Thursday, October 3, 2013

Review: Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk OR204 + RD304

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Hi Lovelies~

Sorry, it's been a week since I last updated! ;-; There's just so much never ending work in school ahh @_@;

Today I have a review on the Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk Lip sticks! :D
 These are quite popular, I've seen a few reviews on these already, and the overall consensus was positive for them, and I really wanted to try Etude House lipsticks. So I bought the RD304, and OR204 was sent to me by Ji Eun from

I believe these come in a total of 24 colours! (There's also Pink Talk and Color Pop versions, which have different sets of colours!)  It was really hard to choose which to try, so I got the ones that I thought would be the most wearable. ;u;
They do have quite a funny long name though. :P

The packaging is really cute! I love the design of the box, and the tube on the inside, with that little bow.  It feels so girly, and princess-y. :3

 -Lipstick bloom with emotion to supply moist, cream textured color and shine for long wear comfort.
-24 Emotional colors.

The right is RD304 and left is OR204. The colour on the box is a bit paler for OR204, don't know if it's intentional though.

The back.

"Smooth textured lipstick supplies vivid color and moist shine." *_*

The top labels.

The tube.

I've used some of RD304 before taking photos, so it looks a bit rounder. ^^;

I love how it has the Etude House logo ingrained on the bullet. I really adore these details. :)

Swatch! This was taken during overcast, so it looks a bit cooler here than in person.
I actually find the to colours looking a bit similar. xD Thought the OR204 would be more orange.

Sorry these pictures are blurry, didn't notice until I zoomed up to crop them. =.=; 
But I just want to point out that both of these do sink into lip lines, and a bit uneven, more so for OR204, which might show more in the photo above. :<

 These lipsticks are so creamy and smooth! Although it's not as creamy as the innisfree juciy gloss pencil, it's good enough in it's own right. :) OR204 is just a tad bit drier.
I had no problem with both of these lipsticks gliding on my lips, without tugging.
However, the downside is both of these lipsticks colour sink into lip lines and will grab on to any uneven surface, so it's best to exfoliate your lips before applying these. Both have uneven coverage, more so for OR204. :< It's not noticeable from far away, but up close the colour does not look even at all. 

Both colours are quite bright and adds nice pop of colour!  They are pigmented, and buildable too, but I do find even with many layers, it still looks uneven. :<
 The finish is a bit glossy. :3
OR204 is a peachy, orange colour. It looks darker in the tube than on the lips. I find actually find it a bit too light for my skin tone. :S But it's pretty nonetheless.
PK304 is more of a coral colour on the pink-ish side

 These lasted on me for around 3-4 hours, and maybe 2 hours if I was eating. Not really long, and it doesn't leave a stain or anything. 
I do like the moisturization properties of these lipsticks, I don't feel like I need a lip balm underneath, and it keeps my lips moisturized for the duration. Also it's not sticky. :D

 Both smell sweet maybe fruity? It's just a general 'sweet' smell. ;u; hehe
And I don't think I tasted anything while I had this on. No complaints here. :>

 I do like these lipsticks for the numerous colour choices, the price and pigmentation. But I think they fall short on the hours of wear, and the fact that the application is not even. However, these are not fatal flaws so I think it's worth it just to have a try. :)

-Smooth and creamy
-Plenty of colour choices
-Cute packaging

-Not long lasting
-Uneven application, and sink into lines

If you are interested in these lipsticks you can find them here on for $8.89!

Have you tried any Etude House lipsticks?

This is the first time I'm trying out Etude House lipsticks. I usually go for lip tints or tinted balms. I think these are alright, but could be better. :3

Thanks for reading, hope it was helpful!
I hope to update once next week, a shorter post probably, since I have 2 midterm coming up consecutively next week. >.< 
Okay see you next post, take care! :D


  1. Lovely packaging and great colors...too bad they aren't long lasting and sink into lip lines :( !!!
    Chibilaria ღ Cute Random Lifestyle and Beauty Blog

  2. Love the review, Chee! :'D I've had my eyes on these for quite a while now! >u<
    Also, I added you on WeChat - not sure if you got the confirmation or not. *A*

  3. I do love Etude House's packaging! So pretty! *_*
    Ya it's too bad, but I wasn't expecting them to be perfect anyways. xP
    Thanks for reading! ^^

  4. Thank Junjun! :D You should check out the Innisfree Juicy Gloss Pencils, they are so perfect! *A* haha
    Oh I got it! :D

  5. Such pretty colors! And I love your new banner, it's so cute! XD

  6. I didn't try Etude House Lipstick so far, but I love the color of the swatches. A pitty they provide an uneven application

  7. I have 2 of these lipsticks and I like the texture very much :D and the colour range is awesome:D I like your one in rd304 :)

  8. meishenmeweishenmeOctober 4, 2013 at 7:35 AM

    nice review, your lips looks so good ^^

  9. I've tried quite a few Etude House lipsticks. I really like the Sweet Recipe ones and the Princess Etoinette ones, but the formula I tried from the Color Pop range wasn't great. x.x

  10. I have never tried their lipstick before, but it seems to be some nice shade <3

  11. wow, your lips so sexy cute!

  12. your lipshape is cute haha~ I really love the colors you choosed but I hate that it's not long lasting and that the application is uneven :/ I would probably pass on this. I never tried any Etude House lipsticks too :o
    But thank you for the nice review, Chee! Your review is great as always haha- :>
    And I'm soo curious how you look aaaah ;w; but it's okay when you're not feeling well posting them in the internet heh :3

    And I'm inviting you to My first Giveaway here hehe I finally reached 100+ followers (me is so unfamous haha) ;O;
    But thanks for always commenting on my posts :33 I appreciate it a lot OK~

  13. I haaaave to try these! I love the colors you got. *o*

  14. I love how creamy these lipsticks are. RD304 looks so nice on you :)

    Louise | Vanity Corner

  15. Thanks Louise! There was so much colours to choose from, I picked these colours on a whim. xD

  16. Thanks Joyce, glad you liked it ^^

  17. Yes you do Amy! :D I love the colour range of these. :3

  18. Haha Thanks Mindy! This is the first time trying out ET lipsticks for me too. I don't usually go for lipsticks, I prefer lip tints. :P The unevenness is a bit discouraging, but it only looks that way up close. I am just overwhelmed by the colour choices though, it's fun to chose the colours. hehe
    Haha I will, someday. ;u;
    I joined your cute giveaway! :3

  19. You should try it, the colours are vibrant, and the packaging is super cute! Thanks for reading Yuen!

  20. I think it's worth a try! They are not too expensive, and the packaging is so cute! haha
    Thanks for reading Yomi!

  21. Ohh I want to try the Princess Etoinette lipsticks! The packaging looks so cute haha!
    I guess it's a hit or miss for these ET lipsticks. Thanks for reading Bethany!

  22. Haha Thank you! ;u; Glad you liked it!

  23. Haha Thank you Sonya! My friend actually drew the banner for me. xD

  24. Ya for the swatches they always look so pigmented and vibrant, but on the lips, it's a bit uneven, but it's still a good product in my opinion. :D

  25. Ohh I do love the creaminess of these lipsticks, but they don't look too even on my lips, especially the lighter colours. But still really good ^^ Thanks for reading!

  26. I love the packaging! So pretty! x

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay