Friday, October 11, 2013

Unboxing: September Wantable Beauty Box

Hi Everyone!

Long time no see!~ ^_^; 
Still in the middle of my midterms, and there's not an end in sight just yet. =A=
 So this post will consist mostly of pictures. :D

So after looking through a lot of bloggers' posts on monthly beauty boxes, it's so tempting for me to try some too, but I always hesitated and wondered if it's ever worth it.

And I think it was during late September, I suddenly received an email from Romil Patel from Wantable, a new beauty and jewelry subscription box, to try out a complementary box! *_* Gah so exciting, and perfect timing, since I wanted to try one too! xD

The package came in this box, nothing else on the outside. .-. This is the September Beauty box. :)

So on their website there are 3 box choices to choose from; a beauty box, jewelry box or an intimates box, and right now a limited edition Halloween box! I choose the beauty box of course, which will come with full size products! The personalization of the boxes are super specific too, you can select exactly what you like or dislike for a LOT of categories, including colours, and types, and they'll never send the ones you dislike. xD And you can change preferences any time. Then they'll sent a box valued at $80 or more! :0
Also, they only ship to USA, Canada, and Australia at the moment.

But the downside is that this is quite expensive for a subscription box, priced at $40 per box, or $36 if you get a subscription. A bit too much for my budget, but I guess it's worth it in the end?
(I'm not affiliated with them, this box was just a complementary box, thanks to Romil Patel! ^_^)

The card that came inside, and some info.

Right after opening the box, the card, a sample, and the order list of the items and their original prices!

Tada~ The products! I received 5 beauty products + a sample.

The two sample cream eye shadows, so creamy and soft. *_* Looks like pills here! haha
I like Sunrise Peach the most.

Foundation brush! The bristles are really soft. I gave this to my mom though, since she needed one. xD
Retail $25

I like the colour and the pigmentation is quite nice, but it's a bit powdery. I've also seen Be a Bombshell eyeshadows in other cheaper beauty boxes.
Retail $14

A very pigmented, creamy and gorgeous red lip stick! I really love this, but don't know when to wear it. ;u; 
The colour is in Russian.
Retail $21

A maroon metallic nail polish, it looks quite nice! But it peels, so a base coat is a must.
I also like the interesting packing design.
Retail $11

An eyebrow gel with built in brush! It's quite handy, the colour is a dark brown, and it lasts quite long too!
Retail $22

So the total retail prices come up to $93!
In this box I like the lipstick, eyebrow gel, and nail polish the most! 

Do you think it's worth $40? 

I think it is worth it, but it really depends what you get, and it really is luck of the draw. The surprise factor is what draws me in to subscriptions boxes. xD

Are you subscribed to any beauty boxes? Any recommendations? *_*

Okay thanks for reading, take care~ ^^
 I'll see you next post for a review!


  1. Looks awesome. They're expensive, but it's nice knowing that you're getting things you're actually interested in.

    On that note, I'm part of a collab. giveaway with SweetJellyBean at the moment, where readers can win a Wantable box. ^_^

    Not sure if this is super bad etiquette, but I apologise if it is and feel free to remove this link: - Just thought people might be interested after reading your post.

  2. I finally caved in yesterday and signed up for a Wantable box. I've read so many reviews and find the box is worth its value; everything is customised to your preference so you know there is a high chance you'll probably like everything you receive.

    The cream eyeshadows you received look nice! And that eyebrow gel looks really interesting... I would have thought it was an eyeliner.

    Louise | Vanity Corner

  3. Wow the things you got are reaaally nice *-* But $40 is soo expensive T^T But I think it's still worth it because of all the high end products you got :O If I ever have money I would like to subscribe to this box too haha xD And I'm not subscribed to any beauty box atm haha xD

  4. looks like a pretty good box with lots of full size products!

  5. I know the box is pricey, but I'm totally in love with Wantable haha! Awesome review (as always), Chee - I really like the Cailyn thingymajig. Can't believe it's an eyebrow gel! o.o Looks like an eyeliner ahah~

  6. before reading your post and glimpsing through your pictures I thought the potted gel was eyeliner ><
    These items look very high quality and amazing
    Love the metallic nail polish!

  7. omg wow! x__X I want the be a bombshell eyeshadow! and the red lipstick!

  8. Wow, this beauty box looks great! I would love to try one as well :)
    The lipstick looks gorgeous! <3

    I would like to invite you to my giveaway dear :)
    Etude House Minnie Disney Giveaway

  9. It does look pretty nice doesn't it? :D
    I joined your giveaway, it's so cute ^^

  10. I love the lip stick! It`s a true red colour, so gorgeous. :D
    Thanks for reading!

  11. Ohh looks interesting! It`s no problem, especially when it`s totally relevant to the post! xD

  12. I do think it`s worth the value too, but still too much for me, since there`s still a chance factor to it too! I really want to see what you get in your box though~ :D
    I thought it was an eyeliner too, since I've seen them in this packaging, but this is pretty cool too!
    Thanks for reading!

  13. It's worth it, but it really depends if you are whiling to spend $40 a month on semi-random makeup. xD I think it's kinda expensive too.
    I have been pondering if I should subscribe to a beauty box recently, just can't seem to do it though haha!

  14. I really like that it contains almost all full sized products too! ^^

  15. I love Wantable too, I really want to try their accessory and intimates box too! When I have more cash xD The eyebrow gels works surprisingly well too! <3
    Thanks for reading June~

  16. Haha I thought so too! But it's a really nice eyebrow gel! I love everything except the gold eyeshadow, the packaging felt a bit cheap, and it wasn't as pigmented as I hoped. But The box was totally worth it still .:)
    Thanks for reading Shin!

  17. Wow~ this beauty box looks amazing and it's very generous too!!
    Do let us know when the reviews are up for the products :D

    -Miss Sennnaa

  18. Everything in the box looks flash! I wish we have awesome boxes like this in NZ, I un-sub to most beauty boxes here (well there's only 2) cause they always give out fake tan lol.

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay