Monday, August 18, 2014

Review: GEO BC102 Magic Brown Circle Lenses

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Hi Everyone!
It's been a long time since my last post, I have been busy working almost full time since most people in my work place are on vacation now! And I'm also studying for the DAT! But I try to blog whenever I can. :D
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Recently I was contacted by Maple Lens to review some circle lenses, and I am really glad to be given this chance to try out some new circle lenses! To be honest, I am not an avid circle lens wearer, although I did have a couple of pairs in the past, I wasn't actively reaching for them at all. Mostly because they just felt somewhat unnatural. So I choose a couple of extremely natural looking ones to try and review! :D 

Maple Lens
Maple Lens has a nice selection of circle lenses on their website, with sizes ranging from 14.0 mm to 15.0, and prescriptions from 0.00 to 6.00. Aside from circle lenses, hey also carry lenses for cosplay. :D
Most of the circle lenses comes with a free case after purchase.

Product Description
GEO BC102 Magic Brown
Water content: 38%
Diameter: 14.2 mm
Base curve: 8.6 mm
Life span: 1 year

Since I have slight myopia I got mine with -1.00 power on both eyes. :)

Each pair of lens comes in a cute little box and a case, I got a yellow elephant case, it's really cute!
I like how they cases are in their unopened packaging, so I know they are hygienic.

Close up of the bottles, there's a scratch off spot to ensure the lenses are authentic from GEO.

The GEO brand is made in Korea!

Finally here's how the lenses look!

They are a dark brown color, with a very simple design that is made to blend into natural dark brown eye colour. And since the design is very simple the pixels are not apparent at all when worn. 

Here's how it looks in comparison. I know I have super clumpy mascara here, and typo "lens". >.<

I love how natural these look! They are probably the most natural looking lenses I have worn. If you have dark brown eyes these will blend right in. You can see the size of the lens and my iris in the second picture, the lens extends just a bit outside of my natural iris. It is almost impossible to tell if you have lenses on from afar!

Here's how the lenses look in different lighting, although I don't see too much of a difference because it's a dark single coloured lens.

These lenses are also very comfortable, since they are not too large in diameter. They do irritate my eyes a bit when I first put them on, but that happens to me with most lenses. After, I could go around 6-8 hours before my eyes starts to feel dry, which is almost up there with my regular prescription contact lenses!

Colour: ♥ 5/5
Comfort:  4-4.5/5

These are the best circle lenses I have tried, I love how natural and comfortable it is. Though this is only my third pair and there may be even better ones out there, but I do really love these!

If you want to purchase this you can find it here.

I'll have another review of circle lenses up very soon, please stay tuned!

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. Geo lenses always are so comfortable. I really love that. These lenses look nice, too. :) Thanks for reviewing :)

  2. I love how natural these are! >u< I've tried these too (but with toric lenses, because I have astigmatism) and they were pretty comfy! Thanks for the review, Chee! :'D
    What brand do you normally wear for your prescription contacts? o: I find that my eyes tend to dry realy quickly when I'm wearing contacts (discomfort in as little as two hours fml). Do you use eye drops or anything? >u<

  3. I think Geo lenses are the best too! And yes these are surprisingly comfortable. :D

  4. Yes I love natural circle lenses too! And comfort is a must. :D
    I have been wearing regular prescriptions lenses for 2 years, and the only brand I have tried is the Air Optix Aqua. My optometrist recommend me this brand, and it's pretty comfortable so I never went for any other brand. And no I don't use any drops, and I sometimes go over 8 hours D:, but it still feels alright, I do try not to though. >.<
    That sucks! Two hours is really short! Does using eye drops help?

  5. I tried these lenses too and I agree, I totally love them *-* They're soo natural and comfortable ohmy >.< ♥ Thanks for this review, Chee~