Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Review: Rivecowe Shine Blusher #3 Shine Coral

Hello, it's been quite a long hiatus~
I've been caught up with school during the past few month, and it was quite stressful. Now that I'm done with exams and most major projects, I can blog some more. First few items are from a few month ago that I will be catching up to.

Outdoor and indoor lighting.


-Blend-able. It's a very smooth powdery texture.
-Natural light colour. A subtle coral that will suit all skin colours.
-Compact packaging. Sturdy round packaging, with a puff and a small mirror.

-Too much glitter, it doesn't show up much on camera, but in real life it's very noticeable.


I'll keep it short and sweet for now while I ease myself back to blogging again. Thanks for viewing!

Also I fiddled around with Youtube and decided to upload a random video of this just for fun.~


  1. It is nice to read a new review from you! Hope you'll keep up doing some more in future. I like the packaging of this blush.:) Looks like a nice color, too.

  2. I miss your posts so much unnie! Hey welcome back! I was being mia for couple weeks too and finally came back to blogging couple days before you do hahha!

  3. Thank you Nhi glad you still remember me. ;u; Ya I kind of just disappeared without warning haha.
    It's good to back blogging again. :D

  4. Thank you Fraulein Schnee! I think I will keep it up at least during summer. :)

  5. The color is pretty, but I don't like glitter/sparkles of any sort in my blushers :/ I always love the bow puffs though hehe.

  6. The packaging reminds me of the Etude House Lovely Cookie Bluser.

  7. The color is so pretty :) It looks good on you :D

  8. The design is pretty much a copy-cat of Etude House's blushes, even with the same sort of puff. Lol the color is beautiful thou, love coral shades x

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay