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Review: 3 Concept Eyes 3CE Lip Pigment #Mellow Pink #Mink Beige

Hello Everyone!
After looking at the comments from the last haul post, it seems like most people wanted to see the 3CE review! I'm most excited for this product too, since they are from the well known Stylenanda clothing company, and their 3CE products looks high quality. But I think what convinced me the most was their gorgeous models wearing these lip pigments, it looks amazing on them! Let's see how they actually perform on a normal person.~ hoho
I choose two out of the seven colours that I thought were the most wearable, and can create a nice coral colour when mixed. :)

Product Description
With soft and creamy texture, colour stays on forever!
Use mixture of colours for more variety!

Comes with 7 different colours:
#Bright Orange, pretty orange colour, matches all skin tones, great for daily use.
#Electro Pink, vivid hot pink colour, unique colour, great point colour.
#Issue, vivid orange colour, wear it alone or mix with other colours.
#Mellow Pink (the one I have), light pink colour, good for daily use.
#Mink Beige (the one I have), calm beige colour, alone is a great colour, can mix with other colour for softer colours.
#Wild Yellow, vivid yellow colour, use with other colours like red, pink and orange.
#Modern White, pure white colour, mix with all different colours to lighten up colours.

13.21 USD

-Taken from

Love the matte plus shiny combo of the packaging!

Squeeze tubes~

They are tiny! Much smaller than I thought they would be, but on second thought, only a tiny amount of product will give full pigmentation.

Safety seal.

And the tips.

Swatches! The mellow pink is more vibrant than as was shown on the packaging, it's more of a neon pink than a subdued pink. The beige more similar to the promotional pictures.
Mixing the two together gives a nice coral shade! It's the reason I chose the two colours in the first place. ^^

Here's the two original colours in daylight and flash. Apologies the pictures aren't as clear as I hoped they would be. Both colours are fairly light, I was surprised how well they showed up on my lips, but they really are pigmented! The beige is like a peachy nude shade, while the pink has some cool undertones, the flash picked up more of this.

Here's the colours mixed. Again the pictures don't do justice to this colour, apologies! It's more like the shade in the swatches picture. And I don't know why after uploading to blogger, there appears to be yellow tints everywhere on the pictures. >.<

This one of the more "hands-on" products that I've tried, and it's quite intriguing. :3

For the application of this product, you'll need a lip brush to paint the colours on and possibly for mixing the colours. You could use your fingers, like I did for the swatches but it can get messy and won't ensure a precise and even application on the lips. This makes the lip pigment not very travel friendly.
The texture of the pigments are very creamy when first applied, but not thick. It applies quite evenly, and feels very thin and light, and doesn't sink into lip lines! Once they dry, they become completely matte, feels quite soft, and there's no stickiness at all. Although I must mention these pigments are not moisturizing at all, they are all about the colour, and it's really important to moisturize the lips before applying these, or they will very much so accentuate lip lines and dryness!

What I love about these lip pigments is their versatility of colour. The colours look great on their own, and the best part is mixing with varying proportions of the colours to create new colours! The intensity of the colours are also buildable, and you can achieve a very opaque look. 
However one of the biggest downsides is that, unlike what it claims, the wear of these lip pigments are very short, unless you can go without eating or drinking for a long period of time. Otherwise, these wear off rather rapidly with any food or drink, especially on the inner parts of the lips. You'll just need to avoid getting in contact with liquid for the time being. On it's own it does stay on the lips for quite a while, but I find it becoming increasingly drying, and accentuating the dryness.

Oh!  These can also be used as blushes, as mentioned on Stylenanda's website. I've tried it out, and it seems to work great, with a much longer wear than as lip pigments. Stylenanda suggests mixing with foundation first, but I applied it straight on, and it look fine too. :)

-Smooth and even application
-Dries matte
-Variety of colour combinations
-Pigmented and buildable
-Versatile, can be used as blush

-Not travel friendly
-Wears off quickly with food and water
-Drying, accentuate dryness

For what it is, as a lip pigment I really love it, the colours are vibrant and pigmented. And the possibility of new colours are almost endless with different proportions of shades such as #Modern White.  However, other than using these for a photo-shoot, or occasional times out without eating or drinking, I don't see myself using these as much as I would like to. 


Have you tried any 3CE products? 
I want to try their foundation, heard it was pretty good. :)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. WOW ♥ Absolutely gorgeous color when it's mixed together x

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay

  2. HIII CHEE OMGGGAD, ITS BEEN SO LONG!!~~ Hiiiii! I still haven't tried these particular 3CE product before, but arg... if it accentuates dryness.... I don't really think its the one for me. ;__; I have really dry lips usually, and arg. It is a hassle. BUT HI I missed you!~

  3. A pitty, that they don't last so long. The pigmentation looks great and the possibility to mix your pigments is a fun idea, too. :) Thanks for the review :D ♥

  4. I love the mixed colour too, you can even adjust the proportion of the colours to get different shades. Thanks for reading!

  5. HI JUNE!! :D I was on hiatus for a while too, and when I came back your blog was gone. D: I thought you deleted everything. T.T
    So glad your back blogging again, missed you too! xD

  6. It's is such a pity, I thought they would last super long since the promotional images says they last all day, but that's only without any eating or drinking! >.<
    But it's fun to play around with, thanks for reading!

  7. The colors are pretty both on its own and mixed! ^^