Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Review: Holika Holika 3D Aura Bright Patch

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Today I have another sheet mask review! This one is one of the more unique ones I've tried, you'll see why in a bit. 
I've used and reviewed some other Holika Holika sheet masks before here and here, and  are overall decent masks, but it's always somehow the scent that prevent it from being a great product, ironically the packaging suggest otherwise. :P 

This Holika Holika 3D Aura Bright Patch is not like most sheet masks, which usually provides moisture, nutrients benefits. This mask's sole purpose is to brighten the center part of your face, and reduce dark spots, for a 3D effect. :D

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Cute packaging, shiny golden butterfly!

Description and instruction in English! What really drew me in this mask is that it claims to "intensively works on skin defects such as dark spot and freckles." I'll be amazed if it actually reduce the appearance of freckles! :D

Here's it right out of the packaging. Interesting shape isn't it? It's shaped like this so it targets the center of your face, the nose and cheeks where most of spots can be found.

And here it is on my face! :D
It doesn't cover my nose fully though. But it does fit pretty nicely overall, with little to no extra spaces, or air bubbles.

And here's before and after using the sheet mask for around 20 minutes.

This sheet mask is definitely unique! The shape is very interesting, as it targets the center of the face for a 3-dimensional brightening effect. :3 The overall fit is quite nice too as it goes over my nose and on to my cheeks without any kinks. The material, like the other Holika Holika masks, are of good quality, and just the right thickness. The serum is just right too, not drippy or dry, and it doesn't slip down my face either.

i left this on for about 20 minutes, but it was still a bit wet when I toke it off.
Does this mask actually brightens and reduces the appearance of freckles? I was anxious to see the results! Well from the before and after comparisons, my this definitely brightened my face (I tried my best to keep the lighting the same +_+)! And I do remember clearly my face gotten brighter after I toke this off. Now reducing freckles and spots? It does look like some of my freckles have been lightened, but it might be attributed to the overall brightening effect, and I don't think there were any drastic differences. But even if it's just minimal sunspots/freckles lightening, it's good enough, I wasn't expecting this to magiclly erase all my freckles anyways. xD
This mask wasn't sticky either! Keeping up with the non-sticky reputation of Holika Holika. :D
And the scent was a mild sweet floral, much better than the other masks of Holika.

And here's the shape, it does look like a butterfly doesn't it? :D

Although this mask does not have any moisturizing, nourishing effects, it does do what it claims. The brightening effects were noticeable, but the spot reducing wasn't as apparent but to a slight degree lightens as well. No complaints for the mask's fit and scent. It's an effective, and interesting, mask to try if you want to have a 3D brightening effect! :D

Have you tried a sheet mask with an unique cut? 

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I haven't seen anyone reviewed this yet, so hopefully it'll be helpful. :)

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  1. wow! ok this is a seriously interesting mask! haha I will have to pick one of these babies up some time soon! it definitely looks like your freckles reduced in color but do u think the effect is kind of permanent?

  2. Ehh to be honest I don't think it's permanent sadly, at least I don't see a noticeable difference. I really wish there's a product that could permanently reduce freckles though, as much as I love my freckles, they make my face look dirty. =.=
    But ya interesting looking mask right? I haven't tried anything like it before. ^^
    Thanks for reading Aria. :)

  3. Your freckles are so cute tho! Why lighten them? ;(((((

  4. Thank you Catherine! I guess they are kinda cute and unique, but I also wish my skin didn't have these spots, it makes my face look dirty from a far. =.= But I guess I'll have to live with them for now, it's a love/hate relationship haha! :'D

  5. this product is so unique! but i don't think the result will be permanent?

  6. Ooo the shape of this mask is quite interesting and I like! It's great that they finally have a mask that only covers the pores.

  7. the masks I tried about brightining always make my freckles more visible :(

  8. WoW! I love the shape of the mask and I definitely see some brightening. I think with continual use, you'll see even more benefits. Great review!

  9. omg this mask sounds so nice. I think the shape looks so interesting lol And I LOVE the brightening effect it's probably because I'm obsessed with being pale haha :D Nice review , chee! :3

  10. Wow~ This looks so nice! o: I love how it totally brightened your skintone! o:

  11. I have never seen this cut of mask before, so unique =)

  12. definitely hate freckles and any spots >.< i need them GONE lol have u tried lemon things? i heard lemon extract is supposed to diminish them. have not tried yet tho :3

  13. Whoa this is pretty crazy! :O It's great that you saw results though.~

  14. Woah this looks great! And the shape is so unique *o*
    Thanks for sharing ^^

  15. No I don't think so sadly, :\
    I really wish there would be permanent freckle reducing products! xD

  16. It really creates a 3D effect by targeting the center of the face! :D
    ButI don't think it minimizes my pores though =.= lol

  17. Around a few hours I would say, but it a nice way to start off a day! xD

  18. Really? :o
    I think freckles are cute if it's prominent though, I don't know I have a love/hate relationship with my freckles! xD

  19. Maybe I should get my hands on more of these! ;D
    Still looking for a product that could have some permanent brightening effects ^^

  20. Hehe me too! I am quite tan now because of summer, and I hope I can become just a bit paler. ;u;
    The shape is pretty interesting! Never seen anything like this before! :D
    Thanks for reading Mindy!

  21. Hehe It does do it's job quite well! I find masks can do a really good job of brightening, but it just never lasts. u-u

  22. It is isn't it? :D The brightening effects is quite nice too! ^^

  23. First time seeing a mask with such a unique shape too! I do wish the effects are more permanent though! xD

  24. Thanks Ade! Glad you liked it, it is a pretty interesting mask! :D

  25. i never try it :-( in italy we don't have it :,( poor me !!! please follow me back i would really like it ^.^

  26. Yeah, that's the thing. :c But temporary isn't bad either. c: Permanent brightening masks would sketch me out with what they would have to have in their ingredients. *A*