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Unboxing: Memebox Makeup Edition + Discount Codes + Giveaway Winners!

This product was sent by, all opinions are my own.
Today I have an unboxing of another Memebox! They just never stop do they? I was commuting today when I received an email about a new box called the "My Cute Wishlist", and you know how I can't resist anything with cute in its name. ;u; But when I got home to check it out, that darn box was sold out already! To be honest I am quite relived it was sold out, my wallet is safe for today. -u-
Anyway, thanks to Memebox for fueling my addiction by sending me this box for review! 
Let's look what's inside.~

This time the box is slightly smaller than normal, cuter and less packaging. :)

Product Description
This box is dedicated to all our make-up aficionados - nothing but make-up on make-up on make-up!
In creating this make-up-only box, we've taken special care to include both innovative and trend-leading items, as well as trusted classics.
With Memebox Make-Up Edition, we’re taking beauty to a whole new level.
-Taken from

Everything inside! Only one thing is bubble wrapped, must be oh so precious. ^^
Only one product is a deluxe sample rest are all full sized!

Click to enlarge for details.

What's Inside?
Cheek Room Makeup Base (Green) || 30ml || $9

I have seen this brand on Memebox a lot, but not anywhere else. They are by a company called Probe Cosmetics, glad I could try them out. First I really find the packaging appealing, I'm no artist, but it seems like a watercolour drawing, quite charming. I've got the green tinted base, there was also a purple one, I would have preferred purple since my face is sometimes too yellow and dull. The only other makeup base I've used is the Etude House Sweet Recipe Base in peach, and comparing the two, this one is much less viscous and applies much more evenly. This also brightens the skin a lot, and smells refreshing. I'm surprised how much I like this, since the one by Etude House was one of my HGs. 

Dr. Young Anti Pore: Pore Eraser Balm || 15g || $38

I'm seeing so many "Dr." products lately, Dr. Jart, Dr. G, and now Dr. Young! First time hearing/trying this brand. And also first time trying a pore balm. So far, the texture of this product is my favourite aspect, it's so velvety smooth, and does seems to smooth out and blur my pores. However I haven't really started testing the longevity of this product, so not sure if the wear will be a long lasting one. Also it feels slightly oily, which may cause shininess or even plug pores. 

MustaeV Spot Eraser Concealer Pencil No. 5 || 3g || $18

I was expecting this to be a eyeliner, but it's a concealer, so glad! I have more than enough black eyeliners! This is once again a new brand to me, but I've heard it's a popular higher end brand in Korea. The packaging of this was a bit disappointing, it came in a plastic wrap and not a box, and the quality of the wooden part of the pencil feels cheap with a lot of chips on the bottom end. The cap was tremendously difficult to pull of at first, and the sealing tape left adhesive on the pencil and cap. Appearances aside, the important part is the actual product! My first impression of this was that it is an easy to use, smooth concealer! The colour matches my face quite well, and conceals quite nicely too, may be good for the occasional pimple. But I haven't tested the longevity of it yet. But so far so good.~

N.S.M ReBorn Sorbet Melting Gloss || 5g || $21

There was two types of tints that was randomly chosen, the other one was Cooling Tint, which sounds super intriguing. New brand again, from a parent company called Amokcs (Art Makeup Original Korea Cosmetics). The packaging is sleek and feels sturdy. I'm usually not a big fan of lip Glosses, but this feels much more like a tint than a gloss, it's not sticky at all, but just adds a dash of shine and moisture. The colour is pigmented and vibrant, and really pretty too. So far everything seems great, one of my faves in this box.

Ladykin Blossom Blusher (#05 Luna Reddish) || 8g || $15

Randomly selected from 5 different shades, I got Luna Reddish, it looks like peachy type of blush. But from the unboxings I've seen, some of the colours look quite similar. But first I must mention the packaging! No wonder this was the only one that was bubble wrapped, the box design is gorgeous! *_* Looks even better in person, the rose gold colour, the details, and the texturing, it's so beautiful! I'm so entranced by it, I can never throw it away haha. The inside packaging is mundane compared to it's outer. But the rose details is still very pretty. The blush itself has a lot of shimmer,and a very subtle colour. It's very soft and velvety, and it smell like roses! Really like this product so far!

That's all the products in the box, I liked everything here, and can make use of all of them!

The total value of this box is $101, which far exceeds the box price of $23. Even though some of the prices listed by Memebox may be inflated, I still think $23 for all these products is a total bargain! The only deluxe sample was the Cheekroom Makeup Base, but it's still a good size.
I was afraid since it was a makeup box, it would have wacky colours that I may never use, but it seems like they played it on the safe side with some basics, which I love! :D
Overall I think this is a great box my favourite products are the makeup base and lip tint gloss. Too bad it's sold out now, but Memebox is churning out boxes like butter lol, so another makeup box should be on it's way very soon! But in the main time you may want to check out Memebox Burst of Color or 2014 K-Beauty Wrap-Up No.1!

Discount Codes!
I have some discount codes if you want to purchase from Memebox, these work for anything in their store. Just copy it into the discount codes box when checking out! Codes are not stack-able unfortunately.

Get $5 off on your next order! Effective till end of July 2014.

Get $15 off your next order! Yes $15! :0 
It's not my code, but I found it on another blog, and I had to share it! >.< I believe it expires July 3rd 2014

Giveaway Winners!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Thanks to everyone who joined! Will have more giveaways in the future for sure. :)

I have emailed the winners already, I'm still waiting for one more email confirmation, please check your inbox and reply to my email as soon as possible if you still haven't. Then I will send the info to Memebox ASAP! :)

All winners have responded, and Memebox has either sent the tracking number for the prizes or added the 10 points to the accounts! If you have any questions don't hesitate to email me! :)

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  1. congrats to the winner :) so sad im not win this time, but will try better luck next time lol :)

    I love memebox so much, order 3 box from them now ^_~ thank you

    The Journey

  2. Congrats to the winner!)
    No, that's too tempting posting 15$off code:D

  3. Wow, thanks for sharing the code! I'm definitely going to use it.

  4. No problem, it's a great deal! ^^

  5. Ooh which did you order? Be prepared to be addicted to them! D: lol

  6. Yes good luck next time! :D More giveaways will come.
    Wow! Which did you order? I just ordered 3 too... shamefully admitting it haha.

  7. Memebox global 15 :) Yea and there are always so many coupons that make you just want to buy more! haha

  8. Yay! This is so unexpected! Thanks for telling me. I checked all my e-mails (personal, blogging) and I can't seem to find it. I also went through my spam. It's this e-mail: right? :)

  9. Yes it is! I've emailed Memebox with your Memebox account email, and they told me they have added the 10 points. So when you log in it should be in your account!

  10. Yay! I will put those points to good use! ^^