Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Review: Holika Holika Water March Moisture Full Cream

Hello I'm back for another small review. :)
This time it's the Water March Moisture Full Cream from Holika Holika.

I was looking for a new general moisturizer after I've finished the Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream (which I loved!), Holika Holika sent me this, and the name sounded rather familiar, so I was eager to test it out. I have been using this daily for several months now, it's a large jar and almost done with it.

Video of the product :P 


After 5 minutes.

-Moisturizing, it definitely does what it says and keep my skin moisturized all day and night.
-Gel-like, I prefer moisturizers that are watery in texture and easily spreadable. This one does both flawlessly.
-Glass jar, this can be either a pro or con. But I do prefer the luxury and aesthetically pleasing look of it sitting on my desk. It also has some circular designs which makes me want to keep the jar even after finishing the product, maybe to store beads or something lol.

-Scent, while it's not an overwhelming sweetness, it does smell somewhat artificial, but this is minor.
-Sticky, while it does feel nice and refreshing when first applied, it does not absorb completely. I always have a sticky, heavy feeling on my face after a couple of minutes. 


Comparing this to the Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream, I prefer the latter. It out shines the former in all aspects maybe except the look of the jar.

Thanks for reading~
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  1. That looks like a very lovely product and I especially love the packaging! I usually turn those pretty jars into something like brush holders or makeup jars. ^_^
    Sounds like a lovely product, and I love things that smell sweet so I'm guessing that this would be lovely for me! ^_^
    Thanks so much for the great review!

  2. I think it is good for oily skins :)
    Thanks for reviewing , it has been a long time since I read your reviews~~

  3. This moisturizer sounds nice for all skin types :D I honestly never heard of it but it reminds me a bit of the Etude House Moistfull Collagen moisturier! I'm glad you're back, Chee! I really missed your reviews and posts :c ! Thanks for posting this review and being active again <3 Can't wait to see more reviews ^w^

    Also, I would like to invite your to my Circle Lens Giveaway, you might be interested since you can win a pair of circle lenses ><

  4. This looks like an interesting product. It didn't break you out, right? :)

  5. Looks like such a nice product!

    I haven't seen it before, but I've been looking for a new moisturizer so I might try it out next c:

  6. This was my favorite cream until using the Etude House Super Collagen Cream xD Awesome review Chee xoxo

  7. I haven't tried the EH Super Collagen Cream, but it's probably an upgrade from the original version. :0 Tempting~

  8. Its pretty good, definitely worth looking into. :)

  9. No it didn't, but I usually don't get breakouts, my skin is not really sensitive. :P

  10. Awn thanks Mindy! It's nice to be back from hiatus. I'm glad you still remember me hehe!
    I'll be sure to check out your giveaway!

  11. Yes I thin so too! It's glad to be back, I'm glad you still enjoy my reviews ^^

  12. Oh that's a great idea! :0 I think I'll do just that when I'm finished with it.. thanks :D