Friday, September 6, 2013

Review: Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Blackhead Out Kit

Hi Everyone! :D

Do you ever get stubborn blackheads? I always do! D: 
And I have tried many products that claim to cleans or pull out blackheads, like the Holika Holika Pig-nose Clear Kit, Nature Republic Blackhead Brake, and all those pore strips... and some of them work and some are just meh. =.= And my blackheads always come back so quick too. But I do try to limit my usage of the pore strips since the pulling may cause pores to be even bigger. =3=

So here I have today is the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Blackhead Out Kit! Products with the word 'volcanic' makes me think it's going to dry up all the sebum and oils on my face. o.o So how well this works? Keep reading to find out!

Also I made some collages for the pictures, just to experiment since I had some free time on my hands. I think I went a bit overboard with the polka dots. lol ._. Let me know what you think! ^^

 Anyway, please keep reading for the review and the before and after photos~ ^^

I didn't realize at first, but then I saw polka-dots on my blog background, photo background, collage background, text background... =.= gee do I have a polka dot obsession or what?! LOL

The pouch is split in two for the 2 steps!

1. After cleansing, adjust skin texture with toner and put Step 1 on the nose.
*Open pores with steamed towel for better effect.
2. Remove fat on the pad of sheet softly after 15 minutes. (I think it means just remove Step 1 after 15 min.)
3. Apply Step 2 to skin tightly and remove after 10-15 minutes

Ha more polka dots. o-o

Step 1
Opening the Step 1 pouch (I used a hot towel on my nose just before), it contains a wet polka-dotted nose patch that is soaked in a milky coloured liquid. It wasn't sticky at all like I thought it was going to be. It's basically just a wet cloth, so it kind of just sat on my nose with the help of the liquid for adherence. 
It fit on my nose pretty well, since there's a slit on the tip which you can fold over, and covers all of my big nose. x)
After around 15 minutes, it was still a bit wet,  so I left it on for another 5 minutes. When taking it off, I didn't feel like it did anything for my pores, they looked the same. =.= My pores still looked as dirty as before, and nothing was on the patch too.  I though maybe the second step would actually make a difference?

Step 2
Step 2 is a dry patch with a film that needs to be peeled off, to expose a sticky gel like surface. At first I was thinking this looks more like a pore cleaning patch than pore tightening, did they get it mixed up? o.o lol 
Anyway, the patch is quite stiff, but because of its stickiness it says on my nose without shifting. It also fit nicely since the tip can be folded over each other.
I had this on for about 20 minutes. And after peeling it off, it didn't feel like it did anything for me still. =.= 
There was nothing on the patch and my nose looked the same as before!

As you can see from the before and after pictures, the pores on my nose are still dirty and full of blackheads. =.= They remained almost exactly the same! I don't know why this didn't work for me at all. I was wondering if I was doing something wrong, so I looked up different sites with direction for this, but they were all saying the same thing. And it's just two steps, so I don't think I missed anything. =\
So this was a complete fail for me, I had high hopes for this too. I just can't believe this did absolutely nothing for me. =.= I can't find any reviews on this, so please let me know if you have used this before and if it worked for you!

-Good fit
-Doesn't work
(no need to list more xP)

Have you tried Innisfree pore products before? Did they work for you?

Well, that was a disappointing product, I had really high hopes since I heard the Innisfree volcanic pore products works really well on a lot of people! I have no idea why this didn't budge my blackheads at all. :(
Oh well.

Thank you for reading anyways! ^^
Please let me know what you think of the new polka dotty collages! xD
My next review will be another Innisfree product, but it's not negative like this one. hehe
See you then~


  1. I feel you chee! Soooo many blackhead out products but most of them don't work as my h as we expected :( I don't really use nose strips anymore these days as some of the stubborn blackhead wouldn't get removed especially the ones in the corner of the nose. That's too bad this one doesn't work either :/ thank you for your review chee I also love polka dots ^^

  2. Most of these pore products don't work for me either =/ The only product that helps clean my pores is Mario Badescu's silver powder.. I can definitely recommend that. Mostly though I just try to keep my skin as clean as possible with good skin care products and squeeze out whatever needs squeezing XD And I like the polka dotty collages ;)

  3. Oh, a pitty it didn't work :(((

  4. Ah too bad it doesn't work on you, I think I should skip this product >_<
    But thanks for sharing, and I love polka dots ^^

  5. hahhaa i'm not believing in any product saying that it can reduce blackhead, except nose strip like biore >.<

  6. Maaannnn that sucks. And you'd think it'll work since the instructions are more...complicated than usual. Oh well.

  7. I have problems with blackheads as well (though not as extreme as your case). I'd say you should try porebrush (I use the one I have twice a day every time I wash my face with neutrogena visibly clear pink grapefruit facial wash and then use Etude House Wonder Pore toner). I definitely saw huge improvement on my skin (though I do have some breakouts every now and then thanks to being a girl....)

    Another good help has been neutrogena visibly clear blackhead eliminating sos cleanser.

  8. Humhum, too bad it didn't work for you, Chee! T__T Innisfree does make some awesome pore care products, but I guess this isn't one of them. ;n;

  9. Too bad it don't work for you... it looked nice though

  10. Oh, I got this as a sample from shopping at Innisfree when I was in Korea! I was so excited to try it as none of the Innisfree products have disappointed me yet, but you're really doesn't work OTL;; Try Skinmiso's blackhead kit! It's pretty pricey, but everyone who's tried it says it's their holy grail item LMAO. The thing that kinda sucks is that it's only available on WISHtrend, and shipping is 7 bucks for USA/CA... = n =

  11. We're in the same boat dear!! Damn these clog pore and black /white heads grrrr~ But thanks to Ciracle Blackhead Off Sheet, my nose now getting clearer and clearer. Try it on! Ciracle Blackhead Off Sheet work just like Skinmiso one. It contain witch hazel ^^

  12. aww~ it was cute haha especially polka dotted design in step one. i was like "omg i must get this" until i read it and it doesnt work :3

  13. Awww, I thought this would work after my Holika Holika one didn't work (-.-) Thank you for the review! now I know not to get this (>_<)

  14. I never trust strips like this. I've tried all kinds of methods over the years to remove my blackheads, but to be honest, the most effective way is to go to a skin care center and do it there. That's pretty much the only guarantee they'll be gone.

  15. After trying the 2 step one from the faceshop I never end up buyng any of the blackhead kit with multiple steps from any store.
    I just like using the pore strips where you can see all the gunk LOL
    Thanks for the review ~ ^^

  16. chee you might have just saved my pores. i have a lot of blackheads on my nose and i was thinking of using pore strips every week to get rid of them. didnt know that pulling may cause pores to be even bigger :S

  17. I find the only thing that sorta work for me is nose strips, but I don't want to use these too much, and ya they don't get the corner ones. :\ Maybe I'll try the face shop one you're using now. :D Thanks for reading Misa!

  18. Sounds interesting! I never tried a powder for my blackheads. I try to keep my skin as clean as possible too, but it makes me wonder if it's all the products I'm using that's clogging my pores. +_+ hehe Thanks glad you like it Jiru :)

  19. Yes I'm very disappointed with this. =3=

  20. Yes I would recommend for you to skip this lol.
    Thanks for reading though, and I'm glad you like the polka dots :)

  21. Ya, I kinda came to that conclusion too. =3= Unless it's ripping the blackhead off, the ones that claim to "dissolve" never work as well, or just doesn't work at all. :(
    Thanks for reading Rini!

  22. lol I know right? sighh, this is the first time I found a product that just doesn't work at all. =3=
    thanks for reading though! :D

  23. lol I swear the photos make it looks even worse, maybe it's cause of the macro. e.e
    Oh thanks for the recommendations Jenna! I never tried a porebrush before, I'm just afraid if I irritate my pores they might get even bigger. x_x But I'll keep that in mind! Thanks for reading ^^

  24. Yes, very disappointing. -.-
    I was actually really excited about this, because it has the word 'volcanic' in it. lol
    thanks for reading anyways June! :D

  25. Ya it's really too bad :C
    I still want to try the other pore products from innisfree though c:

  26. lol I guess this product is really a fail, since it didn't work for you either. :C
    I never heard of that brand before, but it must work really well! I looked it up on WISHtrend, this price is OK, and the pictures are really convincing. *w* Might just be in my next purchase hehe Thanks for the recommendation Gaeul! ^^

  27. You HAVE to try the Innisfree super volcanic pore clay mask! It's absolutely amazing and heaven in a tub, I swear! *o* I think it's now my #1 favourite product (even beating Laneige). Pores are bam bam bam treated with this thing!

  28. I've heard of Ciracle, but never tried it. Sounds good though, does it pull on the black heads? like pore strips, or it dissolves them? I'll keep this in mind too! Thank you Viera :)

  29. Ya, I was thinking this will add more to my polka dotted collage lol. Too bad it didn't work at all =.=. Thanks for reading anyways Aria!

  30. Was the Holika Holika one you've tried the pig nose blackhead kit? I tried that one and it worked surprisingly well for me. *_* Unlike this one lol
    Thanks for reading Kat! :)

  31. Great review, I have always wanted to buy this one..but, I was afraid for any consequences because someone told me that I can never get rid off blackheads..

  32. I find the pore strips that rip out blackheads to be ok, but it never takes everything out. Yes I think professional can do it pretty well, but it's probably kinda expensive right? D:
    and do you have to keep going back?

  33. Ya I feel the same! pore strips are really satisfying, and I love that I can see instant results lol. I should try the face shop one sometime. :) Thanks for reading Shin!

  34. Ya I read somewhere that be pulling motion might irritate the pores and enlarge them, since they need to be opened for the gunk to come out, so it's best to use it once a few weeks.! :) Thanks for reading!

  35. When I use the pore strips they always sorta work on me, and I can see all the blackheads coming out. This one I don't see any results. :/ So don't buy this lol
    Thanks for reading though! I'm still looking for a solution for blackheads too! >.<

  36. Yeah, it'll definitely be a bit pricey. You do have to go back too every now and then for 'maintenance' or for them to remove any new blackheads you may have gotten.