Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Review: My Beauty Diary Caviar Mask

Hello lovelies! :D
How are you all?

Today I have another sheet mask review! I've got a lot of sheet masks recently and I'm trying out them one by one.  I gotta say My Beauty Diary masks are still one of my favourites. *_*

The one I'm going to review today is the Caviar mask.  I've bought the 10 masks box and have almost used all of it,  and gave my mom a couple to try as well.  Although I have heard of Caviar having some sort of benefit for the skin, I've looked it up to find some articles questioning the effectiveness of these "luxury" foods, such as: caviar, truffles, gold etc. on the skin.
But I somehow I doubt if this mask even contain any, since it was so cheap. :P

Anyways if you are interested please read on for the full review and photos.~

The packaging, pretty standard for a MBD mask, but I find the little spoons and caviar so cute. :3

The colour of the packet was so hard to take picture of, it's so shiny and grey. xP

Here's a close up of the ingredients.

The box.

I can read about half of what it says on here, vaguely. xP

The mask right out of the packet, folded nicely.
Not drippy or anything, but really wet.

On my face! :D As you can see it fits pretty well, except my nose. =.=;
But otherwise, it can easily be folded over on itself.

Like all MBD masks I've used, the mask material is very soft and gentle. I believe it is made from cotton. The mask is also cut in on the sides of the chin so it can be folded over for a better fit. It does fold over it self very easily. I find the cutouts and fitting of MBD masks to be alright, but the space between nose and lip is a bit too big for me. The quality is OK, but it did rip a bit when I was taking it off (bottom photo).
There is a lot of serum on the mask, soaked thoroughly, but not drippy. However, here's always some serum running down my neck after I've applied it on my face, but I just rub it in. :P
I always leave sheet masks on until they are pretty much dried, which would  be about 45 minutes to an hour. I don't know if it has any negative effects if I leave it on for too long, so please to follow the instructions given on the mask, and not what I do. ^^;

I find a lot of the MBD masks having similar effects; such as moisturizes, smoothes, and brightens. This one was no exception. It claims to moisturize, brightens, lifts, and firms. Although I do feel the effects of the former two, the latter two wasn't as prominent. Or maybe my skin is not so saggy yet. :P
But in general, I find MBD masks to have very nice brightening and moisturizing effects, and I really like them for that reason. 
After taking this off, my face was sticky, but instead of washing it off this time, I left it on until everything was absorbed. which toke another 30 minutes or so. I do wish it was less sticky.
The scent was a pleasant floral similar to many of the other MBD masks, not too strong, just right in my opinion. :D


Overall, I would give this mask a 4.5/5, only because it was sticky. Otherwise I have no complaints. It's affordable, does what it claims, smells nice, and the masks material is super soft too. =w=

Have you tried My Beauty Diary masks before? 
What are your favourite types?

Okay! Thanks for reading this post :D
Please to share your experiences with sheet masks, and whatever you have in mind. ^^
Have a nice day, and I'll see you next post~


  1. I love My Beauty Diary Mask! hihi :3 However, I often find a lot of masks are big for my little face, so im still looking for one that would fit nicely! thank you for this great review!

  2. I love them too! Do you have a favourite type? :D

    I find small faces really cute, a lot of people want smaller faces! Consider yourself lucky.^^ Thanks for reading Nhi!

  3. Fräulein SchneeJuly 10, 2013 at 3:54 AM

    I leave on masks for longer than written, too. I don't think it has negative effects...and also the skin gets time to absorb as much as it os capable of. :)

  4. My beauty diary masks are really nice <3 I love the whitening masks! :3 I honestly like asian cosmetic brands a lot more than those you can get in the us or europe but it's so hard to get them in your hands >< Anyways, nice review and keep blogging huehue :D

  5. I love MBD masks! :'D I really like the black pearl one and the bird's nest one (I haven't tried many of them though)~ c:

  6. I guess it doesn't hurt to leave it on for long time. :P
    But they should say leave it on till dry on the package too. xD
    Thanks for reading!

  7. Oh me too! I love whitening and brightening masks! Yes that's true and it's so much more expensive too, when buying from online, I wish I can go to Korea to buy all these. :D
    Thanks so much Mindy!

  8. Oh I love the black pearl one too, it really brightens! The bird's nest one sounds interesting. All these fancy expensive ingredients makes me wonder if the masks actually contains any. xD

  9. MBD is my HG. <3 <3 :) I haven't tried this one yet! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Amazing review! And great mask:)

  11. When I heard caviar mask, I thought it's really with caviar!

    Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin and GFC? Let me know!

  12. Yes me too!! I really haven't found one that I liked better! x)
    This one is pretty nice, doesn't smell fishy at all! xD
    Do try it sometime. Thanks for reading Amy!

  13. Thanks for reading glad you liked it! :D

  14. Haha I don't know if they actually included real caviar. xD

    Ilike your blog followed :D

  15. I haven't tried that brand before. I've only tried Skin Food. It sounds like it did a really nice job. What really caught my attention was the word caviar. They're probably referring to how well it works in comparison to other masks and not the use of caviar. HAHAHA Great review!

  16. My Beauty Diary is a pretty popular Taiwanese brand, their masks are pretty good, you should try some Kim! Yes that's what I thought too, no way they would have real caviar! xD
    Thanks for reading :D

  17. Raimar ღ Guevara ღJuly 15, 2013 at 9:16 PM

    I tried diary mask before.
    But I prefer use just a mask per week.
    Thanks foryour review this mask looks really interesting!

  18. Can never go wrong with the packaging!! Great review ^_^

  19. I usually just use one a week too, but it's really tempting to use more when I'm bored xD
    Thanks for reading !!

  20. Hehe quite cute isn't it? ^^
    Thanks for reading!

  21. I love my beauty diary masks! my fav is the bird's nest one ^^

  22. Ohh I heard a lot of people liking the bird's nest one! I gotta try that sometime too! n.n
    Thanks for reading Ally. :]

  23. its all written in chinese so how long do we have 2 keep it