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Review: Holika Holika Apple Shine Turn-over Essence

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Happy Halloween! ^_^

It's been so long again, apologies for the lack of updates, D: but my laziness has been really kicking in lately, mostly because whenever I've finished some school work I just want to rest and be lazy. TAT 

So without further ado, today I have a review on a Holika Holika product, I thought it was rather fitting because of the magical witch-y theme it has going on. :>

This Holika Holika Apple Shine Turn-over Essence is part of the Apple Shine line, in which I have reviewed the Apple Shine Peeling Sheet! There are several products in this line including a peeling toner, scrub foam, scrub soda, and sleeping cream! All of these products have the function of exfoliation~

The packing is really cute, the the glass bottle is super cute, like some magic potion! :0

"Lustrous and vibrant-looking skin created by country-fresh apple and grain ingredients. Contains rich concentrations of organic apples, other fresh fruits and grain, which leave your skin looking smooth and lustrous. Removing the dead skin layer can make your skin as lustrous as a freshly picked apple.  Fruit and hyaluronic acid contents help your skin retain moisture, while removing dead skin cells, to promote supple, vibrant-looking skin. Simple and convenient peeling system for those on the go or who have sensitive skin. An exfoliation line with eight exfoliating products, each for a specific need ranging from simple peeling to sensitive skin. Choose the product that suits your individual skin type and lifestyle"

This product, unlike other exfoliating products, do not contain beads or particles for scrubbing, it's a gel type lotion that will gently remove dead skin while providing moisture! :o
Quite interesting, I have never used a non-mechanical exfoliator, I'm curious to see the results compared to regular exfoliators!

It does not say anywhere if this essence is for daily use, I'm assuming it is, judging by the size and that it's an essence. I have been using it every night, and have had no problems with it.

The glass bottle is really sturdy, and has a good weight to it. Look really cute on a table. :P

I was really happy to see that this packaging has a pump, unlike some essences! >.<

Adorable logo on the cap and inside the box! :D

Smooths out easily with no stickiness!

I was surprised to read that this is supposed to go on as the last step of your skin care routine, shouldn't it have immediate contact to the skin to have the exfoliation take effect? :o I'm not sure.
But nevertheless, I really like the pump on this essence, as I find most essence do not have one and it's a pain to get the product out, with this it's no problem! :D Just about two pumps of this will do for the whole face. It's a viscous gel-like essence, quite thick, but smooths very easily, and makes the skin feels silky and not sticky! :D

I like how after my skin care routine, with essence moisturizer etc., applying this last seems to have an effect of sealing all the moisture in. I certainly like the watery feeling of this too, it makes my skin feels even more moisturized. There's also a cooling effect that goes with it, it's quite soothing.
As for the exfoliating effects, it's really hard to tell since there's not much immediate evidence. But I have been using this for some weeks now, and it does seem like my skin has gotten smoother, but I don't know if I can attribute it all to this product. 

 Similar to the Apple Shine Peeling Sheet, this essence has an apple scent, it's decent and unique. But it's a bit artificial and plastic-like. It's not too strong so I don't mind.

I think this is a decent product, there's certainly a nice moisturizing effect. And if you have dry or sensitive skin, this would be a good exfoliator essence to consider since it does not irritate the skin with harsh scrubs, and quite moisturizing too. It can fit to your everyday skin care routine too.

-No harsh scrubs, good for sensitive/dry skin types
-Easy to use
-Silky and non-sticky texture
Smooths skin
-Cute packaging

-Exfoliation effects not immediate
-Apple scent, but a bit artificial

You can find this product here for $25 at or your local holika holika store. :P

Gosh I just love the packaging of this haha, it's too cute and I really like colour and the fact that it's glass. :P

Have you tried an exfoliator essence before?

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  1. Congratulations to the winner! :'D

    Also, I've been wondering about that essence from Holika Holika for a while! Thanks for the review, Chee~ c:

  2. wow this product is really unique.. :D
    essence but use it in last part of skin care routine XD
    too bad that the scent is too artificial, i like apple scent products, just like Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack, it smells wonderful <3

  3. That has got to be the cutest product ever! :D I'm definitely going to give it a try! :3
    Congratulations to the winner! ^_^

  4. This doesn't sound like it would suit my skin, but I do adore the packaging! I love how it's all witchy and shaped like a potion. So cute :3

  5. I'm wondering how it could exfoliate if it's the last step in skin care? Wouldn't it just exfoliate everything you've put on before it? Anyway, it looks really charming, it's spell's working on me. :D

  6. THank you Chee for the detailed review :D that looks like an interesting product!

  7. Great review, as always, Chee! :D I think I read another review about this one somewhere else too! But I don't remember where I read it anymore xD Anyways, I wonder if this is good for oily skin too. And I really don't know how apples smell haha But I agree with you, I like the packaging and the pump and texture a lot too hehe And thanks for this review!
    I remember when you started this blog about half a year ago, your blog grew soo fast :D That's so cool haha ~

  8. It's perfect for Halloween. xD I love their packaging.

  9. Good to hear it's for sensitive skin <3

  10. Whoa, I've never seen a product like this! An exfoliator that doesn't have beads, wow. *A*
    I have sensitive skin, so hopefully I can try this out sometime soon.
    Thank you for the review! <3
    Please check out my blog if you have the time! ;v;

    ☆ gin ★

  11. I love the packaging! Holika Holika has the cutest stuff ever, I swear. x

    Have a look at my blog maybe?

  12. This sounds alright! I've been curious about Holika Holika skincare. ^_^ but yeah, it is quite odd that it is supposed to exfoliate, but is the last product in the routine...

  13. I've never tried Holika Holika skincare before, this looks like an interesting product!! I love anything apple-scented so I will look more into this ^^ Thanks for the review!!!

  14. I've wanted to try Holika Holika products, but I have never been able to choose which one I want to try first! I wonder why it isn't supposed to go on the skin first? That's very weird!

    I'm glad I came across your blog, it's beautiful!

  15. Exfoliators without beads? and it goes at the end of the skincare? hmm. As for the function, does this like Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum, it's exfoliating, moisturizing, not to mention brightening (as it removes dead skin cells), but it goes before the skincare. Can you give your opinion on this? Thanks!

    Great review by the way. Oh, if you got the chance, do drop by my blog!

    xx, Mira |

  16. i love apple scented products! lol so maybe your con is my pro :D good to hear that it's moisturizing. not sure if i would try this product, but i'll definitely keep it in mind! thanks for the review.

    xoxo Sarah (xlicious girl)
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  17. I've never tried this before but the bottle looks so magical, like a potion bottle hehe~ Thanks for the review (^^)