Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Review: OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum [Sponsored]

Hello hello Lovelies! 

Finally I'll be reviewing the famous O.S.T Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum! I received this more than a month ago from WISHTrend and have been using it every night. :D
And I'm pretty sure most of you know about WISHTrend, but if you don't here is my introduction post.
Many beauty bloggers have already reviewed this, and I'm quite late, like always. ^^; So I was really excited to see my results with this serum too!

This OST serum contains Vitamin-C at 20%! And Vitamin-C for the skin has many positive effects, listed on WISHTrend.com, they are whitening, recovering trouble scars, and reducing blackhead. These are very common skin problems that occur in almost everyone, me included. My nose has some blackheads and they are quite stubborn, and lots of sebum. I am also hoping this may fade some of my freckles, if possible. OuO I was really looking forward to the whitening aspect, because I'm quite tan now. xD

Anyways if you are interested please read on for the full review and photos. :3
Eye catching bright red/orange packaging!

All in Korean, I can't understand any of this. I wonder what the numbering is about. o.o

The box sides.

The red bottle. :D
I find the serum sometimes leaks through the cap, and turns crusty. :/

The text is so difficult to capture because of the shiny red background. -.-

The glass dropper. :3

It's yellowish in colour, but becomes clear as you blend it into the skin.

The before, during, and after 5 weeks. The difference is slight, but it does seem like my pores became smaller. :)

This serum is very easy to use because of the dropper, I usually use two drop or each side of my face then one more drop for the rest of my face. The texture is watery and just a bit viscous, but I can easily smooth it over my skin and it get absorbed very easily. I have read some bloggers mentioning that this serum stings a bit when applied, but I have not experienced any stinginess, but just a heads up if you have sensitive skin. :)
I use this every night, after cleansing my face and toner, then I use moisturizer over it. I initially expected this serum to be sticky because of the citrus scent, but surprisingly it's not at all, if applied in moderation.

As you can see from the photos above, the difference after a month of continuous usage is not that prominent. But since I do not get acne often, and so I can't personally say anything about scar reduction. But I have seen some other bloggers' photos showing their scars clearly faded and acne redness reduced as well, such as on Misa's blog post.
As for reducing blackheads, you can see in the before photo, my nose is quite bumpy because of sebum build up, in the after 2 weeks and 5 weeks photos, my nose looks just a bit less bumpy, but I consider it pretty nice result for a serum, as I did not use any pore strips during that period. :D You can see it also works on  for Nhi on her blog post.
As for the whitening effects, even though it looks as if my skin became paler, I think it's mostly due to lighting effects, sorry about that! u.u; But I did notice my freckles fade a bit, as you can see on my nose, my nose area became much clearer, and looks cleaner as well! x) Very happy about this result!

The scent, like I've mentioned above is of the citrus type, but not the overly artificial, sweet, or sour. But it's very realistic, like and orange or grapefruit. Very pleasant scent overall. ^^

I think this product is worth the hype! I definitely saw results in minimizing my pores and fading freckles. Although this serum does not have any drastic effect on me, but I am only 1/5 through the bottle, so the effect will probably become more prominent as time goes on, and I'll definitely keep using this! The great scent is also a plus as well. :D

  • Minimizes pores
  • Fades freckles
  • Great scent
  • Not sticky
  • Convenient dropper
  • Sometimes serum forms crusty bits around the cap

Have you tried this product? Or want to?

If you are interested in this product, you can find it here on WISHTrend.

Thanks to WISHTrend for sending me this product to try and review! It's refreshing to try a product lesser known Korean brand. :) All opinions are mine, and is not affected in anyway by my sponsor.

Thank you so much for reading! :D
Next post will be another mask review, please stay tuned. ^^


  1. Whoa, the after effects look awesome, Chee! *___* Thanks for the thorough review, appreciate it!

  2. Fräulein SchneeJuly 23, 2013 at 2:39 AM

    Really nice review, Chee! I won this serum in a giveaway by Wish and I'm waiting for it to arrive. I'm really curious how it will work for me. :)

  3. I wanted to try it out a while ago but im a grumpy bear for paying shipping LOL and there wasn't enough of things I wanted to get on there to bump me over for the free shipping! Looks good tho! Maybe on my nice shopping spree! XD

  4. omg luckyyyy!!! so ppl do actually win things! T^T im so unlucky i pretty much just call all contests/giveaways/draws a gimmick. XD

  5. Fräulein SchneeJuly 23, 2013 at 2:56 AM

    I didn't expect to win it actually XD I was surprised by myself :D I will believe it only that moment when it arrives at my home :D But now I'm encouraged to take part in giveaways more often :D

  6. How I want your skin Chee! Haha <3 you're lucky you don't have acne problems~ the final result looks better than before you use this serum ^^ and I agree it can be a bit crusty around the cap but so far I don't see it leaking fortunately xD amazing review Chee!

  7. Nice review chee! Hihi this is not surprising actually since well its highly raved so famous already!

  8. Ah! The bottle gives it a feeling of medicine and mks me think it will actually work lol! Loved ur honest review cuz I also think its not possible to see huge changes in a month.. But yea the slight difference is visible! Might hv to give this a try (:

  9. Nice review. ^^ Thanks for including some other reviews, too. It's always good to compare. I want smaller pores. xD

  10. That is a really detailed review, thanks a lot !


  11. Raimar ღ Guevara ღJuly 23, 2013 at 1:53 PM

    Oh this product looks nice. I thinks I really want try but I`m not sure is good for my oily skin!


    I want invite you to Join to my Etude House Giveaway

  12. Ya XD Im going to start joining them too XD haha

  13. It does doesn't it! I'm surprised a serum could do so much! ^^ Thanks for reading June!

  14. Oh so lucky!! Please review it too when you have received it. ^^
    From most people's reviews I see that it should at least do one of the functions that it claims! Thanks for reading!!

  15. Oh you should definitely try this when you've got a chance Aria! It really does work, and smells great too! ^^ I know what you mean about shipping, like why should you pay for extra when you don't have too. xD

    Thanks for reading!!

  16. My skin has a lot of freckles though! Looks like it's dirty form afar. lol t.t
    But maybe it's just mine, because when I put it to the side it leaks very slowly. =.=
    I saw your review and it seemed to work great for you too ^^
    Thanks for reading Misa!

  17. So glad I could try this wonderful product out, it does really works wonders! Thanks for reading Nhi!

  18. Hehe I know it made me think that way too, this must work because it looks like it actually contain functional ingredients. xD Yes I tried to be as objective as possible, not drastic results, but I definitely see improvement! :3
    Thanks for reading Tshering!

  19. Thanks Bethany! You should try this, It did gradually minimized my pores a bit, I'm sure with continued use it'll have a better effect! x)

  20. This is not oily at all ^^, and I do think it's would work great on oily skin because it targets oily skin problems such as acne scars and minimizes pore! :D
    Thanks for reading!

  21. Fräulein SchneeJuly 26, 2013 at 4:53 AM

    I hope it will work for me. I already started using it, but I'll have to take a break while I'm on vacation. I don't want to take it somewhere hot without being able to refridgeate :D

  22. Woah, this product is awesome XD
    I'm so glad to found your review, because I really want to minimize my big pores TTwTT Having a big pores is really troublesome :/
    Thanks for nice review :D


  23. This product is very popular right now! :D Because it really does what it says it should! Definitely worth a try!
    Thanks for reading!