Friday, August 22, 2014

Unboxing: Memebox #17 K-Style + Swatches

Look what arrived in my mailbox again! Today I have another Memebox unboxing, and it's the K-Style box! If you still haven't heard of Memebox they are a Korean based beauty box company that does not offer subscriptions but have different themed beauty boxes full of Korean cosmetics or skin care products ranging from $23-$30. 

I sorta purchased this on a whim, as I should have known it was going to be more makeup related products, and I don't think I need any more at the moment. ^-^; But I'm still really excited for the theme of this box. :)
But let's just jump into it shall we? :)

The box itself is of the smaller variety.
Product Description
Korea has beauty on lock, and this K-Style Box is bringing you all the latest beauty trends straight from Seoul!
Ever wondered how Korean celebrities look so perfectly gorgeous on screen without looking like they have pounds of makeup caked onto their face? Now, you can recreate whatever K-style look you desire with just the tools in this box! Whether you want to go for that signature Korean “no-makeup” look with perfect porcelain skin, youthful aegyo-sal eyes and gradient baby lips, or want to glam up your style with your favorite K-POP idol makeup trends, this box is a must have for Korean beauty addicts!
$23 (Sold out now) But K-Style 2 is now available here!
-Taken from

An interesting variety of products that basically covers the whole face makeup process! :D

Click to enlarge for details.

What's inside?
I believe this was one of the regular memeboxes and not a superbox, but everything inside are full sized!

Bbia Pigment (#04 Sweet) || 1.8g || $5

This was the product that was shown in the spoiler! There were 3 colours randomly choosen: Mild, Sour, and Sweet! I really like this sweet colour, although all of them look very pretty. It can get quite messy when opened, but the randomly scattered pigments in the jar look like jewels, it's lovely to look at. :)
The colour is very pigmented, but I think there would be a lot of fallouts, better use if more sparingly to add a touch of glam. Also this is the first time I've heard of this brand.

Awesome Aqua Radiance CC Cream || 30ml || $29

The inner packaging of this CC cream really reminded me of the CC cream from Banila Co.! I've never heard of this brand Awesome. I've tried it once, and the coverage is almost non-existent!  It does give a nice glow to the skin, but otherwise it doesn't do much. I do like it for casual days, as it feels very light.
Nothing too special about this, but I can see myself using it from time to time. 

RiRe Luxe Auto Gel Eyeliner Champagne and Choco Brown || $14 x 2

More eyeliners~ Not that I need more, but I really do like these 2 colours! Probably my most often used colours. Again, I do not know of this brand, but they apply quite nicely, not too creamy though. They are somewhat waterproof, not as reliable as the ones from Makeon, but decent enough. I love the fact these are twistable and includes a sharpener on the ends, however, the inside seemed to have broken off from the base, and will fall out if held upside-down. =/

A'PIEU Full of Nature Mascara || 4.3g || $3

I'm really surprised this was a full size, since it is so small! But I'm glad I know this brand. I haven't used this yet, but it seems like this is one of those mascaras that contains fibers in them to elongate lashes, which I like!
Otherwise the brush seems like a very standard mascara brush. The description also says this contains a setting wax formula, don't know if that means it's waterproof, because if it's not, it's a no-go for me. =/

Shara Shara Feminine Single Blusher CR01 Soft Coral || $7

Seen this brand around but first time trying it! The packaging reminds me of so many cutesy blushers, it is super cute of course, the puff too, but I'll probably use a brush instead. There were 2 colours available, Warm Apricot and Soft Coral. I got Soft Coral, and it's more of a soft pink colour, very soft and smooth in texture, and natural looking too! I really like this. :)

Secret Key Sweet Glam Tint Glow #03 Fuscia Purple || 3.5g || $24

Another brand that I have seen around a lot, but I've only tried eye patches from them. Though I do love this lip stick! There are 3 colours available: Baby Pink, Juicy Orange, and Fuscia Purple, I have to say I wanted the orange or pink more than this purple, but I am still very impressed with it! The colour is a nice gentle tint, and the texture is amazing! It's so creamy, buttery and smooth, I'm in love! :D It is also highly moisturizing, and lasts quite long for a subdued tint. My favourite product in the whole box! 

Everything in the box!

The total value, according to the prices stated, is $96, and I only payed $23 for everything, an obvious deal! I'm just glad everything here is quite usable for me, though maybe the glitter pigment will take me a long time to use up, it's a nice addition to my makeup collection. The other products are quite basic. So nothing too surprising in this box, it's not a "wow" box, but I see it would be great for someone who is new to makeup, since it pretty much has everything one would need to create a basic look. :)
If you like this box, maybe you'll want to check out the second edition of the K-Style box

Okay, that's it for today! I'm still waiting on the My Cute Wishlist box, cannot wait any longer, the products in it are SO cute, will do a post on it when I receive it. :'D

Thanks for reading everyone!~


  1. That box looks good. I feel like memebox is not as good as it was when it originally started, though they still have good boxes. I know the contents for all three of my incoming boxes and I have mixed thoughts on them - the brightening skincare box = really good!, Lucky box 9 = ok/good, Traveler's beauty box = dissapointed (I thought there would be more makeup :( ).
    Also, there seems to be issues with the shipment of the boxes so a lot of people haven't gotten their boxes yet. Hopefully they'll be resolved soon!

  2. This Memebox seems like worth it! They even give a full tube of CC cream :0 I couldn't agree more with you, it does look like the one from Banilla co. The Secret Key's lipstick also looks like Dior :D
    Thanks for sharing.


  3. This box has lots and lots of goodies for such good price~ ^ w ^

  4. Nice.. i want to experience unboxing..

  5. I agree, I have been following them ever since their very first box (of course I didn't get all of them lol) but ya not all of their boxes are up there in value anymore, and we're seeing a lot of repeated brands. Oh I've seen the brightening skin care box, it looked really good, too bad about that Traveler's box though! =/ I know their lucky boxes are almost always great, but I never got any since I don't want any repeats haha. I haven't had a shipment problem yet, but I've also heard their customer service is declining, probably couldn't catch up due to their extremely quick success. :P
    Thanks for reading :)

  6. Yes! I was thinking the lipstick was familiar but I didn't know which brand. :D I'm very impressed with it, the CC cream is just ok though haha.
    Thanks for reading. :)

  7. Memeboxs are almost always worth it! :D
    Thanks for reading :D

  8. It's so addicting, once you start unboxing you can't stop! xD

  9. It really is everything you would need for a full face makeup. :)

  10. I haven't ordered many boxes so for me lucky boxes are ok to order.
    I finally got my brightening and traveller's box on Friday. One item leaked in my traveller's box 😣 other people said it leaked in theirs too. I need to email memebox though people are having issues with customer service. :/

  11. What a nice box! I was unsure what to expect from the K-Style boxes but they look really promising :)

  12. This box is really nice! I love all the stuff they included >.< ♥ Especially the eye pigment glitters! They're really nice and pretty, just the fallouts may be a thumbs down T T I noticed that they gave you alot of stuff to make a whole face makeup , that's so nice *-* I think these boxes are so nice because you will get alot of stuff from brands you never heard of :D

    Thanks for this review, Chee~♥

  13. They have a second (or was it 3rd) edition out, I've heard! I don't think I'll be getting more since it's makeup focused. But yes it's definitely a nice box overall. :D

  14. Ya it's nice since I can create a whole look from just this box! :D
    I guess I do like the idea of trying out different brands, but sometimes I also prefer sticking to brands I know, since I have more grasp on the quality of their products, bu so far Memebox hasn't disappointed me with any low quality products, so I'm glad. :D
    Thanks for reading! :)

  15. Great post! This box is really cute! i love it.

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    let me know on my blog if you follow me, and I will follow you back after it.

    thank you! ^^~

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