Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Review: Holika Holika Pig-nose Clear Blackhead 3-Step Kit

Hello lovelies! 
How are you all doing? :D
Summer is breezing by so quickly! My first semester of summer school is over in a week haha! Relieved to say it's going to be one of my GPA boosters. Woohoo! x)

Today I have another review from Holika Holika! This is another product that Holika Holika Canada has sent me a few weeks ago for review, thanks! 
So this is the 3-Step Kit is from the Pig-nose (cute name :D) Clear Blackhead line that Holika Holika has, all of these products deal with the problem of back heads (of course)! You can check out all the products here
I usually try not to use nose pore strips too often, as I've heard it can actually irritate and enlarge the pores. 0.0 But it's been a long time since I've last used one, and my nose has accumulated quite a bit of nasty bits, so it's time!

This 3-step kit contains 3 nose strips that:
1. Opens pores
2. Removes blackheads
3. Minimizes pores
Looks like an all inclusive kit that should do it's job thoroughly!

Anyways, please read on to see my full review and before and after pictures. ^^
Quite cute isn't it? :D
"This is a 3-steps kit perfect for pore control. The first step opens your pores which allow for removing blackheads easily.The second step removes blackheads.The third step to minimize pores."
-Holika Holika Canada website
"After cleansing, place step-1 on nose for 15-20 minutes.  Remove it slowly and wipe off any blackhead or impurities from pores."

The first step is a cotton nose mask that has a texture similar to a regular sheet mask.

It's quite wet, the serum dripped all over the place when I toke it out! When I placed it on my nose it's nice and soothing, and the scent is a pleasant floral, I like it! I actually had this on longer than it was intended just like I do with most sheet masks, but I don't think it's a problem.
Although I didn't feel anything while this was on my nose, it claims to open pores. I didn't visually see any difference after so only the next step can tell how well it worked!

"Wet nose with water and place step-2 on nose.  After 10-15 minutes and slowly remove it from the edge."

The second step is a regular nose pore strip. I've only previously used the one from Biore, it's quite similar in shape and texture to this Holika Holika one. The outside is felt-like, and inside is a type of clay? (not sure) 

Fits nicely on my big nose. :D
I also left this on longer than intended for it to completely dry.
It's always exciting to peel these strips off to see all the dirt and oils come off, instant results are very so satisfying. :]

Anyways, the next picture is of the peeled off strip. It's quite nasty, hope you're prepared. o.o

 Tada! ^^; I have so much oily dirty pores on my nose! D:
Surprised not too many blackheads in particular, but a lot of oil!
I must say this removed much more than the Biore one in my experience, it may be due to the pore opener in the previous step. The pores on my nose looked instantly smaller, I like. :D
Now time to close the pores!

"After step 1 & 2, place step-3 on nose.  Remove it after 10-15 minutes and gently tap it for better absorption."

The third and last step is a pore minimizing step, and the strip here has two layers: a felt layer on the outside and a gel layer on the inside.

This was also really wet and drippy! But I loved how cooling this feels though! It provides a nice relief after peeling off the second step. The scent is like citrus, but also a bit medicinal, not too bad. I think I left this on for 45 minutes! Don't know if that's too much, but it just felt really nice, and I wanted it to dry off.
Afterwards I didn't see a difference in the size of my pores, maybe it's too small of a difference for the naked eye, but it's been two days after I've used this and I would say my nose still looks like the after photo below. :D

Sorry the lighting is a bit different, then sun went down really quick haha.
But you can definitely see a difference here! In the before, it looked really dirty and bumpy,  =.= and the after is all clean and smooth. =w= 
Some are still slightly visible, but huge improvement! 
I love instant results like this! 
Please don't confuse my freckles and sun spots as blackheads! xD

I love this! It does what it claims to do and gets all the oil and dirt out, and a thorough job at that! The process was pretty fun to do too. I just hope the results would last long, it has been two days and it's still pretty much like the after photo. I wouldn't be using this too frequently though, maybe once a month. And recommend it if you want some instant, thorough blackhead/pore cleansing. :D

  • Unclogs pores and removes blackheads
  • 3 steps for thorough cleansing
  • Pleasant scents
  • Cooling 3rd step
  • Fun to use, and instant gratification :D
  • 1st and 3rd steps are a bit drippy

If you want to check out this product click here!

Thanks to Holika Holika Canada again for letting me try this. :)

Have you used pore strips before? How did you like them?

Ok! That's it for today's review, hope you've enjoyed it!
I have one more Holika Holika sponsored review to go, should be up soon!
Thank you for reading, and I'll see you next post. :D


  1. oohh, I've been interested in trying this, but wasn't sure if it'd be better then your average nose patch process. Seems like it works quite well!

  2. Ive been wanting to try this. Your nose looks so much cleaner in the after photo!

  3. Lauren renturquiseJune 11, 2013 at 3:08 AM

    omg this is the cutest nose pack lol and works great on you

  4. Omg chee you don't know how I wish to read a detailed review on this product since like forever! Haha particularly from someone/a blogger I know (so it'd be more reliable) haha I saw this
    Product months ago but I was hesitating if I should try if until I can see proof whether this product really works and this actually works! I saw noticeable difference on your before after nose and it plucked many whiteheads / oils from your pores which is really great :D I want to try it now haha thank you for the detailed review ^^

  5. super cute packaging and love the result !
    Too bad I can't use this, because I have an allergic :(

  6. Awesome! it works!


  7. Haha, those look so funny :D I tried similar things several times (in Japan they sold a lot of different ones) but they never worked on me.. But my skin is rather dry, not oily.

  8. Omg look how wonderful it looks ! Must try it! Thanks chee (;

  9. The packaging looks cute and seems like it really works pretty well. I'm just not sure but I think almost all nose pore strips works just the same, (better than those cream type removers that dries up on nose then have too peel it afterwards) I've been using a charcoal nose pore strip and it effectively removes blackheads. The 3 steps in here looks cool but it takes time before you finish all the steps. Thanks for this detailed review. :)

  10. The before and after has got me sold! :D Thanks for sharing this.~

  11. I wonder if I'd have the patience for all the steps. xD I could probably really use this. My pores on my nose are so bad. u.u

  12. oh wow! the before and after pic is amazing. it did a great job! excellent review.


  13. Oh wow, this looks pretty decent..I'm interested to try it out :) thank you for sharing

  14. Woah, this is probably the first nose strip I've seen that actually works! I've tried so many to no avail. Thanks for the review! :)

  15. Ohh interesting, but I thought clay masks minimizes pores? *_*
    I've tried with hot water before too with another pore strip and it made a huge difference in the amount of gunk it got out. Haha I was really surprised x)
    Thanks for reading Junjun!

  16. I know, I love immediate results like this xD
    Thanks for reading Louise!

  17. Haha pig nose, so creative and cute indeed >.<

  18. Thank you so much Misa! I really try to add in as much relevant information as I can to my reviews xD Glad you liked it! It definitely works that's for sure, but I was also curious as to how well it worked compared to others, especially with 3 steps it would seems like a hassle. But compared to the Biore nose pore strips I've used, this definitely removed much more, and right now, my pores still looks pretty clean. :D So I'm impressed! Hope you try it too^^ Thanks for the support ^^

  19. Lovely packaging as always ;D
    Oh that's too bad D: Are you allergic to all pore strips?

  20. Piggy nose xD
    Oh maybe you have very little blackhead and whiteheads then! That lucky! >.<
    Thanks for reading Lara!

  21. My nose feel so smooth now =w= haha
    You should try it :3
    Thanks Nhi!^^

  22. Ya that's what I thought before too. But I think the first step of this kit should loosen some pores at least, making the second step able to grab on to more gunk in the pores. :P
    Oh I've never tried a charcoal nose pore strip before, how does it work differently?
    It's definitely a bit of a hassle, this toke 1 and half hours D: I'm just glad it worked out in the end. Thanks for reading Monica ^^

  23. It's a big difference! I can feel it being smoother too :3
    Thanks for reading Amy!

  24. It toke me around 1 and half hours ;_; But I did other stuff while at it, I like multitasking xD
    My pores are pretty bad too, but I try not to use too much of these pore strips as it might make them bigger D:
    Thanks for reading Bethany!

  25. It certainly did! I'm loving the results :D
    Thanks Kim^^

  26. You should try it :D I found it fun to do too! Thanks for reading Miru!

  27. Oh then you should try this one! Maybe all these steps would actually work for you :D
    Thanks for reading ^^

  28. You should try the face shop charcoal, they work great too ! and save times, hehe ^^

  29. With Love, TiffanyJune 11, 2013 at 10:25 PM

    This looks like a really cool product, I want it now! haha the name sounds so cute :D the results in your before and after picture looks awesome. I usually don't bother getting pore minimizing products anymore because I haven't had any that worked that well but this actually looks promising :)

  30. I love this! :D You should try this then. It worked quite well on me. I've tried other pore minimizing products before too, but none cleared as much as this one :D

  31. This seems to be a very interesting concept! I'd love to try this. I like that this has a step that closes your pores. I tend to avoid pore strips since they leave my pores opened. But love the idea of this one!

  32. although three step might be a bit hasstle and tiring but as long as it works, I am so going to try it out =) thanks for sharing =)

  33. Me too! Before, when I used other types of nose pore strips I always had to dab on toner or cold water right after so it closes the pores. But I'm sure this works better! :D Thanks for reading Carmen :)

  34. It is quite a hassle of so many steps but I enjoyed it nonetheless! I can still multitask, so it didn't bother me much. :D Hope you'll like it too when you try it out Janet! Thanks for reading^^

  35. Wow, I'm impressed with this product. It looks like it made some difference! I have to try this sometime.

    I also tagged you in the colors of the rainbow tag! :3

  36. Wow, I guess I'll definitely have to try this then! Nice review! ^^


  37. Lianina Torres MeraAugust 10, 2013 at 11:32 PM

    wow! I've always have trouble with blackheads specially on my nose :( I want to try the Tony Moly Egg Pore Set but I changed my mind thanks to this wonderful review :P

  38. Your patience is worth it!~

    - ✦ L U N A ✦

  39. i was really confused on how to use the second strip i didn't get the same results as you did.