Saturday, May 17, 2014

Unboxing: Memebox Superbox #9 Tonymoly

Once again Memeboxes (affiliate link) have made me cave in to their mystery boxes! D: This is the first time I have gotten one of their Superboxes, the Tonymoly box! I just couldn't resist, I don't have much and always wanted to try more Tonymoly products, especially after reading so many good reviews and their adorable packaging!... That would be the excuse I gave myself while adding this to my shopping cart. ^^;
But to be honest I am very satisfied with this box, and glad I got it.~

This time it's the regular pink box, but it seems like they are lower quality compared to the first few boxes.

Oh so exciting~
This time Memebox did not include prices on the products, so I'll be using prices from RoseRoseShop, Koreadepart and as a reference

Click images to see details

Mr. Smile Patch || 1pc x 10g || $2

First thing on top is this cute pair of mustache! It's a hydro-gel patch meant for smile lines. It contains extracts from blueberry, black sesame, black bean and mulberry. This is such a novelty item that I don't think I'll ever want to use, let alone the fact that one pair is probably not enough to have any lasting results. So this will be staying on my desk for a while.~

Pocket Bunny Mist || 60ml || $10 

The packaging is too cute! I have seen this around, but never tried it out since I have some facial mists that I need to use up. This mist contains extracts from cabbage, pineapple and lemon which will reduce oil and re-adjust your skin to be silky looking again. The size of this is not too big, so it can be carried around. 

Petit Bunny Gloss Bar Juicy Cherry || 2g || $4

At last! I can finally try the famous Tonymoly bunny gloss bars, it's even cuter in person.~ Very happy I got this in the box since I have wanted one for a long time. I'm also glad it's the cherry red version too, I like the sheer red tint it'll give. Haven't used it yet, but I toke a whiff at it, and it smells like cherries, quite nice!

Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm || 20g || $9

Oh another product that I've been eyeing.~ This pore balm primer will give the skin a silky smooth texture and tighten enlarged pores. There's not much product, just the bottom half of the "egg". It's a bit of waste of packaging, but it's definitely unique and cute! There's also a spatula inside and the balm look like some some kind of batter, very intriguing. Can't wait to try it out!

Nail Foundation Kit || 3pcs x 7ml || $6

The only product here that I'm not TOO excited about. The 3 shades are Pale Beige, Classic Beige, and Camel Beige. The colours are very similar to each other, and very basic colours that can be found anywhere. It's a cute kit and I'll definitely have a use for them, but they are nothing special. For now it'll just go straight to my nail polish box. :D

Tomatox Magic Massage Pack || 80g || $12

This is another popular product that I have been planning to get, so glad it came in this box too! I've tried samples of this and I really like it for its brightening effects. The packaging is quite iconic and really cute! >.< It also have a spatula inside, I like how these products are all have hygienic purposes in mind. I can't wait to use this too.~

Floria Nutra-Energy 100 Hours Cream || 45ml || $20

This moisturizer is packed with extracts from argan oil, rosehip oil, evening primrose oil, calendula flower oil, and borage oil for hydration lasting up to 100 hours! Wow that's quite a claim! I have a couple of samples of this that I haven't gotten around to use, but I must say I love the pump packaging on this cream. Looking forward to trying this out too. :)

All the products from this box. *_*

The total value for this box is $63 and that's not including shipping! I think I payed $35 for this box and with my accumulated points. :D I think it's a great deal, especially with so many products that I have really been wanting for a while now. Overall I'm very satisfied with this box of Tonymoly goodies. *_*

Have you been addicted to beauty boxes or Memebox (affiliate link)? :0

If you would like to see any in-depth review of any of these please let me know in comments.~

Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. I hope they bring this box back soon. This was one of those boxes I really wanted! Thanks for the unboxing xoxo <3

  2. Ooh, this looks like a great box! I've been wanting to buy a memebox, however I've been indecisive as to which I want to purchase (also, most of them are quite expensive >_>)
    This one seems really nice, but I already have a lot of the products which are in it xD
    Great review!

  3. I have yet to add Tonymoly to my collection...=0= I keep seeing such great things about them too. I must try one day...

  4. it really is a great deal ~~

  5. This is such a great box! I was disappointed with the previous brand-specific boxes but after seeing this one and the Missha superbox, i'm really curious to what brand-box they will be coming out next :)

  6. Oh very nice haul, the Tonymoly mist is one of my fav products!

  7. Oh can't wait to try that then! ^^

  8. Ya I've heard the Banila co. box wasn't that great. I'm glad this is not so bad! I'm curious too, hope it's Skin Food hehe! Thanks for reading. ^^

  9. I really liked this Superbox,too!!Especially for the bunny gloss bar,I already had shade 3 and this one was going to be the next!The Floria cream is also very good.
    And yes,Memebox addict here!!Their Superboxes are my downfall (just received the Missha one today) :P
    Nice post!!! ^_^

  10. I bought the Tony Moly box too and as soon as I opened it I was impressed ^^ I love every single products included, my favourite is definitely the Egg pore balm! Cutest packaging & product works amazingly!

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay