Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Review: Etude House Play 101 Pencil #12, 26, 35 & 47

Hi Everyone!
Today I will be reviewing one of the most anticipated products from Etude House these days, the Play 101 Pencils! These pencils come in an extensive range of 50 shades (I want them all!), with multiple uses for each one, making them extremely versatile. Depending on their colour, they can be used on the lips, cheeks, eye-line, or on the lid as eye shadow. I got four to try it out, and so far I'm super impressed with some of them! Read on for the review and swatches. :)

The numbering on these pencils are #35, 47, 12, and 26, in the order of the boxes top to bottom.

Product Description
This is a gel-type pencil that comes with vivid colors and various textures for easy and fun makeup play.
There are different textures including: matte, glittery, shimmery, creamy, and glossy. They can be used in all areas of the face as eye shadow, eye liner, blush, lip colour, concealer, highlighter, contouring, and even on the eyebrows.  
These pencils are twistable, and each also comes with a sharpener. (!)

The ones I have are the numbers #12, 26, 35, and 47.
#12 is a glossy bright red ,which can be used as a lip colour or blush.
#26 is glittery pink with golden glitters, can be used as lip colour or blush.
#35 is a glittery (I see it as more of a shimmer) dark navy blue, can be used as eyeshadow or eyeliner.
#47 is a shimmery bronze, can be used as eyeshadow or eyeliner.

Love how they all come in colourful individual boxes. ^^

Click to enlarge. All the colours contain different ingredients. The glossy red seems to have the least in this bunch.

I thought these needed to be sharpened at first, since they look like the Makeon gel liners, so glad to know it's twistable!

The tips of the pencils made for lips or cheeks are extremely soft and fragile! The red one's tip broke the first time I tried to use it, I've learnt my lesson now, must use gentle strokes. :)

Tada! The hidden sharpeners! So useful, and so compact, I love it. :D

#12, 26, 35, and 47.
The pencils made for the eyes are much more resistant to smudging compared to the ones made for the lips and cheeks. 

I'll be reviewing them individually, since they all function quite differently. So 4 mini reviews up ahead.~

#12 Red
With full colour on lips.

This pencil has a super bright red colour, perfect for the lips, it can also be used as a blush, and only very little is needed to achieve sufficient colour. Also, promotional pictures claim this can be used as eye shadow, but from the smudge test, and the colour it self, I personally find it very difficult to wear such a creamy bright red on my lids. :P

Although this pencil was in the glossy category, the texture is also very creamy, I really wasn't expecting a pencil to be this creamy, that's why the tip is now flat since I used too much force at first, and it broke off (good thing it comes with a sharpener)! >.< It has a consistency of a creamy lip stick, and is very pigmented. It glides on very smoothly without tugging or sinking into lip lines. It also feels moisturizing, and doesn't accentuate dry lips. The colour can be muted by blotting lips on a tissue, or just using it on the centre of the lips and blending it out for a gradient effect, it is also very blendable. The only downside is that the colour is easily transferable, and fades quite quickly. 
As a blush, only a tiny amount is needed for red tinted cheeks, or it'll look too clown-like. It can be blended out, but not as easily as other cream blushes. It looks quite nice in person.

-Creamy texture
-Smooth and doesn't sink into lip lines
-Can be used as blush

-Colour fades and may transfer


#26 Pink
With full colour on lips.

This is the pink glittery coloured pencil, for lips and cheeks. I chose this one because the promotional photo's swatches showed the golden glitters densely packed into the pink colour, and the glitters look much smaller than the actual product. In the actual product the glitters are large and kind of distracting, I don't know but it doesn't seem to really fit in with the colour.

This pencil is less creamy than the red one, but it is still glides on the lips quite easily. It does feels a bit dry and not really moisturizing, accentuates the dryness of lips too. Also feels a bit sticky. The colour is a nice peachy pink also very pigmented, more peachy in real-life than in the photos. I think it looks cute and girly. It is very glittery, so it's not really suited as a blush, although in the photo below it doesn't show much, in some angles the glitter is just too much for the cheeks. The wear of this pencil good, longer than the red one, and doesn't transfer as much. But instead of fading, it becomes patchy.

-Long lasting
-Doesn't sink into lip lines

-Too much glitter to be used as blush
-Becomes patchy, and cracks


#35 Navy Blue
As eyeliner.

This is another glittery pencil, I do like the sheen it gives. The colour it self is beautiful, and since I don't have an eyeliner in a blue colour so I decided to go for this.~ 

This pencil is meant to be used as an eyeliner, or eyeshadow. Looks like it has some blue and silver glitters in it, but they are not as distracting as the gold in the pink pencil. I think it actually goes very well with the rest of the colour. Because this pencil is made for the eyes, it is more resistant to smudging, but it still smudges a bit on my eyelids after a couple of hours. Like the other pencils, it  applies smoothly without tugging, however, I do need to apply it a couple of times for an opaque colour.
As an eyeshadow, the colour does not blend easily, and looks a bit patchy. There were also fallouts of the glitters. I'm not really liking how the colour looks as an eyeshadow either. So I'll just stick to using it as an eyeliner.~

-Smooth and creamy texture
-Applies evenly as eyeliner
-Partially smudge proof
-Small glitters

-Glitter fallouts when used as eyeshadow
-Patchy when used as eyeshadow
-Not waterproof


#47 Bronze
As eyeliner.

Ok on to the last one.~
This is a shimmery bronze pencil, can be used as an eyeliner or eyeshadow. I love these kinds of neutral bronze-y type colours, and I chose this since I'll get a lot of use out of this one for sure. 

This pencil and the red pencil are my favourites! Although it's close, I just tested them out again, and this pencil's smooth and creaminess completely blew me away! When I applied this on my lids there was no tugging at all, even though I have fat lids. And with one stroke, the colour was completely opaque and oh-so pigmented. I really like the fact the colour is shimmery without any glitter (to be honest, I don't know why I got 2 glitter type pencils when I don't really like glitter, contrary to the title of this blog lol.), so there were no fallouts when used as an eyeshadow. As an eyeshadow, this colour can be more easily blended than the blue pencil, and looks much more even. The wear of this pencil was similar to the blue one, it's good, lasts for a couple of hours (before being consumed by my eyelids), but not perfect for oily lids like mine. I prefer wearing this as an eyeshadow, as it lasts longer that way.

-Smooth and creamy texture
-Partially smudge proof
-No fallouts as eyeshadow
-Even application
-Easily blendable

-Not waterproof


Here are the numbered pencils in an alternative usage.
#12 and 26 as blush, #35 and 47 as eyeshadow.

Overall, from the four pencils I've tried in this collection, it seems like these pencils are very creamy in texture and very pigmented as well! I love that aspect of it. However individually they have different strength and weaknesses. From the ones I have tried, I can say I prefer the non-glitter type pencils.
I do hope to try some more of these, especially the types I have not tried yet, such as matte and creamy.

Phew, that was quite a long post, but I hope it was informative! :)
Have you tried any of these pencils or want to?
I really want to try one of the concealer pencils, heard good stuff about it.

Thanks for reading.~

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  1. wow thank you for the complete review~ I especially love the navy blue and red colour, it looks good on you :)

  2. There are so many shades available for these. I had a hard time to decide. But your color selection is really nice, too. Love the red one on your lips :)

  3. Wow, you got good shades from the collection! I also dream of having all of them after watching several Pony makeup looks in youtube. :)

    Anna Luisa
    My International Giveaway: http://lotsofgirlstuff.blogspot.com/2014/06/palty-hair-dye-giveaway.html

  4. Nice color selection! I've chosen 5 colors! Number 6 and 7 for highlighting, number 9 for conceling, 14 for lips, cheeks and some pop of color and 41 for eyebrows. Now i want this 47 for bronze makeup aswell. So pretty x.x Thanks for reviewing :)

  5. The colors are so nice ^_^ Bronze is my favorite ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette ♥

  6. I kind of wanted to purchase some of the pencils from the collection, but there were too many options LOL. I'm a little on the fence about the pencils are lip products though, since it seems like the quality isn't too consistent... but that red looks so pretty!

    I think I might purchase some of the warmer shades, but it sucks that they're not waterproof D:

  7. Thank you! <3
    I'm glad you liked the review. :D

  8. I know, I had a really hard time deciding too! In the end I kinda just picked very different colours to try out, but I should I have went for some matte and creamy types too. Might just get some more next time hehe! Thanks :D

  9. Haha when I first received them I was like, why did I pick these colours? -.- xD I should have went with more wearable neutral types, but I think I'm ok with them now. I've watch her video too, and love how she choose the colour combos. :D
    Thanks for reading!

  10. Oh I knew I should have went with more neutral everyday colours, then they would be much more useful! I think you got really great colours! My favorite is the bronze one too. I want more but too much choices haha!
    Thanks for reading Raquel.~

  11. Hehe, I love the bronze too, my fave as well!
    Thanks for reading Laila~

  12. I know! There's too much to choose from, really makes you want to get as many as possible! >.< I really like her videos too, and the colours she uses. I kinda wish I've gotten more wearable colours, I had a period of regret when I first received these lol, but I'm ok with them now.
    Ya from the ones I've tried it seems the creamier types without glitter are better in quality. I was hoping the ones meant for the eye would be waterproof, they are ok, but definitely not good enough for my lids. :P
    Thanks for reading Jo! :D

  13. True, so many colors to choose. I watched the pony's videos so i kind of figured out what would suit my skintone better for the purposes i wanted. x.x But i still think i need some matte brown aswell ^^ The black also looks great >.< I went for neutral since i already have alot of colorful stuff for eyeshadow and all kinds of blushers and lipsticks >.<

  14. The non-glitter ones definitely seem more creamy! I really want to try a matte peachy color for lips + cheeks ^_^ Thanks for the great review!

    Would you like to follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin? Let me know!

  15. Oh, I saw these in Korea, and I regret not getting them after reading your review! T^T
    The bronze is especially nice - super versatile! o:
    Can I ask where you bought yours? o:

  16. That red is seriously sexy. I'm a sucker for a creamy formula, too.

  17. I love this Play 101 pencils. The concept is really unique. I got mine in shade no. 1 and no. 16. Love how waterproof and pigmented it is. I thought all of the pencils are made waterproof! Thanks for sharing.



  18. I keep seeing these recently! Thank you for the insightful review, will keep an eye out for them :)

  19. Love the packaging ^-^, it's simple yet very pretty x

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay

  20. I got mine from Tester Korea, probably not the cheapest, but it was on impulse. :D
    It must be much cheaper in Korea I assume!
    Sorry for the super late reply!

  21. No worries, Chee! Thanks for letting me know~ >u<

  22. These pencils are very cool~ ^ w ^
    I wonder if other brands will catch on to this pencil trend kehe! ^ u ^