Friday, September 20, 2013

Review: Holika Holika Jewel-Light Gel Eyeliner #3 Pearl Navy

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Hi! :3
How's your day?
I've been studying my head off. =.= There's practically no weeks where I don't have a daunting test waiting for me gahh. I'll make it through somehow. ;u;

Anyways, today I'll be reviewing a gel eyeliner kindly sent to me by Kary from Holika Holika Canada! :D

I usually don't wear eyeliners because they just don't show up well on my fatty eyelid folds. lol But when I do, I always use a liquid/pen type eye liner. My favourite/GH is the Dolly Wink Liquid eyeliner! What's yours?

It's been a long time since I used a gel-type eyeliner, since they do smudge a bit for me. But let's see how this Holika Holika Jewel-Light Gel Eyeliner measures up! :)
It comes in 5 colours, the one I have is #3 Pearl Navy.

Keep reading for the full review and photos!~
A simple glass jar, reminds a lot of the Maybelline gel eyeliner. :0

The glass is frosted, it has a nice feel to it. Overall the packaging is just a standard tub of gel-liner, nothing too special. Though the design on the top is quite cute. :3

-Long lasting gel eyeliner with creamy texture.
-Vivid colour and long lasting effect.
-Natural expression and soft touch.
-Do not [get] removed on sweat or water.
(couldn't find any on

Here's the actual product, unused and used. 
As you can see it does give off a blue tone, giving some dimension to the colour. Wish I had a better camera to really zoom up on this to show the navy coloured simmers. Soon... *_*

Here is some swatches and smudge/water tests:
For the smudge tests, I waited 30 seconds after swatching for it to settle before smudging.
From the photos you can see it definitely got smudged off a little, but I used considerable force, so I think it held up quite well. 
One thing I particularly liked was that instead of smudging the colour, the eyeliner flakes off on my finger when rubbed. It might not sound that great, but I think it's better than getting raccoon/panda eyes. :P

Here I used more eyeliner, so you can see the navy colour is much more prominent.
The water test was interesting, the water doesn't stay on the line, and actually gets repelled from the line! :0 I guess it's because the liner is oil based.
The water didn't budge the line at all! :D
However with water and smudging, the line does fade a bit. 
Overall I am impressed with the waterproof and semi-smudge-proof  properties of this gel liner! ^_^

Here's the eyeliner on my eye.
I'm not that great with gel-liners as you can see, but this will have to do. xD
But I was pleasantly surprised that this eyeliner didn't get all smudged up in my eyelid folds, like most would.

I really like the texture of this gel eyeliner, it's very creamy, and doesn't drag on my eyelids. A little goes a long way, it's easy too pick up too much product, and it can end up getting clumpy, and easily smudged. The colour goes on evenly, but depending on the eyeliner brush you use, the edges might not be as even as liquid/pen eyeliners. Also because it's a gel liner, I find it less convenient to use than pen liners. Also if you have a semi-double eyelid like mine, it's best to let it set for a few seconds before blinking so it doesn't transfer. :3

The colour is Pearl Navy, it add intrigue to an otherwise plain black eyeliner. In the pot it looks quite pretty and on swatches too, especially under direct sunlight. But I really don't see the colour when I'm wearing it. Maybe it's because I'm not using much, but overall the colour makes no difference from a regular black eyeliner to me. But if you were  to use more, I think it would look quite nice in daylight. 
The black colour is very pigmented, and you can build it up for a more intense colour. 

This eyeliner definitely wears for a long time without smudging! It's very rare for me to find an eyeliner that does not smudge after a day. And I have to say this did not smudge or leave raccoon eyes on me at all! :D It lasted on me for about 6 hours before it started fading. It does clump up a bit in the outer corner of my eyes after that, but it's easier to fix. 

This gel eyeliner is definitely waterproof and somewhat smudge-proof. It lasts a long time for me, and my eyelids are quite oily too. The colour options are nice, but it does not make a big difference if only a little bit is used. It's a decent option if you are looking for a waterproof gel eyeliner to try. :)

-Somewhat smudge-proof
-Long lasting
-Creamy texture

-Navy colour not visible when worn as thin line
-May be clumpy when picking up the product

A comparison of the Holika Holika Jewel-Light Gel Eyeliner packaging to the Maybelline Eyestudio gel eyeliner. Quite similar huh? :P

Also, look at the wrapping paper that Holika Holika sent the products in! *_* So cute haha!

If you are interested in this product, you can find it for $12.50 here at Or if you live near Pmall, you can find it there too. :D
Do you like pencil, gel, liquid, or pen eyeliners?

I like pen eyeliners, since they are the easiest for me to control. :P And they usually last the longest for me too. Gel liners like this one are nice for a softer look, but usually doesn't last as long.

OK Thanks for reading! I hope this was helpful. :D
I'll see you next time!


  1. i never tried a gel eyeliner *.* but i don't know why in my mind looks more "asian" than the pen eyeliner >.< so ...i will try it for sure :3

  2. It looks quite nice. I rarely do top liner too, because my eyelids are a bit hooded. When I do, I use gel because it's the easiest. That said, I tend to buy dirt cheap gel liner because they dry out before I ever use them up, lol.

  3. This looks like a great product :) I've never tried gel eyeliner before :p
    Your eyes looks so pretty <3

  4. Wow looks like a nice gel eyeliner is very waterproof that is really cool, thanks for your review!
    Your eyes are lovely.

  5. Thanks for the awesome and detailed review! Your pictures are so cute, hehe. ^^


  6. This eyeliner seems really awesome for a gel. :) I've never tried gels, only creams, pencils, and liquids. I think liquid eyeliner is probably my favorite. :D I really like intense black lines the most when wearing eyeliner!

  7. Lol I've never actually thought of it that way! :D Maybe because it's in a tub? haha
    Gel liners are kind of like a hybrid between a pencil and liquid, you should try it! :D

  8. I personally love my liquid eyeliner but this looks like a great choice for fans of gels!

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  9. I've never tried any gel eyeliners before..but this product seems good, thank you for reviewing it!

    Secrets Of Camille ❤

  10. haha That's what happened to my Maybelline gel liner, I barely used it because I found a better alternative. I tired using eyeliner on my bottom lid before, but they somehow accentuated my eye bags. =A=

  11. haha Thanks My! All thanks to the wonders of circle lenses! xD
    It makes a huge difference!. :o Thanks for reading!

  12. Thank you Sakuranko! *_* I love these circle lenses. :P
    Ya this gel liner is surprisingly water proof ^^

  13. Holika Holika has a whole line of the jewel-light products for eyes, they look pretty nice especially the sparkly pencil liners. :P
    I know what you mean, I've had that experience before, and was really embarrassing when I discover it only when I go home. lol =A=
    That Maybeline eye liner is actually pretty old, from a year ago, and it's mostly dried up. ;u; But from what I could remember, it was pretty good, I don't think it was as waterproof as this one, but it held up nicely, and it came with a small liner brush that I still use. :3
    Thanks for reading Mindy!

  14. Thank you Phailee, haha glad you like my pictures! ^^
    Thanks for reading!~

  15. I agree! I really like liquid liners because they can create very thin and prices lines, and like you said most intense colour too! Gels are like a hybrid between liquid and pencils, they are better for a softer look. :D

  16. Same here! I love liquid eyeliner, but for my waterline, I prefer something softer like pencils or gels. :) Thanks for reading Sapphire. :)

  17. You should try it if you like pencil liners. It's almost the same exept you use a brush and it lasts longer too! :D
    Thanks for reading Camille!

  18. I like almost-black shades like this, and I also like gel eyeliner a lot. I might give this a try if I ever find it here :-)

  19. I had a gelliner before, but it dried and became unusable. Normally I prefer pen eyeliner or liquid eyeliner because the color is and stayingpower is better :) Thanks for the review!

  20. I do like that it has a bit of variation from just plain black. :) I really like gel liners too, compared to pencil liners. Thanks for reading ! ^^

  21. I feel the same! But I still use gel liners sometimes because it looks softer, and you can blend it out a bit for a smokey effect. :D
    Thanks for reading!

  22. I love the overall look of the gel liner after I apply it
    the only problem and paranoia I have with the gel products is that you have to use a brush!
    You have you wipe, and if you dont wipe the brush cleanly it dries up and ends up clumping :S

  23. I've recently started using a gel eyeliner by a brand called Essence. It is my first time experimenting with gel liner and not pencils and I absolutely love it! BUT, the gel liner that I have dries out sooooooooo quickly! :O I've only bought the product like 5 days ago, but I can already tell that it's getting harder and harder to pick up the product and apply it to my eyes. :( Hopefully the next one I get will be of better quality...