Friday, August 2, 2013

Review: Peripera Heart Glow CC Cream

Hello Lovelies~

Since last haul post, many of you have been suggesting that you want to see the review on the Peripera Heart Glow CC Cream! I really wanted to review this as well, because it's my first CC cream! Ohh Ahh *_*

This is my second Peripera product! I really loved the their Milky Tint and I hoped this won't disappoint as well. And it seems like Peripera has some really cute and unique packaging design just like their tints! *A* 
I believe this Heart Glow line also has a pact available, also with an adorable design!
The CC cream really drew me in when I first saw it, and I just knew I had to get it. Me and my impulsive habits... TAT 
So all hopes that the CC cream it self is not bad, so I can justify my actions. ;D 

Keep reading for more photos and the full review!~
I just love the hand-drawn look! The lettering and art is shiny in real-life, making them standout even more. :D It's too bad mine got a bit crushed in the mail, but all's well. :)

 The SPF30/PA++ is pretty good, but standard nowadays in BB and CC creams.

The sides. Love that it has an English side. And like most CC creams, the lighter coverage makes it ideal to be worn alone or under foundation!

The design is the same. With 30ml it is of the smaller sized CC creams, but it's thin - easy to carry around!

Hygienic pump. :3

Blended on my wrist. It comes out as a very light, almost white peachy colour. I tried to have the lighting as similar as possible in all four pictures, so you can see after I've blended it and waited 5 minutes, it does oxidize to a darker colour, adjusting more to my skin tone.

Oil test! It's not very clear in the second picture, but you can see there's a small dark fuzzy oil ring around the CC cream. Very little oil compared to some other BB creams I've tested. :)

And on my face. :D

The texture of this CC cream is super light, and it does not feel oily at all. I really love the watery feeling it gives, it's almost like a water based moisturizer! Even though it's not oily, it's doesn't feel drying either, rather it feels as if it gives a silky protective coating over my skin. :D It also gives a cooling sensations when first applied. I absolutely love the texture of this, and best of all - it doesn't feel sticky at all! *A*
Application is also fantastic, because it's so light, it's very easy to blend. Doesn't sink into lines, and makes my skin silky smooth! I do sometimes wear this under my BB creams when I want extra coverage, and I have to say it really makes BB creams glide on easier, almost comparable to the Etude House Sweet Recipe Choux Base!

As you can see from the swatches on my wrist, when first pumped out, the CC cream is a very light peachy colour, and blends out almost white looking! However, after awhile, the colour becomes more similar to my skin tone. :D And since it doesn't have any coloured beads like in some CC creams that release colour, I'm really glad it oxidized well to suit my skin
On the before and after photos, you can see it definitely brightened my complexion, and gave me a lively looking glow, just like it claimed on the box!  :D I tried to keep the exposure similar for both photos (saving for better camera! @_@), and I can see a difference in real life as well. :P
Coverage wise, it's definitely very sheer, even compared to other CC creams, like the Tony Moly CC cream  sample I've tried. But from the photos, redness around my nose is minimized, and some freckles on my nose are lighter as well. But of course this is no where around full or even medium coverage. But it does do it's job of minimizing imperfections like it claimed, and you can use a foundation or BB cream over it if you'd like more coverage. ^^ I usually wear this alone to work or running errands. :P

To be honest, I really couldn't tell how long this stayed on my face for since it's so sheer. Even when I tried whipping it off right after I've applied it, it left little to no traces on the tissue. However, when I had this under BB cream, I does feel like my BB cream stayed put longer than usual. 

The scent is peachy and flowery, very pleasant, I love peachy scents. *A* Doesn't smell artificial. It is a tad bit stronger than some BB creams, but personally I love it. No complains here at all! :D

This may be my first CC cream, but I love it already! :D It's so light that I don't even feel like I have anything on my face, and blends in very easily too. But like many CC creams the only down side is, it might be too sheer, but it minimize some imperfections and brightens the skin. I find it great alone or under foundation, if more coverage is needed

  • Light weight
  • Easy to blend 
  • Silky finish, not sticky
  • Not oily
  • Brightens and gives glow
  • Pleasant peachy scent
  • Can be worn alone or under foundation/BB cream
  • Cute packaging
  • Very sheer
  • Difficult to find (As of now, I can only find it on eBay and Koreadepart)

What is your favourite CC cream?

I can now say my impulsive purchase has been justified. xD

And I hope to try more CC creams in the future!

I hope this post was helpful, and thank you for reading~
See you next post. :)


  1. This cc cream had me at not oily. haha aww chee thanks so much for this awesome long awaited review <3 I'm so gonna hunt this cc cream lol! love the packaging definitely but it looks like skinfood peach pore sake bb cream which I like cause of the hygienic pump as well :D

  2. I really really want to try out a CC cream but I don't like how most of them are white. I feel like I would look like a ghost. But this one seems really nice if I wear it under my bb cream. Thanks for the review! ^_^

  3. i love that its not oily at all and that its a bit whitening looking, but its sooo sheer! >.< I probs wont get this. I have enough sheer things lol

    Thanks for the review lovely XD

  4. wow~ I want to try this CC Cream so bad! Omg! It looks so amazing!! Especially the oil control ! The box of the bottle looks so cute, but the bottle itself is ehhh, not really, lol :3 thanks for the review, love <3

  5. wow~ this CC cream sounds to be just like the Laneige water based cc cream I tried a while ago :D It's the same scent and coverage! I would love to try this product since I love my current cc cream and it's a lot cheaper too~! Thanks for the review, Chee :3

  6. Wow you've made the review, so fast :D
    too bad the design on the box isn't as cute as in the box >.<
    now i'm curious because you said that it smells peachy, must be so good XD

  7. Raimar ღ Guevara ღAugust 3, 2013 at 12:50 PM

    Oh wow is the first review in my week than I read something about a really new product to me. Is the first time than I see the Peripera CC Cream I never saw this product before. Looks like has light coverage and that is really cool to me. Thanks for your review sweeetie!


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  8. Still not convinced with CC creams. They do make a good base, but I'm so lazy. xD Don't like to add too many steps to my routine. That said, I still wanna try the tint. Haven't gotten anything Peripera in my collection yet. ;_;

  9. Thank you for reviewing this :D!

    The packaging is so cute! I think it's a lot like Innisfree's CC cream, but it probably smells a lot better xD. I like that it doesn't have a lot of oil in it, so I might consider buying it if I find it on e-bay * u *.

  10. Peripera has such cute packaging, but I agree it does look quite sheer! Haha I want to review a CC cream I have as well but it's so hard to tell if it's really there anymore, lol. Thanks for the detailed review boo =)

  11. I *still* haven't tried CC creams yet and it seems like the best opportunity to try them now before summer is gooone! >0<
    Thanks for sharing! This sounded really good for your first CC. :)

  12. I tried Etude House's silky but gave me break outs. Do you recommend this ? Is this make acnes?

  13. I have never tried a CC cream, but this one looks really appealing! I would love to see how it works out underneath my Skin 79 dream girls bb cream! :)

  14. Hope you'll like this CC cream too Misa! I was really eager to review this, since I don't think there has been a review on it yet. :D
    I just got the Skinfood Peach Pore Sake BB cream as well! Really like it so far, the pump is great too! But too bad it's so tiny! xD
    Thanks for reading!

  15. The packaging is so cute and girly! I am very impressed with the oil test even after five hours D:

  16. thanks for sharing! I'm currently in a look out for nice cc cream and this look nice~ ^_~

  17. I was thought this would leave a white cast too! But it adjusted to my skin quite nice after a bit. :D Thanks for reading Sonya!

  18. Most CC creams are very sheer though! This one is probably one of the more sheer ones I have seen, but it's great under some other BB creams. xP Thanks for reading Aria!

  19. Yes very nice oil control isn`t it! :D lol I agree the bottle is just meh, I don`t like like the colour scheme xD
    Thanks for reading Nhi!

  20. It might just be a dupe for the Laneige CC cream that you have! xD
    You should try it out when you have finished your current one ^^
    Thanks for reading Mindy!

  21. I was planning this review for some time now! xD
    I love peachy scents! This is pretty nice, but it won't ever beat the Tony Moly Peach hand cream, omg it's the best hand cream ever *_* lol sorry, but I'm just really obsessed with it currently x) haha
    Thanks for reading Rini!

  22. Ya This is a fairly new product, and I haven't seen any reviews yet either! That's why I was really eager to get it out haha! The light coverage and light-weightiness of it is great for summer ^^
    Thanks for reading!

  23. lol I know it's difficult to find time in the mornings to put on so many layers of makeup when you are rushing xD I love the milky tint! You should definitely try some, they are pretty well known for their tints. :)

  24. Yes I think the colour scheme looks much better on the box than the bottle on the inside! It does smell quite nice! Like peaches ^^ You should try it some time Jo!
    Oh I heard a lot of positive review on that CC cream! Really do want to try it some time. :D
    Thanks for reading Jo ^^

  25. Ya Perioera do have some really nice packaging design! Which CC creams have you got?
    Thanks for reading Tiffany!

  26. Yes you should definitely try a CC cream Amy! And even when summer is over you can just layer a BB cream over it haha!
    Thanks for reading Amy!

  27. I usually don't get acne, and didn't get any when I wore this too, but I think this one is really light and sheer, so I don't think it would cause acne! Sorry but I personally really can't say on this part!

  28. You should definitely try out a CC cream! I really recommend this as a primer under BB creams too! :D Thanks for reading Kirstie!

  29. I was really impressed too, I though there was something wrong with the oil paper at first haha! It doesn't feel oily either :D
    Thanks for reading Louise!

  30. You should try this one Janet, even though it's not popular like the Etude house or Tony Moly CC creams, I think the formula is quite nice. :)

  31. Thank you so much for your sincere reply and being my first follower :)

  32. amazing review! how much was this CC cream? :)

  33. im curious about the price too.Because based on your description,its texture is very much similar to Banila Co. it radiant CC.I wonder if this one is cheaper.. :)

  34. Thank you for the review! You're the only person who's reviewed this product so far.

    This CC cream totally got me when I saw the oil test. Something that's not oily and very light? Exactly what I needed. I'm planning to buy this soon. Haha ^^; The design is so cute, I really should stop buying things just because of their packaging, but well... it seems like this can be an exception since it'll (hopefully) be a justified purchase.

  35. My favorite CC Cream of the moment would be THEFACESHOP Aura CC Cream but this looks nice too! I love the packaging!