 

On my face.

I left this on my face for about 30 minutes. 

The mask felt very soft (made with 100% cotton) cooling on my face, but I found some of the holes, such as the eyes, and mouth were a bit too big, and it could have been cut to a smaller size.
There wasn't too much or too little essence, and it wasn't drippy either. I was surprised that when I toke off this mask, my face wasn't sticky at all! Usually sheet masks would leave a sticky film behind, but this one just made my skin feel really smooth. :3

This mask is definitely moisturizing, as I can feel my skin feeling very soft. 
The mask was cooling, and definitely refreshing. I used this in the morning and it sure made my face look less puffy and woke me up too. :D

The scent is very artificial, I didn't like it at all! I don't even know how to describe it, but it smells a bit like plastic. D: I was really hoping this would smell minty or some kind of refreshing scent judging by the packaging. But it wasn't pleasant at all.

The mask xD

Overall , I would give this mask a 4/5, everything about this mask is great, and it does what it says (moisturizing, refreshing), except the scent is disappointing, and I didn't enjoy having to smell it for 30 minutes.

What are your favourite sheet masks?

Thanks for reading this review!
2 more days till the Etude House BB cream is over! Please check it out here if you haven't. Next post I'll be announcing the winner! So please stay tuned! :D

I'll see you in my next review!


  1. Tanya Tonéva IliévaJune 18, 2013 at 3:04 PM

    The packaging indeed looks very cute! I would like to try this mask.


  2. lol yes it`s quite cute! thanks for reading! :D

  3. It's a shame the smell wasn't great. =/ I do need a nice moisturizing mask though~ Thanks for the review! :'D

  4. Natural products can sometimes have unpleasant scent , thanks for your review!

  5. I love My beauty Diary masks! I`m still in the process of trying different masks, haven`t found any that I like as much as MBD ones.
    Thanks for reading Junjun :3

  6. I wouldn`t mind it if actually smells natural, but this actually smells artificial, like plastic! D: But maybe that`s the scent of the natural ingredients xD i don`t know :P
    Thanks for reading ^^

  7. This looks so cool and my fav one is from etude house in pearl or the innisfree that I reviewed^^

  8. Lovely review ! ^_^ might try it myself, :3 btw, I nominated you for VBA + Liebester award! ♥ ^___^ You can do the tag if you're interested :3


  9. I saw your review! :D I really want to try the Etude house ones too! I'm currently on a hunt for great sheet masks xD
    Thanks for reading Nhi!

  10. Thank you so much for the nominations Krystal! ^^
    I'll probably do the VBA sometime soon since I already did the Liebester xD
    thank you~ ^^

  11. Oh my gosh, me too! *A* I heard The Face Shop has some nice masks, but I haven't had the time to try them out yet. >u<

  12. I've tried the pomegranate and aloe masks from The Face Shop! they are alright, but very wet and the pomegranate one smells artificial like this mask! >.<

  13. wow i also really like the design of this mask sheet.. so natural looking, Chee ^^

  14. Fräulein SchneeJune 19, 2013 at 5:18 AM

    The design is really nice, but too bad the scent is so dissapointing...especially since you have to leave it on your face for so long..:(

  15. Haha.. the picture of the used mask at the end, looks kind of scary. I love masks like this that are drenched in serum. It's good it doesn't leave your face feeling sticky afterwards. Quite a few of the masks I have used always leave a strange film behind. Haven't tried any Holika Holika masks, so looking forward to picking this up!

  16. Cute packaging. x3 I should use masks more. I'm so lazy with skin care. >.>

    Good luck with your upcoming exam.~

  17. I love it too, it has a really nice calming effect. xD
    Thanks for reading Rini!

  18. But good thing my sense of smell adjusted to it after a bit. haha! Thank you Kim! :D

  19. Ya that's really important, I love good smelling masks, like the My Beauty Diary ones, they always smell really nice. :)
    Thanks for reading !

  20. Haha i know it looks angry! xD I think this is the first mask that I have used that doesn't leave stickiness. I'm really surprised! This is the first time I tried out a Holika Holika mask too, I have a few more other kinds that I'm going to try out and reviewing soon. :) Hope you'll like this too! Thanks for reading Carmen!

  21. But sheet masks are the epitome of of laziness, I just throw them on and get back to whatever I was just doing, that's why I love them! xD
    Thank you Bethany! I'll need it ^^;

  22. Haha, I feel like they'll fall off if I move too much. xD And I have to make sure to avoid my step-brother, etc, or they freak out. xD I have to admit, it's kind of freaky.