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Review: Holika Holika Fairy Water Pure Aqua Skin + Emulsion [Sponsored]

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Anyways, today I have the last product that Holika Holika Canada sent me to review! Finally after more than a month, I'm going to be reviewing this, quite late, but better than never. xP
This is a product that Holika Holika sent to me for review purposes, the review will always be my 100% honest opinion. :D

This two products are meant to be used together, and there's also a cream from this Pure Aqua set (not shown here). The Fairy Water  also comes in the Pure Fresh set, which is more suited for oilier skin types.

I'm currently using this in my morning routine for the past month. Please keep reading for the full review and pictures! :)
The bottle is plastic, at first I was disappointing that it wasn't glass, but when I was taking photos, I actually dropped one of the bottles on to a concrete floor from 2 meters high. O.O I thought it would break or crack for sure, but it didn't even have a scratch. phew :D

"A mild aqua skin/[emulsion] provides moisture and it made with Chamomile water and Daisy."
-Holika Holika Canada Website

First the Aqua Skin!
Sorry it's difficult to read the text on the bottle >.<
It says on the front "Hypo-allegenic skincare with 6 irritant-free formula for your delicate skin.
Magical fairy water makes your skin moist and revitalized"
Sounds magical right? :D

The Aqua Skin on my wrist and blended in.

This almost feels like a toner, but just a tad bit more viscous. On Holika Holika Canada's website, the directions says to pour it on to a cotton pad, and dab it on skin. I usually just pour some on my palm and use my fingers to spread it on my face. I find this way it doesn't waste any product, but it's mostly just personal preference.
 I love how this gets absorbed into my skin really quick, and does not leave any stickiness behind! It feels very moisturizing and quite refreshing too.

I have always used this with the Emulsion, and I use both in the morning, because how quickly it gets absorbed and it's non-stickiness. :D 
I have normal skin type, and I do feel this is great for my skin, as it's not too oily, but also moisturizes my skin quite well.

This is another aspect that I'm not too fond of. The scent is very strong, and quite artificial. It very sweet to the point that I wouldn't think it came from a natural source. It reminds me of some type of candy or lemonade, but I can't put a finger on it. 
The smell does linger after I apply it, but I am glad that it does fade over time.

Now onto the Aqua Emulsion!
The front says the same thing as Aqua Skin. The packaging is no different, except the product is opaque.

The Aqua Emulsion on my wrist and blended in.

I really like the texture of this Emulsion, like the name suggests, this emulsion feels very watery after blending it, and I can feel my skin easily absorbing it very quickly. It also does not leave any stickiness behind, which is a big plus for me in the mornings, since I never have enough time to get ready, let alone waiting for an emulsion to be absorbed/dried. xD

This feels at first cooling, which is nice. It also feels moisturizing, but most of the time I do apply moisturizer after this step. Although, sometimes when I'm in a hurry, I would skip moisturizer, and my skin would still feel hydrated. :) So I would say this works quite well hydrating my skin together with Aqua Skin.

It's the same as Aqua Skin, too strong and way too artificial. Although this one is just a bit muted, I still dislike it. And this one also stings my nose a bit. =.=

One of my biggest complaints about this product aside from the scent is the packaging, even though I liked that it didn't break from being dropped, but it's just so difficult to get product out. There's no pump, or dropper that'll help dispense the product, so all you can do it try to dump the it out, with the help of gravity. The Aqua Skin doesn't pose a big problem since it's very runny, but the Aqua Emulsion is a pain since it's much more viscous. If they didn't want to spend extra on the packaging, as least they could have made it so that the cap was bigger, which then could be stored upside-down. =3=

I think this is a great product in itself. It moisturizes my skin, without being sticky. It get absorbed quickly, and leaves a cooling feeling too. I think it'll work great for all skin types. The downsides are external factors, such as the unnecessarily strong scent and the packaging, sure it may look nice, but it's just so inconvenient to use.

  • Moisturizing
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Not sticky
  • Cooling sensation
  • Plastic bottle does not break easily
  • Scent is too strong and artificial
  • Packaging is inconvenient and bulky
Have you tried this product or want to?
Or used any product with inconvenient packaging? :P

I want to thank Holika Holika Canada again for sponsoring this review! ^^
If you are interested in these products, you can find them here and here.

Thank you for reading this post! 
I hope it was helpful or entertaining. :P
And I'll see you next post very soon!



  1. Packaging looks meh, but I've wanted to try these so badly! I did see that HH had a sale going on (buy 1, get 1 free) with these products, and was so tempted to go to pmall. xD I was too lazy, though.

  2. Sounds magical! Worth a try!

  3. This set looks very cool, especially because I have combination skin. Omg. I really want to try the emulsion. Thank you for the review! ~

  4. Congrats on your views! You deserve them, your blog is interesting and very well written :3
    I actually like the packaging for these, it looks so pretty! I can see why its inconvenient though.

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  5. Love your reviews, Chee! c: It's a shame that these products are really scented though, since I find that I'm extremely sensitive to scented things (fml). :c Thanks for the review, regardless! c:

  6. lovely review! I love the bottle *^*

  7. First off, congrats on reaching 100K page views and having 300 readers! I really love coming to your blog and reading your reviews. There are of course tons of blogs out there basically doing the same thing, reviewing products...but I love your humbleness and how you write your reviews.

    As for Holika Holika, I had really high hopes for their product but I'm finding them kind of..."meh"? XD Couldn't find the appropriate word so I guess sound would suffice. I've been so disappointed with their products. I don't really like strongly scented products either, unless it's for my hair hehe. Anyway, thanks for another informative review, Chee!

  8. congrats for your achievement, chee ^^
    i always love holika holika packaging, especially this one with the pink colour :D

  9. congratulations on your achievements :D
    I would love to try the emulsion, it sound like an awesome product.

  10. Fräulein SchneeJuly 8, 2013 at 5:14 AM

    Congrats Chee ♥
    I just tried one Holika Holika product until now and I'm always curious about reviews on their products. So thanks for this one.

  11. I love the witchy but cute type packaging they have. Hehe. I wonder how the one for oily skin performs.

  12. Congratulations!
    "Skin" in a lot of Asian skincare basically means toner a lot of the time (hence why it might have reminded you of toner. ;D) but they prefer it a littler more viscous than western ones. Yeah I have had trouble with that kind of packaging before. It's so annoying when you're at the end and you have to shake the bottle a lot before you get any product out.


  13. Ooh, magic fairy water! How intriguing!
    The packaging is adorable, and they both look really gentle for the skin.Shame about the scent and difficult packaging >_<
    Also, congrats on reaching 100k views and 300 readers!

  14. 1+1 seems like a really good deal. I know what you mean about going to pmall, it's pretty far from me, and I'm too lazy to go too. xD You should try this though, aside from the inconvenient packaging, I think it works very well to moisturize the skin. :)

  15. I love Holika's magical theme :D

  16. I think this would work great for combination skin, it's not oily or sticky at all! :D
    Try it if you got the chance Nhi! Thanks for reading ^^

  17. OH thank you so much Sapphire! It means a lot, and I usually feel like I have a hard time articulating my ideas clearly, and ends up using repetitive phrases. So I'm very happy that you think my posts are well written! ;u;
    I think it's pretty too on my desk. :D Thanks for reading!

  18. Aw thanks Junjun! :>
    I find most Asian products are heavily scented, and they are a hit or miss, but this one is definitely a miss for me, it's way to artificial. But I can live with it hehe
    Thanks for reading!

  19. Thanks Rori :)
    Pretty bottle but inconvenient! :P

  20. Oh thank you so much for the kind words Angela! I'm really glad you like how I write my reviews, sometimes I struggle with the wording and may sound repetitive. xP
    Yes, there's a lot of blogs blogging about product reviews, but I think with so many products out there, and the diversity of individuals using them, it's always good to have a selection of opinions on these products so it won't just bias one skin type, skin tone etc. :)

    I know what you mean. I really like Holika Holika and their product design, and theme. But the overall quality is a hit or miss. But I do love their BB creams!
    Thanks for reading and commenting! :)

  21. Thank you Rini! Yes I love the magical theme of Holika Holika, this one is no exception ^^ thanks for reading!

  22. Thanks Monica! All thanks to my lovely readers like you. ^^
    The emulsion is really nice, not sticky at all like some other Emulsions I've tried. :P

  23. Thank you Fraulein Schee for reading and commenting on my posts. <3
    I love Holika Holika for their product design, and their BB creams are quite nice too! :)

  24. I actually had the Pure Aqua Emulsion. I bought it just before Holika Holika sent me this, so I ended up giving it to a friend. xD
    She has oily skin, and I asked her and she said "I totally agree with your review on it, like all the pros and cons" haha so I guess it works pretty much the same as this one. :D
    Thanks for reading Bethany! :3

  25. Thank you Marcelle!
    I see I see! I did not know that, I guess I have much to learn haha! Thanks for informing me! :3
    Ya, I can't imagine how long it's going to take me to shake the product out in the end. I wish they would include a pump or something. >.<

  26. Haha I love the name of this product, it does feel very gentle on my skin, but too bad the scent is not that "magical". xD
    Thank you Tulip for reading and commenting on my posts. :)

  27. With Love, TiffanyJuly 9, 2013 at 2:56 AM

    What a cool and cute concept! haha the name already got my attention but thanks for going more into detail about this product! it's a shame about the smell though, I would've expected it to smell floral-ish or something along those lines. And congrats on reaching 300 followers and 100k views, keep up with the awesome reviews, I always look forward to them :D

  28. The packaging and the product name is really cute >u< Honestly, I like the sweet scent you're mentioning :o This product sounds really nice and good for the summer hehe :D

    Also, congratz on your 100k views and 300 readers! It's awesome how many readers and views you got! I'm always wondering how you guy can buy so many beauty products. you have to have a whole shelf full of beauty products haha

  29. Raimar ღ Guevara ღJuly 9, 2013 at 10:35 PM

    Oh looks like a nice product and well the package not is lovely but is like a normal package xD

    Looks really nice thanks for your review, btw...

    I want invite you to Join to my Etude House Giveaway!

  30. Congratulations!

    Would you want to follow each other on GFC and bloglovin?

    Check out my blog and let me know!

  31. I was really attracted by the name too, sounds so magical. :D The smell is way too sweet, and artificial, I don't know why they made it so strong smelling. -.-
    Thank you so much Tiffany for your support! I'm so glad you look forward to my reviews ! ^__^

  32. Ya it is so cute~! Haha it's really strong though!
    I really can't believe it too! I'm so grateful, and it's just so fun maintaining a blog. :D Thanks to lovely readers like you Mindy! ^^

    I actually don't have much, just a couple of boxes. lol And I do have some sponsors, so it helps :)

  33. I've seem a lot of emulsions packaged like this, I really don't know why, because it's so hard to get the product out! >.< But ya the product itself is great! :D
    I joined your giveaway! ^^