Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Review: Etude House Aloha V-Line Slim Maker #01 Sun Gold/ Wood Brown

Hello Everyone!
Today I have another review for you.~
This is the Etude House bronzer/highlighter compact, I've always loved Etude House products, so this purchase was a no brainer when I needed a bronzer/contorting powder to try. :D
Like always, the packaging is girly and colourful, though more often nowadays I find myself gravitating towards more simple mature packaging. This is still quite cute in my opinion. :)

Product Description
This highlighting and shading compact functions to create a slimmer face, and sharper chin.
It comes in 2 combinations:
#1 Sun Gold/Wood Brown (the one I have)
#2 Sun Pink/Cherry Brown

#1 has more of a yellow tone than #2, which has more of a pink tone.
-Taken from Cosmetic Jolse

The design on the back is quite dramatic in its depiction of what this compact may achieve, cute nonetheless. x)

Sides, with English descriptions, which I'm quite fond of Etude House for. :)

I love how big the mirror is, the compact is really slim too, great for carrying around, even if it's just for the mirror.

Close up, I've used quite a bit of the shading side already. The floral design is a nice touch. :)

It also comes with this flat brush. It's soft and functions well, but I wish there was somewhere on the compact that can store this, so it can be used on the go. I usually stick to my contorting and highlighting brushes when applying the shades.

To show the colour, I've layered several layers of colour. It is very subtle with a few light strokes, and blends well with rest of the skin tone.

I've been using this for several month now, and I really like this product!

The shading colour is very soft in texture, and a bit powdery. This makes the product very buildable. Both colours have a yellow tone to them, so it is suited for yellow undertone skin. It is very subtle matte shade and you'll probably need to go over it a few times before you can see a great difference. I do prefer it this way though, especially for shading, since I want the colour buildup as gradually as possible, so there is more room for mistakes, and you'll less likely go overboard with it.
Blending is very easy, but make sure to tap off the excess on your brush so you won't have uneven shades. I usually start around my jawline and work my way towards the centre of my face to build up a gradual shade. And this definitely works to slim the face! You can also use this to contour your nose or other areas.

The highlighting colour is much more pigmented, it is basically a very fine mixture of white and gold shimmers, and because it's so shimmery, only a little bit is needed to achieve the full highlighting effect, or else you might end up looking like a disco ball. I usually use this on the top of my cheeks and the bridge of my nose. Usually one application is enough. Also I find this highlighter to have some fallouts, and after a few hours I would get shimmer on other parts of my face. So it's important to use this in moderation!

Lastly, I really like the packaging, the compact snaps close tightly with no chance of opening by itself, and it's not hard to open either. It is slim, and feels sturdy and solid, great for carrying around. And as much as I love that it has both shading and highlighting shades, they are housed very closely to each other, and if you're using a bigger brush, you might get some of the other shade on your brush too. 

-Study, slim and cute packaging
-Shading colour very buildable
-Very pigmented highlighter
-Two in one, convenient 
-Large mirror

-Highlighter may have fallouts
-Two shades very close together, may pickup the other accidentally


I'm still fairly new to contorting, but I have been using this quite often since I've purchased it, and I think it works well. :) 
What do you use to highlight/contour?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. The packaging is so adorable ♥

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay

  2. A pitty the brush is not storable below the powder directly. It would be much more travel friendly then. The packaging on the other hand is beautiful as always with Etude House products.

  3. I'd love to see how this looks on your face! :)

  4. The packaging is so cute! Thanks for the review!


  5. Ya it is! :D Thanks for reading!

  6. Oh really? D: I went on cosmetics Jolse and saw it being sold out, but I didn't know it was discontinued. That's a bummer! =/

  7. I haven't shown my whole face on this blog yet, but you're right I really should for product reviews like these, probably soon in the future. :)

  8. Agreed! Even though it's smaller, I would preferred it if it had a storage place. :)

  9. I know I love the design, Etude has such cute packaging!

  10. Ya it is, I can always count on Etude House for cute packaging! :D

  11. I always wanted to try this shader too because I heard zoo much good stuff about it !! everyone is raving about it like crazy haha. I will get this when I'm in HK :D Thanks for this review, Chee! It's nice to see you here being active again :D


  12. Thanks for reading Mindy! ^^ Someone has mentioned in the comments that this product has been discontinued! D: I'm not sure if you can find it anymore, but you never know they may have some left in stock. Good luck in HK! :3