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Review: a;t Fox Fantasy Holic Makeup Designer Kit Jasoyup Herb Tea

I have been away for the past couple of weeks, as I went to China to visit relatives. It was a comforting trip, but I couldn't stop thinking about that fact that I need to update my blog. ^^

So, I'm glad to be back, and today I'll be reviewing a makeup kit I've received from a Memebox (affiliate link) some time ago! I was really pleasantly surprised when I  saw this in one of the Memeboxes, the value of this kit is almost the same as the price of the whole box, around $23+shipping! Anyway there's some nice products in here, keep reading for more pictures and review.~

The packaging looks so pretty doesn't it? I love unique and whimsical designs like this.~
Product Description
This kit comes with:

-3 Color Eye Designer Pencils (Tiara Gold, Secret Purple, Diamond Gray)
-Eyeliner Designer Pencil (Shine Black)
-Lip & Cheek Designer Pencil (Lovely Coral)
-Nail Sticker (6 strips X 2ea)
-Nail File 
There is another set called Black tea that Memebox included in some boxes, which had different colours of liner and pencils.

You can still find it here at Memebox (affiliate link).

-Taken from Memebox

So I was admiring the pretty packaging when I couldn't help but noticed this!
Extreme laziness on their design part. xD

The back, it tells you the all the contents inside.

All the products inside, except the nail sticker and file. I gave the rhinestone nail stickers to my sister right away when I got this, it just wasn't my style and didn't fit my nails anyway. It would have been fine to me if they hadn't included it at all.

The 3 pencil liners! I really like the wood look of these, and the colour selection is quite nice too.
And of course these needs to be sharpened.

Here are swatches of the 3 pencil liners (purple, gold and gray).
The colours are pigmented and very soft and smooth too. But too bad it doesn't hold up to any smudging at all! I really like these colours but when I wore these they get smudged by my eyelid so easily, and it just doesn't work with my oily lids at all. :(

This black eye liner is twistable, and has glitters in it.

This liner passed the smudge test with ease! Only some glittery bits came off, but overall with intense smudging, very little if none of the pigment was smudged! I wasn't expecting this to be so permanent, but looks like I'll have tons of use out of it.~

I love this little chubby lip/cheek crayon stick, it's so cute.~

This is probably my favourite product in this set. It's super creamy textured, and gives a really pretty flushed coral colour that is very wearable.

On my cheek, as I prefer it. I love how the colour looks. :D
The colour doesn't show up much on my lips and extenuates my lips' dryness. :/

This kit is really cute, although I find the nail stickers unnecessary, the rest of the products are very much so usable.
The pencil liners all have very pretty colours, I love the purple one especially, it contains iridescent glitters, while the gold and gray ones have gold and silver glitters in them, respectively.
The texture is soft and smooth, and applies very easily. With a few strokes it will achieve a pigmented look.
However they do not last long as a liner at all. As you can see from the swatches, they are very easily smudged away. The only way I would use them, as someone with very oily eye lids, is to use them as eyeshadows by lightly swiping them across the lid and blending it in. They do perform quite well that way, more so with primer underneath, but still do not last as long as I would like.

The black liner thankfully, is smudge-proof. It loses some colour intensity after vigorous smudging, but it does not transfer to other areas. An important thing to note is that , I must wait a few minutes for the liner to set before rubbing, or else the liner would smudge as well.
The colour is a very pigmented black, only one stroke is needed to achieve full pigmentation. The glitters add some interest to an otherwise plain black liner.
The application is wonderful! It feels very buttery when applied and does not tug on my eye lids either.~

Finally the blush/lip colour is lovely coral that I'm sure would look great on any skin tone as a blush. It does not have any glitters so it gives a very natural look. As a lip colour however, I find it not as pigmented as I would like, not suited for people with pigmented lips, and the texture would reveal cracked and dry areas if not exfoliated extremely well. On the cheek the application is great! It is super creamy, and blends out easily as well. It may feel a bit sticky, but it's not a little powder won't fix. This is probably my favourite product in this whole set. :)

-Cute case
-Versatile products
-Long lasting black eyeliner
-Great blush colour
-Great pencil liner colours
-Smooth and pigmented application for all products

-Pencil liners smudges easily
-Lip crayon extenuates dry lips


Overall, I like this kit for the eye liner and blush colour. Even though the pencil liners are sub-par in performance, it is versatile enough to be used as eyeshadow. I would have rather they've made the case smaller to not include the nail stickers than to include them, but that's just personal preference. :P

This is the first time I have encountered this brand a;t Fox, have you used any products from them? 

Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. I love the design of the boc for this set. When I saw some unboxing posts with boxes containing these sets I was in love. Thanks for the review :)

  2. I love the name of this product! Little kits like this seem great to travel with, bar the nail stickers. It's a shame the liners are so smudgey. I have dry skin and still have a smudging eyeliner problem so all my eyeliners have to be super waterproof!

  3. I love the design too, maybe even more than the products inside! XD

  4. I have oily eyelids, so it's even worse for me! The only liner that stays on my lids is the Dolly Wink liquid pen liner! :D

  5. I was really surprised by it's staying power! :D

  6. This kit is so cute! I love the packaging haha and the eye liners are such beautiful colours it's a shame they are really smudge proof. I have problem with liners staying cause my lids get a little oily during the day so i guess this won't be a product for me. Thanks for the great review I always like reading them!

  7. Aw thanks Emma! Same here, my eyelids are really oily and they have monolid-ish folds, so eyeliners never stay! Koji Dolly Wink pen liner has been working for me so far. :)

  8. I loved that little black eyeliner, It worked better than my Urban Decay . I used it up and have to find where I can buy it.