Sunday, July 28, 2013

Review: Holika Holika Lip Rescue Trio Scrub

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Hope you are all doing fine on this Sunday afternoon!

Today I'm going to be reviewing a lip scrub from Holika Holika! I was hesitant to purchase this product at first from the Holika Holika near where I lived, because it was quite expensive for a small tub of scrub, but I just couldn't leave empty handed. D:

This lip scrub is part of a set of lip care products called the Lip Rescue Trio, which include a moisture lip balm, an essence lip exfoliator, and this lip scrub. I only got the scrub, since I'm curious on how well this would work, as I have never used a lip scrub before!

If you are interested please read on for the full review and photos~ :D
The packaging is quite cute as it depicts some characters vacuuming, mopping and dusting a lip. xD

I should be able to finish this in two and a half years. o.o
There's not much to this packaging, there's no instructions or ingredients, but I did find descriptions online here. But it shouldn't be too hard to figure out how to use this anyways. xD

The jar looks like it's made from glass, but it's actually plastic. It also comes with a lid inside.

The scrub, it's grainy, I'm guessing it's a type of sugar scrub, but I couldn't find the ingredients for this, sorry!  =.=

Tried to get a close up, but it pretty much looks like sugar granules stuck together with some sticky substance. o.o

Before and after using the scrub.

Texture and Application
Since I have never used a lip scrub before this will be purely based on my impression to this product. :P
Anyways, this scrub is of course grainy and mostly likely is made from sugar, and it has larger particles and smaller ones too combined together with some sticky substance. When used, it is quite sticky and clumpy, and often it's hard to spread the scrub over my lips, and it'll become clumped on some parts. But after spreading it a bit, the granules becomes separated and it's easier to manipulate. The scrub do feel quite harsh, but it's probably what it's supposed to feel like lol. I use this after I've washed my face, and rub this on for about a minute or so, and rinse it off with water.

To be honest, my lips were not that cracked or flaky, but I just wanted to see it'll make my lips better. :D
As you can see from the before and after, there's not that much difference visually from the photos, except some dead skin from the corner of my lips. I do feel my lips get softer, and smoother, and maybe removed some dead skin, but the difference was not that great. It also left a slight waxy feel to my lips that I'm not too fond of, and it's hard to wash off the feeling too. I would see myself using this much more maybe during the winter, when my lips are chapped. But now, I don't feel like I have the need to use this as much.

The description of this says it has a strawberry scent, and it is sweet like strawberries, but it's also very plastic and artificial.

I don't feel like this scrub is worth the amount I paid for. It does make my lips smoother, but I really didn't like the scent or the waxy feeling of it. But if you have chapped lips, this might have more effect for you! Also there's lot's of ways of making a homemade scrub too, with natural ingredients, and for much cheaper! :D

  • Cute packaging
  • Smooths lips
  • Removes dead skin

  • Leaves waxy feeling
  • Artificial scent
  • Clumpy
  • Expensive

Have you tried any lip scrubs or made your own?

Thanks for reading this review, hope it was helpful in some way. :D

See you next post! ^^


  1. Eeee... I absolutely hate waxy feelings on my lips! I actually haven't tried an actual lip scrub - I've tried home remedies, that's all. xD They've worked okay, but I'd love to actually buy one at a store one day! I don't think it'll be this one, though. xD
    Thanks for the honest review (as usual), Chee!

  2. Ohh what kinds of home remedies have you been using? :D I don't really recommend this either, I'm kinda regretting this purchase since home remedies probably work just as well or even better. xD
    Thanks for reading and commenting as always June ^^

  3. I currently use the Bubblegum lip scrub by Lush & its' amazing. Best part about it, is that you're able to lick the scrub off your lips once you're done scrubbing if you choose to. It's quite amazing IMO. & it doesn't leave a waxy feeling after! :D

  4. I was wondering if i should get a lip scrub.. i think i'll make my own! x.x

  5. I hate the waxy feeling from lip scrubs >__<, it's just so uncomfortable.

    Fresh has a pretty good lip scrub :D, but it's also expensive so it's not necessarily worth it when you can just make it in your kitchen (brown sugar, honey, and some olive oil)

  6. Aww I thought lip scrubs would feel good haha I've never tried scrubbing my dry cracked lips before but I would like to! Thank you for the review I think I will try to get it :D

  7. visiting here with a smilee~ =)

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary)

  8. aww~ i got excited when I saw you were reviewing a lip scrub but it doesnt look like its that good. Like id probably get about the same results rubbing sugar and etc as a scrub. T__T I have super dry lips so im looking for one. but honestly my lips are just not healable LOL. as soon as i find a super awesome lip balm that actually works for me, my lips get used to it after like 3 weeks, and the lip balm is useless after T___T i dont know why im pouring my troubles out on u. i just talk a lot i think lol anyways thanks for the review~ XD

  9. r u serious u can eat it after?!?!? lmao im totally googling this lip scrub now! XD


    if you scrub it on your lips and then u lick it after, wouldnt that mean you'd be eating your own dead lip skin?!?!

  11. the illustration on the packaging is so cute XD
    well it looks just like sugar :O
    too bad that it doesn't work so well, I guess I will just repurchase Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub, really love it ^^

  12. Technically, yes, but you do not have to lick the scrub off. The Lush lip scrub is made of natural ingredients, so it's not harmful to "eat", so to speak. Granted my lips aren't extremely dry & cracked, I do choose to lick the remaining scrub off. It tastes pretty good to be honest with you. :)

  13. haha i suppose so. if your lips arent chapped then theres no harm done really. i wouldnt do it with mine bc they're chapped almost all the time T___T lol

  14. Fräulein SchneeJuly 29, 2013 at 4:23 AM

    I like the image on the lid of the jar. Nevertheless I never bought a lip scrub. I'm always thinking of doing one by myself, but then again I'm to lazy XD

  15. I just use a CLEAN (!) small toothbrush when I scrub my lips :'D It's cheap and soft. I think I don't even need lip scrubbing except during the cold winter. Finland has extreme winter T^T

  16. what a bummer. i saw this scrub and had high hopes for it. lol like you, i don't see much of a difference. thanks for this review. i always tell readers to appreciate beauty bloggers because their reviews can save you money.

  17. I wonder whether it'd work for me. My lips seriously need something like this, they're perpetually chapped. I should try another homemade one, though, since it'll leave me with more money for other products I'm lusting after. Haha.

  18. I've never tried lip scrubs. tbh I'm a bit afraid to use them because I always thought they would damage my lips when they're cracked :o The difference is small but you can see that your lips got a bit lighter :D You're so lucky to have a holika holika near you >u< :3

  19. Raimar ღ Guevara ღJuly 29, 2013 at 8:24 PM

    I prefer make my own scrub with honey, sugar + vaseline. Is erfect easy quickly and inexpensive too. :D Thanks for your review sweetie Holika Holika is a nice brand.

  20. I loke the Lush Scrubs they smell and taste delicous too

    Carrieanne x

  21. Eeeep I'm not really liking the sound of this lip scrub. However I do enjoy using lip scrubs from Lush :)

    Louise | Vanity Corner

  22. I very like scrubs ;)

    I follow you beautiful blog. I hope you will follow me back and I will wait for you in my blog

  23. Wow I've been reading the comments and it seems like everyone is recommending Lush lip scrubs! And the fact that it's edible oh my! *_* I gotta get myself one of those! :D
    Thanks for reading Ashley!

  24. There's a lot of tutorials online on how to make a home made lip scrub! I think being able to control the ingredients its great! :D
    Thanks for reading Raquel!

  25. Ya the waxy feeling is very uncomfortable, and the fact that I can't the ingredients makes me wonder what is in this scrub. =/
    I agree homemade one's are the best! You get to know exactly what goes in there, and for so much less! :D
    Thanks for reading Jo!

  26. I usually never exfoliate my lips or face, but I find it makes a huge difference, I feel like I have new skin after I scrub my face haha. But this scrub is not that great, so I wouldn't recommend it! ><
    Thanks for reading Misa!!

  27. LOL ya it's probably going to have the same result xD
    Oh that really sucks! Maybe you should try to have multiple lip balms at once and use them in rotation so your lips don't get use to it? I don't know if will work haha! No worries, it's nice to have some conversation going. :D
    Thanks for reading and commenting as always Aria :D

  28. Oh I heard Tony Moly has some nice skin products, and scrubs. I'll try that out some time! Thanks for reading Rini!

  29. The image is pretty cute right? :D
    LOL same here, I love home made stuff, but just too lazy to ever try it out myself. xP

  30. Nice idea! I actually never thought a small brush can do the trick too. :D
    Canada has some extreme weather too D: But maybe not as much as Finland haha
    Thanks for reading Jenna!

  31. Haha that's true! But most of the time I find myself raving about a product so I'm not sure if I'll actually save people's money! xD
    Thanks for reading as always Kim!

  32. Overall I don't think I recommend this product, expensive and waxy. D:
    I think homemade ones can be just as good or better. Also I see a lot of people commenting that Lush scrubs are pretty good, never tried them myself, but maybe it's worth a try! :D

  33. After I used this my lips were kind of numb, I think I scrubbed too hard, so it's best to use a very gentle motion, especially on cracked lips!
    It's not that near, since it takes me about an hour to get there t.t
    Thanks for reading Mindy!

  34. wow so simple~! I need to try that, since I have all the ingredients ^^
    Thanks for the suggesting ^^

  35. Ohh I need to try those sometime :D
    Thanks for reading!

  36. Now I have to try Lush lip scrubs! :'D heard they were edible too haha
    Thanks for reading Louise!

  37. i dooo~ lol i have a billion just plain lip balms but switching doesnt seem to help. my lips memorizes them T^T lol the only times it works is like when i use a really good lip balm and stop using it for a long time and re-use it again. then my lips have already forgotten about the product and it has a short period of good effects T___T

    and not a problem! i love your posts! XD

  38. Oh thanks you for foing such great posts and reviews!! Do you know any recipe for lip scrub with honey? :x

  39. Hmm~ this scrub does look cute but not to my liking~ Definitely try out the lush lip scrubs if you have the time too!!

    -Miss Sennnaa

  40. That must be really annoying! >.<
    Have you tried Nivea lip butters? I've heard a lot of positive reviews on them! And personally I haven't tried it yet, but I have been using a Nivea lipbalm and I absolutely love it! :D

  41. Yes I'll definitely be checking out a Lush lip scrub next time I visit their store. :'D
    Thanks for reading Sennnaa!

  42. i dont think so. i have tried to lipbalm tho... like a while back. i dont remember anything super positive about it so it was probably just meh~ lol

  43. Yeah... I use another clean and dry small toothbrush for eyebrows. I mean to get all the dead skin cells away and stuff. Since I can't use facial scrub for area around the eyes right?

    Another good hint I use sometimes is again small but this time wet toothbrush with a little amount of toothpaste in it. Use it to get rid of blackheads. It stings and dries a lot but I think it's pretty good if you have nothing else to use ^^

  44. Check out the kiss kiss lip scrub from Tony Moly:) It's pretty effective and it spreads very well because it's cream based with granule in it:)

  45. i just wanna say that i like your style and it reflects on the products that you buy. i noticed that most of them have cute packaging like you photo background ^^

  46. Ohh cream based sounds very interesting! I'll try it our after I finish this. xD
    Thanks for the recommendation!

  47. Thank you Shayne, I do like cute stuff haha!
    And this background is lid of a box! xD But I really love the design ^^

  48. i just got this today and i gotta say i totally agree with you!