Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Review: Tosowoong Makeon Princess Waterproof Gel Pencil Liners Season 1

Hello everyone~
Today I'll be reviewing an eye liner set from Makeon! I must say this is one of the best eye liner pencils I've used in terms of pigmentation and longevity, so I'm really excited to share this with you! :D 
I bought this from Memebox, though I have also seen this on Wishtrend~

Although I would have preferred the tin to have a simple and elegant design like the outer box, it's cute in its own way.~

Product Description
This set of liners is said to be super long lasting and waterproof!
It is the first limited edition set, and comes in 5 Liners. Most of the colours are natural and can be worn on a daily basis.
The five liners are:
Liner #S02: Party Tonight Pearl Black
Liner #S03: Lovely Espresso Brown
Liner #S04: Sexy Vampire Burgundy
Liner #S05: Secret Princess Gold
Liner #S06: Look At Me Lovely Beige
There is also 2 more limited edition sets, season 2 a marine theme and season 3 a golden theme.

The backs have the same descriptions of the liners.

The tin box is quite useful for storage and for travel, or you can take out the lining and use it as storage box for miscellaneous things.

As you can see I have used quite a bit of the brown and burgundy colours, those are my favourites! Unfortunately these pencils are not twistable even though they look like they do with the black section on the bottom. Sharpening them is easy, but they break off easily.

Swatch in day light.

Swatch with flash.

Smudge test, there a very light smudging but I think that's because of the extra pigments sitting on top of the swatches, usually a smaller amount would be used and there would be no smudging at all! And I used reasonable force, so I think it's quite impressive!

With water and smudged. The colours all stayed put, and water makes little to no difference, and even with additional smudge attempts the colours do not budge. The only thing I noticed was some glitters and shimmers on the finger I rubbed with.

Here I used the black liner to line my eye, the burgundy above the black on the top lid, and gold on the inner corners. :)

As you can probably see from the swatches these gel pencils are super pigmented, especially the darker colours! 
The black liner contains a lot of glitters and simmers, it looks really pretty on swatches and close ups, but in real life it is not very visible. 
The brown liner has a satin finish and looks very natural. I use this the most since it does not look as harsh as the black one. 
The burgundy is my favourite colour in this set. It is matte, and compared to the other liners in this set, I find this one to be the richest in colour and applies the smoothest. 
The two lighter shades are not as pigmented as the darker ones, but they are buildable and can achieve a very nice  highlight for the eyes. Swatching them on my arm is easier compared to when actually using it. Since the skin around the eyes are very delicate, it's difficult to build up the colour and use much force. The gold is shimmery and so pretty, feels like I'm applying pure gold to my eyes! *-* The beige is satin and it's the perfect highlighting shade, very versatile.

These liners also last very long for me. I have oily and fat eye lids lol , and usual liners always smudge on me even when they claim to be smudge proof. These ones are the only pencil liners I have used that does not do that at all. Through out the day the colour do fade, but no smudging! The biggest reason I would recommend these.~

However these liners do have a couple of downsides. First is the fact that they must be sharpened, although it's not a difficult task, the pigments are very soft and break off very easily. I have broken off the tip several times, and it's so sad to see good liner go to waste. :( You must use a very gentle and steady hand to sharpen these! 
Another downside is the liner, especially the lighter coloured ones can drag on the eyelid when applied, since they are less pigmented. 

-Long lasting
-Smudge proof and water proof
-Wearable colours
-Comes in a tin for easy storage

-Needs to be sharpened
-Some colours drag on lids


Overall these pencil gel liners are the best I've ever used! I love the colours and the fact that they are long lasting and smudge proof on my oily eyelids. Recommend these to anyone looking for smudge proof pencil liners.~

Thanks for reading~ :)
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  1. Fräulein SchneeMay 15, 2014 at 3:21 AM

    I like the colors in your set. I read several good reviews about the tosowoong eyeliner pencils and they really sound great. :)

  2. I like this set the most because of the nutral colours too. :) yes they are fantastic! :D

  3. Chee! How I missed reading your posts! I love the colors but too bad it's not a twist pen. The colors you use on your eye are really pretty together <3

  4. The burgundy one looks gorgeous on you!

  5. Awn thanks Misa! I really like the colours in this set too~ I know it's been awhile but I'm back at least for the summer. xD

  6. Hehe thanks Bethany! It's my favourite colour out of the bunch. :)

  7. If only these were twistable :( They look so good and I love that they come in a set! So handy for creating looks with purely liner and no shadows. I've also never heard of this brand- how much was the set? :)

  8. I think I got this for around $20. so about $4 per liner, I think it's worth it considering their quality. I've seen reviews on this with people using it as eye shadow by blending it out, I have yet to try it though. :)

  9. I have this also ^^ Btw I love your blog, we have similar taste :p I also have the gold one and I love how they are smudge proof, waterproof and won't remove until I wipe off with makeup wipes! The only thing I dislike is sharpening part, would be great if it's twisty when eyeliner finish.

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay