Monday, August 19, 2013

Review: The Face Shop Lovely me:ex #02 Coral Cushion Blusher

This product was sent to me by IamLove-shop/ The opinions expressed are 100% my own, and are not affected in any way by the sponsorship. 

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Today I'm going to review a cute coral blush! Thanks to Iamlove-shop/ for sending me this lovely product to review! :)
I've seen this line of blush from The Face Shop Lovely me:ex, and I've been wanting to try these for some time now, their cuteness is irresistible! :D  (However, the actual product is not so irresistible, -.- I'll explain below.) 
I have here the Coral colour, this line also have Rose, Plum, Pink, and Peach colours. All these blushes are packaged in an unique colourful cardboard container, with a puff included inside.

Please keep reading for the full review, and swatches! :D
Cute isn't it? *_* (How do you like the new text overlays I've added? :)
Photographing outdoors on sunny days really makes pictures more vibrant! *_*

The top and bottom. Expiration date till 2016!

The ingredients, all in English.

Side view, I really can't get over how cute this blush box is, the puff also adds to it. haha

Between the blush and puff is a thin plastic separator.

The blush, outdoors. The above picture is indoors, so it looks a bit different.

Swatches. Not pigmented at all! I can barely see anything with once swipe. It almost looks white, like a highlighter. ._. And you can see how powdery it is, especially on the 2 layers swatch.

Here's the disappointing results. -.-
After applying this blush THREE times, with considerable force, it still pretty much looks like I have no blush on. I couldn't even pick up any colour difference with my camera after first and second applications. :\

The cardboard container is easy to open and quite sturdy. But I don't really like how the separator between the puff and blush is just a thin plastic, it's difficult to remove, a bit annoying.
The texture of the blush is very powdery, and it doesn't feel like it clings on to skin. However, it does feel very smooth and silky. It pretty much feels like putting powder on my face. -.-
The puff it came with is of course very cute, I think it's decent, picks up the blush nicely, but needs to be washed once in awhile. I do still prefer using a brush to apply.

This is probably the worst part of this product, it has little to no pigmentation! =.= As you can see from the swatches above, the colour is barely visible, and that's using my finger to pickup the colour! Nothing would even show if I've used the puff. Then on my cheek, it's only after 3 applications of using the puff would the colour just barely show on pictures and real life! And I used quite a bit of force too. It's really disappointing since I really like how the coral colour looks in the container, and there's even a hint of glitter but that doesn't show either. :\

Well, the colour doesn't really show up in the first place, so it's not easy to judge when it fades, so it doesn't even matter. xP But I like how this makes my cheeks feel very smooth and silky. The feeling stays for a while too. Might as well use this as a powder. xD
Also, this has a very powdery scent, and not the baby powder kind, just dusty powder. +_+

I think this is the worst blush I've tried. :(  Very powdery and not pigmented at all. Technically you can spend time on it by applying layer after layer of blush to get a hint of colour, but it's annoying and it shouldn't have to be that way. So disappointing, because the packing is cute, and the colour looks nice in the container too. And it can't be because the product is old, it's expiration date is in 2016! Too bad they spend all their resources on the exterior, and not the actually blush. ._.

  • Silky smooth texture
  • Cute packaging
  • Very poor pigmentation!
  • Powdery
  • Smells powdery
  • Puff gets dirty easily
  • Flimsy blush and puff separator

Although I don't personally recommend this product, you can find it here for $6.95 on IamLove-shop/ They have some great prices, free shipping, and wonderful customer service, and I'm sure you'll find better blushes on there too! ;)

Have you had poor experiences with blushes?

Thanks to Ji Eun from IamLove-shop/ for letting try this product anyways! :)
And thank you for reading this review!  :D
Hopefully it's informative somehow.
See you next post~ ^^


  1. Thanks for such an honest review, Chee! Blushes like these scare me because I tend to get a little crazy with them ("why you no show?! -breaks brush onto face-") I actually bought a blush from this line (the pink colour), but haven't opened it yet. Good thing, too; I guess someone looking for a very, very, very light blush would want it! xD

  2. I just love that packaging! And yes I had a bad experience with Etoinette blush - it just didn't show on my cheeks at all (I tried to apply with both a puff and a brush) - but once I put it on when I had put my foundation just a few seconds before (so it hadn't entirely dried at the time) and it was incredibly powerful in color! I actually had to apply a powder over my face to not look like a clown...soo maybe this was a problem :D

  3. The packaging is cute but the pigmentation is sooo argh :x

  4. Awww too bad it didn't work out :( Thanks for writing the review though, I was considering buying this before but now I probably won't :c

  5. aww so sorry that this blusher is such a failure >_< I hate it when blush is so powdery >_<"

  6. Ya! At first I was thinking maybe it was because of the lighting or something and when I actually go out, I'll look like a clown with all the blush on. xD
    I guess it would work for them! x)
    Oh hopefully the pink one works better for you! *_* Thanks for reading June.

  7. That's interesting! I guess it just doesn't stick well to skin than to foundation. But for this blush I actually have BB cream underneath, and swatched it on my arm, and both have very poor pigmentation, so I don't think that's the problem. :\ It's a shame since the packaging is so cute. I guess I can use it as a paper weight LOL xD
    Thanks for reading!

  8. Ya it's really too bad! >.< Maybe I'll find a way to use this somehow! :P
    Thanks for reading Raquel!

  9. I won't recommend it, but if you like extremely sheer blushes then maybe it'll work for you. xD
    Thanks for reading Sakura!

  10. Nah, sheer blushes don't really show up on me xD

  11. It smells powdery too. :< Oh well, it does look cute on my desk, that's a plus. xD
    Thanks for reading Janet. :)

  12. i ever had nature republic's blush that has same packaging like this one! too bad that the pigmentation is so bad and it's powdery too.. Thank God I never interested to purchase this product XD
    Thanks for the review, Chee ^^

  13. What a cute packaging! Unfortunately, packing can out win the quality at times... hehe~

  14. Lauren renturquiseAugust 20, 2013 at 1:39 AM

    aa too bad for the pigmentation :`(

  15. Aw I'm always so sad when pretty colors like this don't show up on me :( I've given up on orange blushes for this reason. Is it a baked blush? I think most baked mineral makeup isn't pigmented. Thanks for the warning review >..>

  16. What a shame! The packaging is so cute the puff is so fluffy. Too bad it's not that pigmented. Thanks for the honest review, Chee!

  17. I thinks it's because of the puff? Have you tried with a brush?

  18. I've tried it with a brush, it's actually worse since I can't use as much force. I've also used my fingers to swatch it on my arm, and it doesn't show much on my fingers or arm. So I don't think it's the puff. :/

  19. It's such a shame this blush is so horrible :o The package looks super adorable but the material is so poor and not high quality at all :/ I will definitely pass this product! Thanks for this review, Chee! Without it I would have probably bought it someday :c^^ What's the best blush you have tried so far? And I heard somewhere that you can use liptint for blushing too~! You should try it! It looks quite good and natural and it's visible a lot more visible than this product on your cheeks too haha :D I like how you still comment on each and every comment! :)

  20. The nature republic is better than this right? xD Ya it's too bad since the packaging is so cute, but the product doesn't match up. :(
    Thanks for reading Rini!

  21. Ya really disappointing, but if you prefer extremely light blushes, maybe this will work for you, x)
    Thanks for reading !

  22. Yes oh well, at least the packaging is cute. :)

  23. Ya it's really too, bad, I should have looked for reviews on this product before I got it. Most reviews are negative too. :( Thanks for reading!

  24. It should be a baked blush, I haven't tried many baked blushes, but this one is the worst in my experience. =.= Should have looked up reviews for this before I got it. ah well. Thanks for reading Tiffany!

  25. The packaging is so cute! It's a shame that the product isn't that great.

  26. Such a cute product, but the poor pigmentation isn't really worth the 'stress' induced. Lol.


  27. The packaging is so cute! But such a shame the pigmentation is really disappointing.

    Louise | Vanity Corner

  28. I have the same blusher except in a different colour
    It works really well on me, and has a great colour pay off it's weird that it doesn't work for you :S
    Thanks for the review ^^

  29. Ya they really spend most of their resources on the packaging and not the actual product, it's really a shame since its's so cute! >.< I haven't really tried much, only 4 blushes, but I really like the water colour blush from etude house! :) Ya I heard of that too, it's a great idea and saves money, I'll try it out. :) Hehe I like interacting with readers/bloggers :D thanks for reading!

  30. Indeed it's really too bad, but I heard the other colours are not as bad. :)

  31. lol indeed it's not worth the stress, but at least it looks pretty cute on my desk. xD

  32. Ya it is really disappointing, I should have read some other reviews on this, most people had similar complaints. :P Thanks for reading Louise!

  33. I just saw your review, and it does look like the colour payoff is better! I just didn't like this since it doesn't show at all on my cheeks. :< oh well maybe I'm just unlucky with this one. xD Thanks for reading Shin!

  34. The packaging looks really cute
    with that fluffy puff! Tho yeah,
    I would not use the puff cuz it
    will get dirty. Thanks for the
    review tho! Xx

  35. Thanks for your honest review! Im sorry it didn't work out well. The packaging is cute though. - Japanese Gyaru Makeup Blog

  36. although it doesn't work as a blush, it works as a powder highliter for me though ^^

  37. Ya it would get dirty, and it doesn't looks easy to wash. :(
    Oh well, at least it looks cute ^^
    Thanks for reading!

  38. Oh well, I heard some of the other colours are better though! At least it's cute! I'll use it as a paper weight! xD Thanks for reading!

  39. That's what I was thinking too! Since it looks almost white. xD Thanks for the suggestion Sherley! :D