Friday, August 30, 2013

Review: Etude House Eye's Cream Vanilla Moist

Hello Everyone!

Finally, it's been a long time since my last Etude House review! I'm quite glad that I'm venturing outside of the brand, but with their new Rose collection coming soon, I don't think I can resist any longer! ;u;

Anyway, today I have an eye cooling stick from Etude House and it was from my June haul! So it's long over due.  And like my last post, I was sucked into buying this because of it's cute packaging (sigh ;u;).

Keep reading for the full review and photos!~
Cute word play on ice cream. ^^

There's two types of Eye's Cream from Etude House:
Vanilla Moist
Mint Cooling

As you can see I have the Vanilla Moist type, which is supposed to moisturize, brighten, and contains anti-wrinkle formula.

The front and back of the box. Very cute design!

The sides. 
Although the English directions says to apply to lower eyelids, the diagram shows you can apply it all the way around the eyes.

Opening the box! It's so adorably designed! *u* The stick was supposed to go in the ice cream cone shaped cut-out, but I think I threw away the plastic holder inside. .-.

The little tube, very cute design as well. :3

The top, it's twistable. 
I didn't want to show the sides when it's twisted out, because for some reason a layer of white stuff accumulated there. e.e I have no idea why, but it looks kinda gross.

And this is just to show that is doesn't leave any marks behind. I can't even tell where it is lol.

The application of this eye stick is super convenient, all you have to do is twist the product up and apply it to the surrounding eye lid areas. The size of the stick is big enough so that I'll only need to go over my eye lids once. And one great thing about this eye stick is that it doesn't pull on my eyelids at all! I don't really know how to describe the eye stick, but it's like a hard gel, sort of like hard wax, but when it gets in contact with skin, the very top layer instantaneously melts on to the skin allowing it to glide on the skin without any pulling! lol I'm sorry if that's confusing! ^^; 

The one thing I was looking for in this was the cooling effects, even though it does not list 'cooling' as an effect in the description, the product name Eye's Cream (ice cream) imply it should be given. :) And indeed it give a very refreshing cooling sensation immediately when applied! The feeling also lingers for a few seconds. It's nice to use in morning to be more awake or when you are feeling tired for a pick up! 
As for moisturization, I definitely feel it leaves my skin moist afterwards, not too sure how long it keeps the skin around my eyes moist, but overall it feels nice. :D And it's not sticky either (yay)!
As for brightening, I don't see much of a difference. But this does make my eyes feel less puffy to an extent.
And lastly, as for the anti-wrinkle formula, since I don't have much wrinkles now it's hard to tell, but hopefully, this will have some prevention properties to it. *_*

The scent is refreshing and minty, quite nice! :D

I think this a great alternative to eye patches if you want a quicker way to treat tired eyelids! The small tube is travel friendly, and provides a nice cooling and moist sensation to your eyes. The only thing that wasn't prominent was the brightening effects.

  • Immediate cooling sensation
  • Moisturizes
  • Travel friendly, convenient
  • Not sticky
  • Doesn't pull on skin
  • Cute packaging
  • Some white stuff can build up on the sides of the product
  • Little to no brightening effects

Have you used any eye sticks like this?

I really like this! I use it every morning when I'm putting on my moisturizer, and at night when I'm tired and need to study or something lol, this gives a nice burst of refreshment. I hope to try the Mint Cooling version when I'm finished with this one. :D
And Etude House never fails to amuse and lure me with their packaging. x)

That's it for this review!
I don't think I'm going to do an August haul, since I didn't get much new stuff this month. 
So first review in September will be a BB cream from Skin Food! Please look forward to it.
And good luck in the new school year, for all those still in school. ^^
See you next post!


  1. OMG *.* Yay! I'm first!!!!!v

    lol the packaging is to die for!!! i want the cooling one, lol! but im very still very young to need any eye cream, lol :3 anyways great post! (:

    p.s get reader to do a big september haul! lol :3

  2. Thanks for the review Chee! I generally don't like products like this (after my experience with the Tonymoly cooling stick ARGH), but humhum. Maybe Etude house is better? o.o <333

  3. You're never too to start preventing aging! xD Yes the packaging is too cute, Etude House must spend most of their money on packaging design hehe.
    Yes! I can't wait, it's going to be huge thanks to a special someone. ;D

  4. I read your review on it, and the first thing I thought of was you must try the Etude House one! I think this is great! *_* There's practically no cons to it, in my opinion. :P hehe thanks for reading June!

  5. Etude house products always get me at first sight cuz of their cutest packaging! I've never tried eye sticks so this one looks very nice.. Since m running out of eye creams I rly wna try this next..

  6. I want to try the cooling one, because of spf))) Interesting product I think.

  7. the packaging looks a lot like stick perfume from skin food!!! i have the vanilla one (and this eye cream is vanilla too, what a coincidence hahaha!) it smells amazing by the way. it looks like it's a great product since my eyes often got tired easily D:

    ☼ ☀Summer Solstice☀ ☼

  8. I need to do more for my under eye area. I totally neglect it. Lol.

  9. Hello chee! =)
    I am currently using the mint one for a few months now and i can say that compared before it has lighten my undereye dark circles. i love the packaging too, and its scent and its cooling effect. so far i think i have used 1/4 of the stick, i don't know if i'll repurchase again cause the stick is still long. =)

  10. I always wondered, what is this good for, thanks for explaining :D:D do you have to wash it off when you want to put eyeshadows on?

  11. i've used many products to reduce dark circle on my eyes. But can you recommend me this kind of product that really brighten dark circle? :D

  12. Ooh that would be super nice for when I'm tired in the morning! Thanks for the review ^^

  13. Oh I haven't seen this before! The packaging is soo cute. I don't use any eye creams but this looks interesting. Maybe the minty-ness is giving that cooling effect haha

    Louise | Vanity Corner
    HAIR2GO Giveaway

  14. This product reminds me of a glue stick LOL Does it make dark circle instantly go away like eye patches? ; u ; If yes, I would be super duper interested in it because I need something for my big and dark eye circle I got through school qq btw, Have you tried the maybelliner eraser concealer? I heard so much good stuff about it and idk if it's worth a try ;n; I'm always asking you about beauty stuff and recommendations haha srry I remember that time I asked you out about the naked palette haha ^^;;

  15. Never tried this product before... but I don't think I will try it, since my country is quite... cold... don't really want that cooling sensation lol

  16. Ohh this sound promising! I might want to try this product! I am forever using eye patches (>_<)

  17. Darn you Etude for always making more and more stuff for me to buy. *_* This sounds so nice for us young folks who just need more refreshing than anything around our eyes. Ahh~

  18. hi chee thanks for the honest review on the product. everytime i see any eye product that deals with dark circles / wrinkles around the eye my radar is up :D i will prolly skip on this tho because its little to no brightening effects and i badly need that ^^ ps. i like the fabric on the background :)

  19. why i can't buy etude house in italy ???? :-((((
    that's really a pity :-( korean brand are so good and cute *.* thanks for the great review! please visit my blog :3

  20. I hadn't heard of this. I like that it reduces puffiness, is not sticky and the cute packaging. Great review.

  21. Yes Etude House has some adorable packaging that always manages to break my wallet haha! I wouldn't say this is a good replacement for eye creams, since I don't think this is as nourishing as eye creams, but this give instant refreshing effects. :) Thanks for reading Tshering!

  22. Oh I didn't know the cooling one had SPF! :o Must get that one next time! Thanks for reading! :)

  23. Haha I never heard of that product before, but I Googled it and it does look like this! :D i should try it sometime too. Yep this is a good product if you want an instant cool sensation on your eyes. Thanks for reading Stevani!

  24. Hehe I need to do that too! Maybe try some eye creams? I heard the Mizon snail eye cream is pretty good. :P Thanks for reading Bethany!

  25. Hi Apple! :)
    Oh wow! That's great that it worked for you! I haven't seen any permanent effect on myself yet, but I'm whiling to try the mint one after. I'm almost done with mine, since I apply it randomly throughout the day. hehe :P Thanks for reading! :3

  26. No I don't think you need to wash it off, since it doesn't leave any stickiness or residue. But you might want to wait a few minutes for it to be fully absorbed before applying eye shadow. :)
    Thanks for reading Moon!

  27. Hmm the only thing I was kind of disappointed with this is that the brightening effects are not that great. :\ I really don't see much of difference. But the eye patches I've reviewed last post really does the trick! :D
    Thanks for reading Yolanda!

  28. Yes I use it every morning before my moisturizer! :3 Feel super nice. hehe
    Thanks for reading Jonalyn!

  29. Hmm maybe it is the minty-ness, I've always wondered how it can feel so cool to touch, pretty interesting. :D Thanks for reading Louise! ^^

  30. LOL now that I think about it, the product does look like glue stick! haha But good thing it's not sticky at all! :D I would say this doesn't really brightens skin, at least I see very little difference. :x If you want to reduce dark circles I recommend I patches more than this. :P
    LOL so funny I just went to the drug store yesterday and got me the Maybelline dark circle eraser, since it was on sale! xD I heard and saw so many make up gurus using this thing, I really wanted to try it too. Just used it once and it covers and brightens really well as far as I can tell! I think it's worth trying. hehe No problem, I like communicating with fellow bloggers and readers. :>

  31. Haha That's understandable, makes me wonder if there's warming eye patches. x) Thanks for reading Yomi!

  32. Hehe Me too, I need an endless supply of eye patches! But this doesn't brighten as well as eye patches does I find, so I just use this as a wake up in the mornings. :)
    Thanks for reading Kat!

  33. Haha I know right, I don't even want to know how much money I've spend on Etude House. =.= Yep, it feels super refreshing and cooling! I love to use it in the mornings! :D Thanks for reading Amy!

  34. Glad you liked the review Shayne! Ya I was disappointed with the brightening effects also, but I'm just glad it has a cooling sensation to wake me up in the mornings. :P
    Thanks! The background is actually a cardboard lid. xD

  35. Really? why not? D:
    Ya it is! You can still buy it online right? Thanks for reading!

  36. Hehe Yep it feels very nice in mornings when you want to feel more awake. :D
    Thanks Kim!

  37. Oh really interesting product, looks like a nice product, has a friendly package!


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  38. The packaging is really great and funny :D

  39. You can buy it online at several stores, including eBay with free shipping. :)