Friday, August 23, 2013

Review: Innisfree Almond Sugar Scrub

Hello Everyone!

Today I have a review on Innisfree Almond Sugar Scrub!
 I do not exfoliate as much as I should be, especially before getting this, I rarely if ever! But it's really important to get rid of the dead skin so less dirt would be trapped  on your face. It made a huge difference, my face feels so much smoother, and softer. :)
This is my first product from Innisfree, and I'm loving their concept of using natural ingredients and recycled packaging!

Keep reading for the full review and photos! :)
The packaging totally reminds me of baby food containers!

The top and bottom. Very interesting that it's printed with soy ink

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The sides. 
The instructions says to use this 1-2 times a week after cleansing the face, and massage for 2-3 minutes.

Something really bothered me was when I was looking up the ingredients, I found polyethylene in it, and it's basically a plastic (found in plastic bottles, plastic bags) (wiki). Not sure what's its purpose in the scrub, but surely not a natural ingredient. :S  Also it contains methylparaben, which is a paraben (of course).

The cap is made of metal and twistable. And the bottle is glass.

It has a plastic inner covering.

How the scrub looks. Looks like porridge to me. :3

On my arm.

It has a jelly like texture when first scooped out, but not stiff. It's can actually be very easily spread on to the skin. From the picture above, you can see when spread out the almond and sugar granules can be spotted. It contains varying sizes of sugar granules, although the ingredient polyethylene makes me wonder if some of the granules are plastic. :S
The granules doesn't feel harsh on my skin even when I scrubbed quite vigorously.
All you need is a small scoop to use for the whole face, so 100ml of product would last a long time. :)

There's definitely a difference! After exfoliation, I immediately felt my skin becoming smoother and softer. My skin had less bumps, and felt smooth and silky afterwards. This also does not leave my skin feeling dry or irritated. My skin doesn't break out with this either.
The scent is absolutely wonderful! It's a sweet milky almond scent, and mild. When I exfoliate my face with this, the scent just makes me feel very relaxed. :)

This scrub is gentle and removes dead skin. It leave the skin feeling smooth and soft without drying. It does contain actual almond and sugar granules, and smells wonderful! It's a bonus that that packaging is recycled and environmentally friendly. However, it contains polyethylene in the scrub.

  • Exfoliates for smooth and soft skin
  • Not drying
  • Not harsh
  • Sturdy and Earth friendly packaging 
  • Smells great
  • Contains polyethylene
What's your favourite exfoliator at the moment?

I really like this exfoliator, and this tempts me to try the Innisfree volcanic pore clay mask which I have heard lots of good things about! :D

Thanks for reading as always,
and I'll see you next post! ^^


  1. I really want to try this!
    I love how you can actually see the pieces of almonds><

  2. Hi. I don't exfoliate the face D;

  3. wow i think i need some good scrub to exfoliate my face! i don't know if i should get this one or the famous black sugar scrub!!

    ☼ ☀Summer Solstice☀ ☼

  4. ohh that looks like a good scrub! im not sure if its the "milky almond" thing, i especially want to try this out haha

  5. Great review ^-^ I might try this after I use up the rest of my exfoliators! Thank for the review!

  6. The smeels seems amazing :x I've been loving my holika holika pig nose sugar scrub, but i only use it on my chin and nose area, for full face i use peeling gels x.x

  7. The smells should be nice hehe I love having smooth and soft skin so I might want to try this out as soon as my current one is empty lol What's the best scrub you've tried to far? I would be quite interested in your answer haha Thanks for the review, chee~! huehue :3

  8. I really like the scent of almond, so I will have to try this one. Good to hear that it doesn't make your skin feel dry. :)

  9. ohh I really want to try this~
    Do you think it would be okay with acne prone skin? I'm trying to stay from things that irritate my acne...

  10. Ya I love that I can see it too *_*, it smells really nice too, definitely worth a try! Thanks for reading Shin!

  11. Ohh the black sugar scrub fromSkinfood? I want to try that too!

  12. lol It smells really good, like almond milk! You should try it if you like that type of scents Aria! Thanks for reading!

  13. Thanks for reading Kat! Glad you liked it! What scrubs are you using currently? Any recommendations? ^^

  14. Oh I've seen that product in my local Holika Holika, it looks so cute! How is it so far? And I've never tried peeling gels, does it actually remove dead skin? :o hehe Thanks for reading Raquel!

  15. I'm currently using Tony Moly's Gold Black Sugar Mask which I reviewed here:

    It's a little harsh (the sugar is hard) but, it works well. I just water it down a bit. Either that or I would make my own face scrub with just sugar, olive oil, honey and lemon. All work pretty well, but of course I don't use these everyday (>_<)

  16. The black sugar scrub totally reminds me of the one from Skin Food!
    I love homemade stuff like that, although I'm usually too lazy to make them, but it's nice to know exactly what's in the scrub! ^^

  17. This is actually the first facial scrub I've tried.;u;
    I usually never exfoliate, I know it's bad, but I just never though of it.haha
    What's your current scrub? Any recommendations? ^^
    Thanks for reading Mindy!

  18. It smells like almond milk, very mild and calming too! You should definitely try it when you've got the chance Michelle! I really have nothing bad to say about this product effect and usage wise.^^

  19. My skin is not really sensitive, so I don;t get acne often. But this scrub is very gentle, the granule are not harsh at all! And innisfree is a brand that promotes the usage of natural ingredients, so I'm pretty sure this will not irritate your skin! ^^ But please check the ingredients to make sure!
    Thanks for reading Jonalyn!

  20. Humm i really enjoy the holika holika pig nose since it's great for bumpy areas and smooth out my blackheads x.x The peeling gels are great for the more sensitive areas and keep the skin quite clean. It's not reaally dramatic as fisical exfoliation but it removes dullness from dead skin layers ^^ It's me that should thank you for your blog posts! I have such a nice time visiting :)

  21. Raimar ღ Guevara ღAugust 24, 2013 at 8:04 PM

    Oh sweetie this product looks very nice. Is the first time than I read about like an almond scrub. Many thanks for your review. I love it the package is really cute.

  22. Glad you liked the review! First time I'm trying out a scrub, I love the almond scent ^^

  23. I tried the Holika Holika pig nose 3 step blackhead remover kit, it worked very well! I do want to try the scrub too now! ohh I see sounds interesting! I want to try some of those peeling gels sometime too! *_*
    Awwn thank you so much <3 it really means a lot Raquel. :)

  24. Hahaha it really does look like porridge :OOO
    But I'm curious... What is that polyethylene ?
    I can't understand anything in the ingredients lists at all except alcohol, water and perfumes...

  25. haha now you do :D I'm using a scrub from a german brand haha but it's quite nice too >u< I heard the black sugar scrub should be good tho :D

  26. I agree with the comment below it kinda looks like porridge XD
    I'm actually looking for a good exfoliator atm since the one i have is nearly out and it's expensive. Great review!

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  27. It looks and sounds awesome. I hadn't ventured into trying Innisfree products yet. I'm surprised like you that it contains such chemicals. Interesting. Great review.

  28. No problem! I really like Innisfree products ^^

  29. Polyethylene is a type of plastic in bottles and plastic bags. I found out on Wikipedia! I really wonder if some of the scrubbers are made of plastic. :s
    Don't know why a environmentally friendly company like innisfree would add this. >.<

  30. haha it does doesn't it! :D You can find this one for $14 on cosmetics Jolse. I think the price is fair since there's plenty of products. ^^
    Thanks for reading Sapphire!

  31. I was really surprised too! Especially since innisfree is promoted to be an environmentally friendly brand, really surprising they would add plastic in the scrub. :\ But it works nicely in the end. :P

  32. Sounds interesting. I just tried the jeju vocanic pore clay mask and so far so good. I like how the box is eco-friendly as well.