Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Review: Secret Key Gold Racoony Hydro Gel Eye & Spot Patch

This product was sent to me by IamLove-shop/cosmetic.jolse.com. The opinion expressed are 100% my own, and are not affected in any way by the sponsorship.

Hello Lovelies. :>

Today I have a super cute product review! >.< Thanks to IamLove-shop/cosmetic.jolse.com for providing this product!

Doesn't the little raccoon just make you go smile? With it's bright red cheeks, big eyes and cute little smile? I know it makes me happy. :'D lol! It really caught my eye! And the name gold racoony just make it even more mushy. xD

Anyway, aside from the packaging ,this product is an eye and spot patch from Secret Key (first time trying this brand!), you can apply it under your eyes to reduce dark circles, add hydration. Or on spots, such as pimples to provide nutrients for healing and cooling sensation!

Keep reading for the full review and photos!
Mmm peach slices. *_*

Features (from cosmetic.jolse.com):
With Gold Racoony patch, brighten, thighten, and soothe your exhausted skin!
- Brightening, nutrients, moisturizing, cooling, soothing and tightening
- contains colloidal gold to provide moisture along with adenosine
- 60ea eye patches and 30ea spot patches 

The box it comes with, same cute raccoon. =w= 
I really like it when products comes in a box, and I kind of horde them too. ;u;

The sides.

The patches comes in a sturdy twistable jar. While I like individually packed eye patches for sanitary reasons, this packaging reduces waste. :P

A second lid, and a spatula for scooping out the eye patches! I really like this, it's hygienic and less messy!

It comes with 30 pairs of eye patches! For a total of 60 eye patches and 30 spot patches, which is quite a lot and will last a long time. 

Doesn't it look like peach slices? xD That's the first thing I thought of opening this. 
The patches are partially submerged in a viscous serum, so make sure not to forget to put the lid on, or it may dry out.

Under my eyes. o.o It kind of squeezes my eye bags out lol. =.=

The patches are environmentally friendly as they are recyclable. 
It also has six features: Cooling, brightening, moisturization, tightening, nutrients, and soothing!

The Patches
The patches are made of a translucent yellow rubbery jelly like material with micro sparkles in it making it look gold as in it's name. It's quite thin and a bit difficult to separate. First time using it, I had 3 patches stuck together. =3= The quality is good though, it doesn't break apart easily unless pulled hard on it. It's very smooth, and it doesn't feel like it can absorb much serum since it's jelly like and not cloth material, but I think it's a good amount just enough for 30 minutes without drips.
I find the fit of the eye patches a bit awkward, they are a bit too curved. If I placed them too high, the edges will touch my eyes, if too low a large under eye area would not be covered. Also, these patches tend to slide if my head is upright, and I'll need to adjust often. However I don't think it's a big deal. 
The spot patches are much easier to use, since they are just a small round circle. They stick pretty well, and is big enough to cover most spots. :)

The first thing I noticed when I put the patch on is the cooling sensation, and it lasts quite long too.
 As for brightening, I think it does do it's job very well, I can definitely see a difference afterwards. 
Moisturization wise, the patch left a slight sticky feeling, and I need to wash it off or it'll clump up, but my skin feels softer, and supple
I also found some small lines on the corners of my eyes are less prominent, which may be due to the tightening effects, this is very minor though. 
I can't say much about nutrients, but I have been using this for a few weeks now, and I haven't seen any long-term effects yet. 
And like it claims, this definitely soothe my eye area, and makes me feel refreshed and less tired!
I've also tried the spot patch on a pimple a few weeks ago, and it does reduce some redness, but the results wasn't drastic.

The scent is sweet and fruity, not sure which fruit, but it smells nice, and doesn't last long.

I didn't expect this to do everything, but overall I feel the patches were totally relaxing with it's cooling and soothing feeling. :) Especially in the morning when you want to feel awake or at night when your eyes are tired, it's a nice quick way to feel more alive. :D I love the packaging, and I think it's worth a try! ^_^

  • Cooling sensation
  • Brightens
  • Soothes
  • Softens, and slightly tightens skin
  • Comes with Spatula
  • Lots of product
  • Cute packaging
  • Not the best fitting (eye patches)
  • May slide around
If you are interested in this product you can find it for $16.98 here on cosmetic.Jolse.com.

Have you tried any types of eye patches?

I've tried the Etude House eye patch before, review here, and eye patch from My Beauty Diary. If I remember correctly, the Etude House patch had a nice de-puffing effect, which I did not see for this Secret Key patch. :)

That's it for this post!
 Thanks for reading, please leave a comment if you have any questions or just have something to say! ^^ I greatly appreciate it! 
See you next time~


  1. I just got this in the mail today and am super excited to try them out! I love the packaging and I hope it gets rid of my raccoon eyes! Apparently you can dissolve them in hot water and use it as a serum too!

  2. I didn't know they made these gel patches in large quanities! Just what I've been looking for :D adding this to my wishlist! xox

  3. I already saw this on some shops and I love the cutey racoon on the lid :D Nevertheless, I never tried any eye patches until now. But it is nice to know that they are offered in a larger quantities, too!

  4. cute one. I like this kind of mask because it sticks better on under eye area. Etude House is a good one but expensive because it comes in 1 pair only not jar like this. This one is quiet a steal. Want it now

  5. omg the packaging and the whole concept is sooo cute. raccoon eyes~! so cute! :D

  6. wow, this is so cute and it comes in large quantities! the price is reasonable as well! i wanna try :D

  7. I saw someone else review these a while ago and I loved the packaging. *w* I don't think they'd be that useful for me, but guh. So adorable.

  8. Oh My God! Those are so cute *W*
    If I can find those from the stores I order (don't want to make an account to another store just for one product...) I'd buy it just for the packaging :'DDD

    I wonder how well those works on dark circles?

  9. The Racoon is just too cute! I tend to hoard boxes that come with makeup too - especially Etude House stuff >_<

  10. I was just thinking between tony moly's or secret key's patches, I think I will give this a try after your review :)

  11. I love the packaging it's sooo cute ! The racoon makes me wanna buy it daww, it's so adorable *-* I haven' tried this product and I didn't know this brand either lol But I may try it when I see it somewhere around in a local store :D Thanks for the review, Chee~! :)

  12. i have tried an eyepatch i got as a sample and it was... interesting enough lol. but this looks sooo cute and it has sooo many patches!!! it looks like a good deal. as you said, its probably better to use this to soothe after a long day or wake up more in the morning rather than thinking its a miracle product since the results arent so drastic :3

  13. Wow! I hope it works great for you too! I really like this, it does reduce some dark circles by brightening. Really? So the whole eye patch melts? :o that's so interesting!

  14. I saw this before on Secret Key's website, the raccoon is just too cute. ;_;
    Haven't tried any eyepatch before but this seems interesting and effective. And hurray for the spatula! lol

  15. Ya these are so much cheaper than the individual packed ones! I think it's a great deal, and it works just as well. I hope you'll like it too Tiffany. :)

  16. They are totally worth the price $19 for 30 pairs! only 63 cents per pair, and that's not including the spot patches! You should try some when you've got the chance Schnee! Thanks for reading!

  17. Totally worth the price, it's around 63 cents for a pair, and not including the spot patches! It works almost no difference to some individually packed eye patches. :) I really love it, the cute packaging is a bonus. :3

  18. I love the post, especially Korean beauty products.

    Can't seem to buy enough since I live and blog about it here

    Drop by :D www.cunggie.com

    oh and my friends always ask where to buy

    www.mootta.com is actually selling internationally now !

  19. Ooh the 'peach slices' are so adorable! :D I want this but it's expensive ;A; I love the packaging :3

  20. lol looks funny cuz its put below your eyebags e_e make them stand out more while its on xD
    can i have a slice for my wrinkly forehead?

  21. Haha It is isn't it :3 The packaging is what caught my eye! ^^ thanks for reading Alice!

  22. I bought this as well ^-^ and will be reviewing it soon! (>_<)

  23. Compared to the single packed eye patches this is totally worth it! I calculated it, and a pair of patches would cost only 63 cents, and not including the spot patches! :D Thanks for reading Joyce!

  24. You're lucky you don't have much eye bags or dark circles! *_*
    The packaging is indeed one of the cutest characters I've seen on beauty products hehe!

  25. Haha I guess I bought it because of the packaging too, which I should do less of, too impulsive! xD
    Jolse has them for a good price though, considering the amount of eye patches. :)
    It works pretty good, it brightens a bit, but it's not drastic. :)
    Thanks for reading Jenna!

  26. Ya their boxes are so cute! I can't throw them away, and it's taking up so much of my space >_< lol
    Thanks for reading Tulip!

  27. Oh I really hope you'll like this! :D
    What's the Tony Moly patches called? I'm kind of interested. :P
    Thanks for reading!

  28. I know it's s so cute isn't it! I really hope the packaging is not making me biased over the product! xD But overall I think the price is definitely worth it for 30 pairs of eye patches! :D I hope you'll like it too Mindy! ^^

  29. Au contraire. :P I just don't have eyebags. I have massive dark circles. :P Haha.

  30. It is a good deal! I calculated it, and it's only 63 cents per pair! and not including the spot patches too! :D Yep yep, I always try to keep my expectations low for these all purpose skin care products. xD But this one is decent enough. :3 Thanks for reading Aria!

  31. I know it's too cute! Dx I just want to pinch it's cheeks! ^w^ Yes I love when products are thoughtful enough to include spatulas and hygienic things. :) Thanks for reading Marxie!

  32. It's really not that expensive compared to other eye patches, considering this has 30 pairs of eye patches! So it's only around 60 cents each! ^o^ hehe I love the packaging too, too adorable >.<. Thanks for reading Sakura!

  33. LOL ya I don't know why it does that. -.-
    Of course, you can have one for your chin and nose too :3 lol

  34. Ah I hope you'll like it as much as I do Kat! Looking forward to your review on it too. :)

  35. Tonymoly - Intense care snail eye mask jumbo [15 uses/38g] for around 18$ , it is quite pricey than this racoon :) But I like its shape more ^^

  36. I saw this on e-bay a few months ago, and I really wanted to buy it! The packaging is so adorable, it was almost enough to sucker me into it LOL. I couldn't find any reviews on it at all, so I just decided to get something else instead.

    I'm glad it works well though! I really need something for my eyes qq, especially when school starts OTL

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  38. Ohh Thanks! Looks interesting! ^^ I might try it after I'm finished with this one. :)

  39. Haha the packaging certainly made me want it! >w< It's cute eye and cheeks gahh *o*
    The price is really good too! Ya I need these especially for my early morning classes, reduce some puffiness and dark circles. :D Thanks for reading Jo!

  40. Thank you! Glad you liked it! It works great and has a nice price tag too ^^

  41. I was just about to say, "is that sliced fruit?" LOL!!! Wowow this comes with so many packages...I really wanna buy this now. *w* Thanks for sharing and destroying my wallet every week

  42. This eye patch totally made me crave peaches, and I don't know if it was because of this I'm starting to eat more peaches now hah!
    LOL I hope the weekly wallet destruction is worth it! xD
    Thanks for reading Amy!

  43. Hahaha they look like peaches, especially since you're using a spoon to take it out! How many eye patches are there in one container?

    Louise | Vanity Corner
    HAIR2GO Giveaway

  44. Thanks for the review *O*! This things are in my wish list now xD!

  45. There's 30 pairs,and 30 spot patches! Pretty good deal huh? :D

  46. Huhu glad you liked the review! These patches are definitely worth it

  47. I saw these eye patches is selling cheap recently! Looks good :D