Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Review: Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence

This product was sent by cosmetic.jolse.com, all opinions are my own.
Good Day Everyone~
Today I have a review that's way overdue! I totally forgot about this product until recently while going through my stuff, apologies to Cosmetic Jolse for the delay! D:
Anyway, I have been using this great essence everyday in the morning, and it feels so refreshing and moisturizing on my skin that I might just purchase another and add it into my permanent skin care routine.~

Product Description
Snail Secretion Extract 90% (Increase collagen, elastin production, and minimizes sun damage to skin)
Bee Venom (Anti-inflammatory effects, increase collagen production)
EGF (Epidermal growth factor)
Aloe Vera
Patented Substances
Natural Preservatives
No Paraben/Mineral Oil/Alcohol/Benzohenon/Chemical Preservatives/Steroid/Artificial Fragrance/Artificial Coloring. Natural ingredients and natural preservatives.
$19.98 here at Cosmetics Jolse.
-Taken from cosmetics.jolse.com
Click to enlarge to see ingredients.

The ingredients does not contain water at all, which is great since you know you won't be getting a diluted essence.

Plastic container.

Comes with easy to use pump.

Gel-like, cooling, easily absorbed, and non-sticky.

The texture of this essence when pumped out is in the form of a clear gel. Once spread out it turns more liquid, and is easily spread on to the skin. The texture is one of my favourite aspect of this essence, the gel form is easy to use without making a mess, but at the same time it is watery enough that it can be distributed evenly on to the skin. The texture also makes this essence very cooling and refreshing, I love using this in the mornings for an awaking feel. Compared to most other essences, this Benton essence is not sticky at all! It goes on like water, yet it doesn't contain any water in the ingredients! :0

I can definitely feel an immediate moisturizing effect from this essence, as my skin seems to absorb it within seconds of application! It is super lightweight that I don't even feel like I have used anything on my face. Great for mornings when I don't want my face to feel heavy, especially when I need to apply cream moisturizer and makeup on top of it. As for long term effects, I can't say I have noticed any drastic differences, but my skin do feel smooth and moisturized, and perhaps the stimulation of collagen production will be apparent after an even longer period of time. Lastly, this essence does not contain perfume, but it smells like water, if you get what I mean, and does not break me out or irritates my skin in anyway.  

I have been using this essence for about a month now, and I use about 2 pumps for the whole face, and I am still not half way through the bottle yet. Even though the cardboard and bottle packaging are not fancy at all, the plastic bottle makes this product very light, and the pump is convenient to use. I like to think that Benton used most of their resources on developing effective skin care products and not just outer appearances. And indeed I have read heavily positive reviews on Benton products, such as their toner, gel, and steam cream. They are definitely a skin care brand to look out for!

-Soothing and cooling
-Absorbs quickly
-Great gel texture

-Uninteresting packaging


Even though this essence did not create miracle results for my skin, I didn't expect it to anyways. But as an everyday essence for moisture I personally love it! I recommend this to people with all skin types, as it's moisturizing but not oily or heavy. 
Although I don't really mind the simple packaging, I would still prefer something that's more eye-catching, that may up the price though, so I'm on the fence about it.
I have seen plenty of raving reviews on these Benton products, I will surely try out more of their products in the future! 
Have you tried any Benton products yet? How did you like them?

Thanks to Cosmetic Jolse for letting me try this out, and once again apologies for the late review!

Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. I tried the Benton Steam Cream and the Toner, but unfortunately I broke out using them, so I guess the line is not suited for my skin. I'm happy to hear that you had good experience with using the essence.

  2. Oh that's too bad. :( I saw a lot of great reviews on this so I thought it was suited for all skin types. Guess no one product works for everyone. Thanks for reading though! :)

  3. Haven't tried and it seems I won't do it. There are some irregularities about lack of preservant, some bacthes contaminated with mold and therefore...I'll choose another brand. Just don't want to risk my skin ._.. But before all that, wanted to try it and see if all the hype was real.
    Thank you for your review, It's nice to read your skin it's safe.

  4. Ah I think I remember reading about the contamination on certain manufacturing dates, and the company acted pretty responsible for it by replacing the products, so that's a plus. But you're right it's always important to not risk on skin care, I hope you'll find ones suited for you. :) Thanks for reading!

  5. What's your skin type, by the way? The combination of snail, bee and aloe gets me drawn to the product. I reckon this is a good combination of ingredients for problematic skin. :)

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  6. Hi just found your blog and I really like it. Keep up the awesome work ^.^ !!!
    I have used this essence continuously for the past 10 months. At first it did not give me immediate results but after using 2 bottles, I can definitely feel my skin is much healthier than before. I used to break out quite often, but now it barely does. I now only get one or two small pimples very occasionally, like once a month despite my unbalanced diet and sleepless nights. Whenever my skin breaks out, I am just like 'Pshhh, who cares' and just continue with my daily skincare routines without having to apply special treatments like before. The pimples will just quietly disappear on their own after 2 or three days without leaving any scars. This is definitely my HG !

  7. I have normal skin type and don't get much acne, I consider myself lucky haha! I've read up on bee venom and snail extracts and they do seem to help reduce inflammation. But I've also heard some people broke out after using this, so it's a bit of a gamble!

  8. Hi Junjun! ^^ I was really surprised at how cooling and non-sticky this essence is, considering it contains so much seemingly sticky ingredients and without water to dilute it too. You should definitely check it out!

  9. Thank you so much! ^^
    Wow seems like this has worked wonders for you! That's awesome! I have only been using this for around a month, and it does seem to work, but maybe I'll need to continue using it for some even better results. I don't get much pimples, and hopefully this will work for me too when I do get them . ^^

  10. Thanks for telling me. Hmmm.. I don't think I have the heart to gamble on that since I have super sensitive skin. You really are lucky if you don't get much breakouts. :)

  11. By the way Uisa, I don't know if you've got my email, but you won 10 Memepoints from my giveaway haha! Please just confirm you accept the prize, and I'll let Memebox know. :D

  12. OMG, really? I'll be checking my e-mail again! Yay! ^^

  13. Hi!
    I've tried this awhile ago~ I agree that it's moisturizing but it isn't really a miracle product. I didn't see any long-term results with it, but it was good as a daily essence since it wasn't sticky~

  14. Hi Jo!
    I agree, it's not a miracle product, but I love the feel of it, very refreshing and light. I do think Benton products are a bit over hyped, especially considering a recent contamination scare. :0

  15. The product isn't too expensive, so it wasn't completely unworth it. I read a bit about the aloe products awhile ago, and people would rave about it. But then I heard about the contamination thing recently @_@, and a lot of people broke out because of it.

  16. It give me acne every now and then, only one or two, but it never end , guess i cant use snail-product cause i got the same problem with holika prime snail T,T for the other effect i undoubtfully agree it did give moisture and make my skin smoother. My blackhead also gone after half bottle ^^