Thursday, July 18, 2013

Review: Holika Holika Tea Cafe Sweet Milk Tea Mask Sheet

Hello Lovelies!

It's time for another mask review! :D 
I think I'll do a sheet mask review every two reviews now, since I've been going through them really quick. And I want to review all of them. *w*

I recently got some of the new sheet masks from Holika Holika's Tea Cafe line. I just love the packaging, it's so adorable with the hounds-tooth pattern! I only got the Lemon Tea and Sweet Milk Tea types, but there's other ones such as Black Tea, Apple Mint Tea, Rosy Peach Tea and lot's more

I was really excited to try this out, and I used the Milk Tea one first, so if you are interested in this mask please keep reading for the review and photos~ :D

"The moisturizing and nourishing honey and milk protein makes the skin look radiant and luminous"

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The instructions are pretty straight forward. 
The ingredients does contain alcohol and that seems drying, but I do not feel like it was drying at all.
It also contains extracts from honey, leaf, milk protein, Artemisia Vulgaris, Arnica Montana flower, Gentiana Lutea Root, and Achiliea Milefolium. The last four I have never hear of. o.o
 But according to lovely reader Apple, these ingredients have great effects for the skin!
"The ingredients are herbs used by tribes for different ailments like the artemesia vulgaris, which is known to have flavanoids on its chemical content according to studies. flavanoids have an antioxidant effect that can preserve cells and prevent oxidative stress. also, the arnica montana has its anti inflammatory effects that reduces inflammation (pain, redness). achillea millefolium contains salicylic acid which is the main ingredient to treat acne and other skin related conditions."
-Apple (

Thanks for the info!

The sheet mask straight from the package. It doesn't have a plastic sheet that most sheet mask do, so it can be a bit more difficult to separate the mask.

On my face, as you can see the fit is not that great, lot's of extra folds that just doesn't want to flatten.

Similar to that last Holika Holika mask I've reviewed, the mask's material feels very thick, this means it is of good quality and they did not skim on the material, however it is just a bit too thick that it does not flatten out on my face at all, even with my constant effort trying to do so! I think another reason for this is that there's not enough serum so the mask is not wet enough. I usually like when a mask is not dripping in serum, but this one has too little and dries really quickly. After around 20 minutes my upper lip area would be completely dry already. Around 30 minutes the mask would start to fall off of my face because it was so dry. The size of the mask is perfect for my face, and the size of the holes are cut to a decent size, not too big or small.

I had this on for a total of about 30 minutes, and after taking this off, I felt surprisingly awake, or more so the puffiness of my face is mostly gone, I really like that. I also saw a slight brightening effect, which was claimed to do on the packaging. Even though this contains alcohol, my skin still felt moisturized, which I have experienced from almost all of the sheet masks I have used. Also like the Holika Holika Fresh Mask, this one was not sticky either! I did not feel the need to wash my face afterwards. :D
I was hoping the scent would be like milk tea, but sadly it's an artificial sweet, and milky scent which I did not find pleasant.


Overall, I liked this mask for the effects, but the poor fitting, the wrinkles especially, the lack of serum, and the scent kind of toke away from the overall experience of relaxing with a sheet mask. But I liked it in the end, and can't wait to try out the Lemon tea one! :D

Have you tried this or any other Holika Holika masks before?

That's it for this mask review, thanks for reading! ^^
See you next post!


  1. Ooo, I saw this in the Holikaholika store the other day! Was planning on getting it, but I just couldn't justify the price ($2 for a sheet!). I guess I'll give this one a go though, hehe. Thanks, Chee! <3

  2. This seems like a nice product! I'm so obsess with sheet masks lately, I really want to try more, especially from korean brands, like the face shop, tonly moly ^^ Thanks for the review! Great job♥

  3. hello chee! =)

    i also love the packaging its just smooth and cute! =) the ingredients are herbs used by tribes for different ailments like the artemesia vulgaris, which is known to have flavanoids on its chemical content according to studies. flavanoids have an antioxidant effect that can preserve cells and prevent oxidative stress. also, the arnica montana has its anti inflammatory effects that reduces inflammation (pain, redness). achillea millefolium contains salicylic acid which is the main ingredient to treat acne and other skin related conditions. =)

    korean manufacturers are very resourceful upon using herbs on their skincare products. that's why i also love korean skincare products, not just because they are organic but also, they are true to what they state in their labels and of course, the undying cute packaging! =)


  4. this is the cutest packaging from mask sheet that i have ever seen >.<
    i have ordered them and still wait for them to arrive at my house XD
    i woulnd't mind if it is just so so product since the packaging is so cute :p
    thanks for the review, chee ^^

  5. Fräulein SchneeJuly 19, 2013 at 3:29 AM

    I love the packaging. It seems this mask works nicely, too . Thanks for reviewing!

  6. I have been wanting to try these masks. :) I thought the scent would be very good, but sadly it isn't. The cute packaging does make up for it.

  7. I haven't tried Holika Holika masks. I love the cute packaging. I love that it's not sticky. HAHAHA The one's i've tried so far have been. But it still sounds like it works. Excellent review.

  8. I have yet to try Holika Holiks masks as I kinda hoarded a bunch to Tony Moly masks. XD Everytime I put on a mask, I feel happy and pampered!

  9. I'm not a huge fan of the sheet masks, they never seem to fold down evenly :(
    Cute packaging though!

    ♥ Little Owl Diary | Cute Clothing Giveaway

  10. I got this for around $2 per sheet too! I think it's just a bit cheaper online. But it's really hard to justify something that I'm only going to use once. Especially compared to MBD masks. x) Thanks for reading June! :)

  11. hehe me too!! I really want to try some from Tony Moly since I never tried any from them before! I have for reviews on sheet masks very soon! ^^ Thanks for reading Nhi!

  12. Wow you sure know your stuff Apple! This is so interesting I had no idea what these ingredients were until now. ^^;
    Thank you so much for informing me, and some other readers. May I use this info on this post? I'll link back to you. :)
    I really love Korean skin care products, now I Iove them even more! :D
    Thanks Apple ^^

  13. Haha me too, Cute packaging really lures me into buying stuff. x)
    Ohh which one's did you get? I really want to try the rose one too. *_*
    Thanks for reading Rini!

  14. I know!! Super cute packaging! >.< Thanks for reading!!

  15. I thought the scent would be great too, just like the tea itself. But sadly it's quite artificial. =/ The overall effect is pretty nice though. :)
    Thanks for reading Michelle!

  16. All the masks I've tried has stickiness afterwards except the Holika Holika one's I've tried! It's really nice that I don't need to go wash my face again after a mask. :P
    Thanks for reading Kim. :)

  17. Ohh I really want to try some Tony Moly masks, never tried any before but I heard they were pretty good! I feel the same, it feel like I'm treating my face to something nice. ^^
    Thanks for reading May!

  18. Oh that's a huge problem with this particular mask too. =/
    The My Beauty Diary masks always seems to fold down nicely for me though, maybe you'll like it? n.n
    Thanks for reading Sapphire!

  19. Something about holika holika face masks just never appealed to me. I have never felt the urge to try any of them either. while I'm a huge fan of the Aqua Fantasy Moisturizer, I just don't feel that Holika Holika really caters to the skincare market as well as its competitors. When I go into Tony Moly and The Face Shop, i'm drawn to their wall of face masks!

  20. sure chee, it is really great to know how these products work for your skin. =) so everyone will know how good or bad an item is and be more knowledgeable on their next shopping for cosmetics. =)

  21. at least the packaging is quite cute chee XD but yeah me and sheet masks don't go well together :( but the effects seem pretty good :D thank you for the review chee ^^

  22. Sweet, Milk, Tea, Honey... they're all my favorite key words!
    all together? Heaven.

    I'm so pleased that you've been reviewing all the stuff I've been eyeing on!:)
    following your blog for sure:)

    P.S Please feel free to check out my blog at

  23. The packaging is super cute tho :O
    And I love how you do so many mask reviews. They're my fave part of beauty routines. Something about slapping that sheet mask on and taking it easy :3 Makes me feel like a total princess. ^^ Keep them coming!

  24. I never tried the Aqua Fantasy Moisturizer, but I understand what you mean! Some how, maybe because of their packaging and their 'magical' theme their skincare products doesn't feel as naturally derived as some other brands. I really love Skin Food, Tony Moly and The Face Shop, I can't wait to try some of their masks too! :D
    Thanks for reading Jenny!

  25. Why doesn't sheet masks work for you? >.<
    Yes yes, cute packaging will always be my weak spot. xD
    Thanks for reading Misa! ^^

  26. Haha I know what you mean, they sounds so delicious together too right? xD
    I'm really glad I'm reviewing products you like, hopefully it'll be helpful! ^^
    And thank you so much for following!

  27. Huhu they are my favourite part too! Especially when the mask smells good, it's just so calming and relaxing knowing I can just sit back and let my skin soak in the nutritious goodness. n.n Makes me feel like a princess too! :D
    I'll definitely have more mask reviews coming up, please stay tuned. ^^
    Thanks for reading Aria!

  28. Ahh love it~
    Thank you so much for following Chee:D

  29. Raimar ღ Guevara ღJuly 21, 2013 at 5:09 PM

    I never tried any mask from Holika Holika but looks really pretty sweetie!
    Many thanks for your review!

  30. I really love the cute packing of this line of masks from Holika Holika, so adorable! You should try some sometime! ^^
    Thanks for reading!

  31. Oh I got this in a 10+10 deal with the Green Tea pack! I had the same gripe about the scent too. Hopefully Green Tea will smell better. Looking forward to your other reviews since I do love the packaging on these. *-*

  32. ohh the green tea sounds so good! *_* It would be nice if you can do a review on the masks too! :D Thanks for reading Penelope!

  33. Really? I love love holika holika masks, and they fit perfectly on my face o . o

  34. May I know why did they stop manufacturing this product anymore;-;