Sunday, May 4, 2014

Review: Holika Holika 3 Seconds Starter Hyaluronic Acid

I have another Holika Hoilka skin care review today. :)
The 3 Seconds Starter with Hyaluronic Acid is meant to be used right after cleansing the face to lock in moisture in the skin, and prep the skin for your daily skin care routine.

Short video review:

 I sometimes being the lazy person that I am, substitute my morning moisturizer for this, as it is easy, quick and gets absorbed in to the skin super quick!

"Starter does not have time to moisturize dry skin!"
That's not good advertising is it? xD

I wish all skin care products come with a pump like this, it's hygienic, and much more efficient to use!

Rubbed in

After 3 min.

-Lightweight, absorbs quickly, and great for lazy mornings.
-Moisturizing, my skin really do feel really moisturized, especially after the tight, dry feeling after cleansing the face.
-Refreshing, the watery, gel texture is cooling and feels wakes you up.
-Scent, it's a light, fresh sweet scent.
-Easy to use, cap can be easily popped off, not twisting required! And the pump dispenses an adequate amount for the whole face with one pump.

-Nothing really

Honestly, there's nothing unpleasant about this product at all for me. But please do note I have normal skin, and I don't usually get break-outs. So this may not work as well for everyone as it did for me. I do think because of its consistency, it would be great for oily skin types too.


Thanks for reading. :)

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  1. ah the consistency of this stuff looks super cool and it seems like itd be suitable for oily skin! definitely on my list of things to check out :)
    thanks for the review chee, and it's so nice to have you back!!

  2. Sounds awesome! I am a very lazy person in the morning, especially if I work the morning shift at work, so this looks like something I would enjoy! :D

  3. describtion seems really awkward :D
    Thank you for the review~~

  4. Haha the description made me laugh! Really!? :P thanks for the review, not sure how this would go on my dry skin though!

  5. Thanks for the review =)
    I read about this one several times, but was relucant to try it (and finding out I won't like it after waiting for weeks).
    Tbh. I never knew what it it's good for ;)
    I think I'll check it out the next time I order something ^^

  6. Thanks for reviewing! I've been eyeing the 3 Sec Starters for a loooong time, but have resisted since I feel like I already use a zillion things on my face every day. I'll probably lose all willpower and try either the vitamin or collagen kind eventually!

  7. I wonder how moisturizing it is for dry skin? Very interesting product!

  8. Awn thanks Catherine! I'm glad to be back too. :)

  9. Ya same here! This is quick and easy to use for those pesky mornings. xD

  10. haha I know right? xD Thanks for reading~

  11. Ya must be some poor translation! xD I've read some other blogger's reviews on this, it seems to have mixed consensus, some say it also dried out their skin. D: So I really depends on the skin type!

  12. Thank for reading Hanna! I've seen samples of this product before, so maybe you can ask the shops to provide you with one if possible? Just to try it out before investing money in it. :)

  13. Haha I feel the same! There's so many new and interesting skin care products, and I want to try them all, but I only have one face. xD Ohh those I've seen those ones too, very interested if they work. :)

  14. I've read mixed reviews on this product, some say it even dried out their skin. :(
    It worked fine for my normal skin, but if you have dry skin it would be best to try a sample of this before purchasing the full product. :)