Thursday, July 25, 2013

Review: Vanedo Beauty Friends Pearl Essence Mask

Hi everyone!

I've just finished my midterm today, to relax, I indulged myself with a sheet mask! x)
 So it's time for another mask review! Tralala

This time it's from the brand Vanedo Beauty Friends, which is quite well known for their affordable sheet masks! I got mine from eBay, and there were so many types to choose from. I decided to try the pearl and snail masks. And for today, I am going to review the pearl mask, which promise to be moisturizing, convergence(?), and brightening. I am not sure what convergence mean in this context, but I suppose it's to minimize pores? If you know please do share! ^^

Anyways for the full review and photos please read on~ :D
Peal essence mask! It's suited for all skin types and for all seasons!

Lot's of info on the back!

Lot's of English directions too! I should try either heating the mask or cooling it next time! :D
Also it's nice to see alcohol is not an ingredient in this mask unlike in the Holika Holika mask I reviewed last time.

The mask was so wet when I toke it out, practically dripping! You can see a pool of serum on my palm!
While I had it on, some dripped down my neck too. =/

On my face (excuse my messy hair Dx), quite big even for my big face. :P
(I'll plan to show my face soon xD)

The mask material feels thick, and of good quality, however on my face, the materials feels scratchy and rough, not soothing at all. =/ The mask size was also a bit too big, surprising, since my face is pretty big haha. It's rare to see a mask that completely cover my nose. -.- But, still it's too big and leave too many gaps! The only thing I liked was that the eye cut-outs were kept so it can be folded over on to under the eye, less material wasted and more concentration on the eye bags. :D
It was also very drippy with serum, even dripped on the floor while to toke it out. Good thing it wasn't sticky, but I really dislike excessive serum on sheet masks, it just makes everything messy, and usually ends up as waste. 
I left this mask on for about 30 minutes, though it was still quite wet when I toke it off. Maybe I'm nitpicking, but the mask just didn't feel comfortable at all, the scratchiness, excessive serum, and poor fitting wasn't a pleasant experience. =.=

It claims to have a moisturizing effect, and like most masks my skin definitely feel moisturized afterwards! My skin feels bouncy and smooth too. :)
Convergence wise, I'll just assume it's pore minimizing. I didn't really see a difference in my pore size to be honest. If I'm wrong on the definition please don't hesitate to let me know!
Then as for brightening, my face definitely looked brighter and more awake afterwards. I felt it made me feel very awake too. Not a great thing since I use masks before I head to bed. xD
Also, another plus was that this mask was not sticky! If you have read my other reviews you'll know how much I dislike stickiness on my face. xD Even though this mask left a lot of serum behind, it got fully absorbed after a few minutes.
The scent is a very light sweet floral, couldn't even detect it after some time.


Overall, I didn't like how the mask felt on my skin, it was too big, rough, and drippy. But the effects were quite nice! Well two out of the three claimed effects showed through. This was also cheap compared to many other masks, so not too bad, but I much prefer the texture of other masks that I have tried. I hope the snail mask from this line would feel better though. :P

Have you tried any Vanedo or Beauty Friends masks?

Thanks so much fore reading!
I hope you've enjoyed this post, and I'll see you in the next post very soon! ^^


  1. Omg! Last night, I tried one of the Beauty Friends mask and it has the eye hole too, lol i thought it was funny! and the fitting was too messy for me, considering I dont mind when it's too big, but this mask was unacceptable, lol. Thanks for the review Chee~ I cant review sheet masks, because when I use it is at night, so yeah, lol i'll try to do that sometimes, it seems fun! ~

  2. Raimar ღ Guevara ღJuly 25, 2013 at 8:53 PM

    Oh really nice mask! I never tried any mask from Vanedo.

  3. First time to hear about this brand! Great review :)


  4. I've never heard of this brand before~ some people squeeze out the excess serum into a contained and use it later on xD. At least the effects are good * u *

  5. No, I have never tried this brand before...

  6. ugh even if it has some good effects, i say if it makes you uncomfortable during the process and is not soothing, its not worth it at all. >:O

    And Idk~ Im going to take my chances and guess that convergence means tightening?? Which means it can potentially mean pore minimizing or it can mean somewhat firmer and tighter feeling skin.

    Thanksie for the review! XD

  7. wow that is genius. ive never heard of ppl doing that but now i know XD haha

  8. haha! At first I thought they didn't fully cut the hole properly, but I guess it turns out it's just supposed to be like that. :P Yes! It's even too big for me!
    Ya it's hard to take pictures at night, too dark xP
    Thanks for reading Nhi!

  9. This is my first time trying a Vanedo mask too! ^^ Thanks for reading !

  10. Thanks Angel! Glad you liked it :D

  11. Ohh I see, sounds like extra work though, I'm too lazy to do that haha xD
    Yes effects are pretty good :3
    Thanks for reading!

  12. I guess you are right, but maybe I was just being irritable, it's not that bad but just irritating. -.-
    Ya that's what I thought to, because it's like you are converging the skin together, tightness, pore minimizing. Good deduction! xD

    Thanks for reading as always Aria!

  13. Yeah haha, because there's a lot of serum left in the packet too when you take it out, so it would be a waste to just leave it there xD. You can store it in some travel-sized containers :D.

  14. It is xD. Some people use the mask twice too, although idk whether that's good or bad OTL.

  15. it's the first time I heard about this brand..
    the convergence word is so weird XD

  16. Fräulein SchneeJuly 26, 2013 at 4:06 AM

    I didn't know this brand :D But as you say that it is uncomfortable I think I will skip trying this :D Thanks for the review!

  17. Oh I though this brand was popular, guess not. xD
    Ya it is! I looked it up online, and it gave me calculus and mathematical results haha!
    Thanks for reading Rini!

  18. LOL that's really milking it for all it's worth! xD

  19. ya I wouldn't recommend this, but it was cheap so it wasn't a big loss either xP
    I need need to try the snail type, better be good! Thanks for reading Schnee!

  20. Never heard of this brand but the amount of serum reminds me of My Beauty Diary masks.

    Louise | Vanity Corner

  21. I think it's way better than MBD diary masks though! MBD masks fits so much better and is not drippy like this. hehe :P
    Thanks for reading Louise!